Ibiza style: Style Advisor – Experimental Beach Ibiza

In Ibiza in 2015, the place for chic sunset lovers is not on the island’s west coast, as you may be tempted to think! Rather, tucked away down a bumpy long and dusty road through the stunning salt flats in Ibiza’s southwest is the destination of choice – where the end of the road leads to ever-stylish beach restaurant Experimental Beach Ibiza.

While the venue is the epitome of coastal French chic, the vibe is definitely laidback Ibiza sunset – think maxi-kaftans over bikinis, cool cover-ups and stylish Balearic white dresses. Accessorise with the venue’s signature cocktails – shaken, frozen or stirred as you like them, served up in exotic ways like pineapples or conch shells… who needs glassware anyway?