Ibiza style: Must-buy – Unique Hand Crafted Rings by Natasha Collis

High on a hill in San Miguel, in the beautiful authentic north of Ibiza, fine jewellery designer Natasha Collis creates luxurious treasures in her signature style – hand shaped gold nuggets set with precious or semi-precious stones, of which no two pieces are ever alike. Each of these 18-carat gold hand-crafted nugget rings tells its own story. They can be worn separately, mixed with others or simply stacked.

From left to right, these collector’s items, or future family heirlooms, include an elegant gold double nugget grey diamond ring, enhanced with a grey diamond pave setting and a delicately designed rose gold Eternity nugget ring, where each nugget is set with diamonds. The large nugget ring features a beautiful organic shape embellished with a mix of subtle coloured diamonds. The cobbled nugget ring set with white diamonds is a definitive statement piece, while the double nugget ring with a one-of-a-kind pink sapphire setting has a princess-like appeal.  The yellow gold Eternity ring features many unique nuggets set with beautiful pink sapphires and finally the large nugget ring is set with an eye catching pink sapphire made even more special by a pink sapphire pave setting.

The most difficult decision, of course, is choosing your favourite piece and for this reason Natasha also accepts commissions in order to create the perfect ring to suit your style.