Ibiza style: Chrisoprase & Bone Necklaces by Victoria Deny Jewelry

Fusing a variety of fine jewellery designer Victoria Deny’s signature elements, including charms inspired by bones, pebbles and leaves, these beautifully bohemian beaded necklaces are the perfect accompaniment to a sheer and elegant beach kaftan, or worn layered (as seen on left, or on right with Victoria Deny Big Pebble Leaf Pendant) over a chic black camisole for a true Ibiza style statement.

Each of the beads hail from India, and these chrisoprase and bone necklaces with iconic gold vermeil and black rhodium elements are strung by hand after the designer creates the charms using her signature carving and ‘lost wax’ technique. Designing with Ibiza’s bohemian style in mind was not an intentional process for the brand’s designer Valeria D’Andrea – rather, she created the pieces in Milan before feeling a calling to the island in 2015. As it turned out, her inherent sense of style was right on trend for her new island home.

Available exclusively instore in Ibiza.