Ibiza style: Digital magazine exclusive – Q&A, Natasha Collis

In the northern area of San Miguel known as ‘Artisan Hill’, opposite the beautiful church and with breathtaking views over a valley, is a gem of a jewellery store and one of island’s greatest treasures, Natasha Collis Shop & Studio.

The wooden doors open onto ancient stone flooring, exposed beams and whitewashed walls. Pale wood cabinets set with plush interiors and diffused lighting display Natasha’s latest creations. Through a small door there are glimpses of the workshop where strange tools and stone bowls filled with small gems sit on waist high benches. On the walls are large-scale photographs of undulating seascapes and wooden shapes. The space exudes a gentle elegance, understated and comfortable. Not unlike the proprietor, a London girl transported to and transformed by Ibiza…

What is your Ibiza story?

I first came about 10 years ago when a close friend invited me for a week. I fell in love straight away, I felt so comfortable and confident here. I’d never felt like that about a place before. I met my ex-partner here and I was really up for moving somewhere and leaving London. Not in a dramatic way, I didn’t hate London. I just thought it was an opportunity to live elsewhere. We had a son, he’s 10 now, and he’s the reason why I am here. Even though the relationship ended I still fell contented here. Every day I feel so privileged that I live here and amazed that I get to create and that I love what I do. It’s everyone’s dream and I am living it. I have to pinch myself that this is my reality. I am very grateful.

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