The new-age memory stick – Recuerdos de la Isla Blanca

It’s no secret certain scents can catapult you back to a cherished time and place. A whiff of lavender conjures up wild Ibiza gardens, a waft of pine evokes the forests surrounding our beaches and fresh salty air is a reminder of long days spent on golden sand. Once you’ve arrived back home, Recuerdos de la Isla Blanca is your fast track to beating the post-holiday blues.

The high quality, 100-percent natural incense sticks are available in ten Ibiza-inspired scents guaranteed to bring back happy memories, including amber and basilica, flower-musk, patchouli and citronella, green rose, saffron rose and sandalwood among others. Some carry positive intentions, suchs as ‘Realisation of Happiness’, ‘Power of Creation’ and ‘Floral Goddess’ – there is a scent to suit all personalities and places.

The brand’s creator, global traveller and Ibiza dweller Alexeja Pozzoni divides her time between Bali, India, Switzerland and Ibiza, and always carries incense with her to instantly evoke the feeling of being at home, wherever she may be at that time. Her own personal experiences with the power of scent-based memories inspired her to create Recuerdos de la Isla Blanca, to allow other fellow travellers enjoy the same feelings of comfort and happiness she experiences on her jourmeys.

Spark one up and enjoy he beloved scents of the white isle wherever you may be in the world – sit back, relax and allow yourself to be transported back to the beautiful Balearics… Pack a little pouch of Recuerdos de la Isla Blanca in your luggage, wherever you may be headed around the globe, and the magical spirit of the island will always be with you.

Snap up a bag – the incense comes packaged in beautiful coloured cotton embroidered and tasseled pouches – while you’re on the island and light them in your hotel, finca or villa, on the balcony, in the bedroom or in the chillout area, to familiarise your senses with the scents, then take them home for an instant Ibiza-boost when you need it.

The perfect gift for Ibiza lovers, or souvenir from your holiday, Recuerdos de la Isla Blanca is available from Boutique Dos Lunas, Wardrobe of Dreams stall at Las Dalias and Sa Trinxa with masseuse Cecilia or by contacting Alexeja directly through her Facebook page or by calling +34 722 446 893.