Ibiza style: New! Zazen Boutique at Ibizazen

Boutique Ibiza hotel Ibizazen owners Jerry and Sophie Jean-Marius are constantly thinking about ways in which they can offer their guests an even more amazing experience throughout their stay on the white isle. And so throughout the winter, while the hotel was in hibernation mode, the duo travelled the world in search of new inspiration and ideas to introduce in summer 2015.

One such idea was the all-new Zazen Boutique – a gorgeous showroom within the hotel stocked with stylish fashion and lifestyle pieces exclusive, hand-picked and personally designed by the owners on their worldly travels. The good news is – Zazen Boutique is not just for guests, it is also open to the public for an authentic dose of Ibiza retail therapy.

In keeping with the Ibizazen aesthetic, Zazen Boutique is a combination of rustic recycled wooden furnishings and beautiful natural décor with just the right amount of complementary colours to offset the beautiful products on display. Guests can browse at their leisure and try before they buy… and the only problem is, everything is so beautiful you might end up with excess luggage charges on your flight home!

Take your pic from chic and stylish accessories like must-have cowboy hats, vibrant beach bags, flip-flops and sarongs for the beach, or adopt the typical Ibiza style fashion look with bohemian kaftans and cover-ups, beads, bracelets and layered necklaces. For those looking to take a slice of the Ibizazen style back into their own homes, decorative pieces such as glossy coloured Buddhas and neon Ganesha statues are also available – a more permanent reminder of your experience at Ibizazen, or the perfect gift for those you left behind.

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