24 hours in Formentera

From beachfront yoga and authentic hippy markets to magical full moon parties by the sea, here you’ll find many a place honouring the island’s bohemian roots. Once you’ve experienced island culture beyond the famous boats and beach restaurants, typical Formentera life leaves you craving so much more…

8.30am – Yoga

No Formentera holiday is complete without a session of morning yoga and the tranquil side of Playa de Migjorn is the ideal setting to explore ‘un camino de vida’.  As the rest of the island awakens from its slumber, Gecko Beach Club hosts complimentary classes for guests every day, while those seeking a drop in class can visit Hostel Aigua Clara where professional and experienced, health conscious instructors offer unique yoga workshops every morning in front of the sea, to awaken the body and take you on a spiritual journey whilst surrounded by nature. www.hostalaiguaclara.com – +34 622 306 198

10am – Breakfast

The most important meal of the day is also made even better with sea views, and Las Playas Dunas is one of Formentera’s best kept secret spots – one that’s well worth the dusty journey along sandy track roads leading to another section of Playa de Migjorn. Tucked within sand dunes, this traditional and charming Spanish breakfast spot is open from 9am and offers spectacular views of the deep blue sea. Tuck into a delicious buffet breakfast on the beachy terrace leading out the inviting infinity pool, which echoes the curve of the cliffside. www.dunasplaya.com –+43 971 32 80 52

12pm – Beach

Located to the left of the ribbon of road leading towards La Mola is the secluded beach of Es Calo – its unspoiled rugged cliffside offering a distinct change from the vastness of Playa de Migjorn. A stretch of the stunning cliffside plunges into the sea, creating a unique view and protected bay in which to swim. Three small coves appear like perfect blue lagoons with soft sandy shores, visited primarily by locals due to the secluded location. A tranquil resting point for a couple of hours of ‘you time’ before getting back on the road again.

2pm – Lunch

The journey up to La Mola is a breezy, sight-seeing spectacle with the added bonus of finding parts of the island you didn’t know existed. Recently refurbished, with a Mediterranean inspired interior and a menu brimming with fresh seafood dishes, Can Pascual competes as one of the best fish restaurants on the island. Tastefully decorated with organic wood and bamboo furnishings, polished concrete floors and fresh whites combined with tropical, glass bottle greens. Open-plan seating merges the inside with out, for a trendy, cool and collected place to stop for lunch. www.canpasqualrestaurant.com – +34 971 327 014

5.30pm – Hippy Market

Every Wednesday and Sunday from May to October, the island’s local creators, artists and musicians gather from 5pm at the authentic Hippy Market in the village of La Mola, at the highest southern point of the island. Here, you can feel the essence of original bohemian Formentera life. The joyful and colourful market is reminiscent of a time when hippies from around the world were beckoned by the freedom and peace Formentera could afford them. The space is transformed into a lively centre of culture where you can shop for a variety of fashion creations, ceramics, and handmade jewellery, while live music plays for a relaxed and fun afternoon.

7.30pm – Sunset

A visit to La Mola is made even more worth the drive up the winding mountain road by the unique and striking birds-eye view of the island from the top. This sight is best seen towards the end of the day, most notably at sunset when the outline of the island is prominent and glowing beneath the candy floss sky. There is a perfect lookout point midway at El Mirador restaurant, where you can stop for a sundowner and absorb the unique scenery before you descend the mountain. +34 971 327 037

9.30pm – Dinner

Sometimes you have to travel that extra mile to find some place special. With a true sense of exclusivity, this quaint, stylish and homely restaurant is hidden in the forest, at the base of the hillside leading to La Mola. Fairy lights light the pathway to a cosy hammock area where you can enjoy an aperitif before indulging in Italian-influenced cuisine with a modern Mediterranean twist. It is neither fussy nor pretentious but calm and comforting – owned and run by two respectful Italian brothers whose passion, charm and sophistication is reflected in their service, and quirky and inventive touches such as homemade flavoured breads. +34 971 327 472

11.30pm – Drinks

One cannot leave Formentera without a visit to the famous Blue Bar and thankfully, this sunset spot is also a popular moonlight haunt. Open until 4am nightly, Blue Bar opened in the 60s and was later transformed into a cosmic inspired chill-out, hosting unforgettable sunsets, magnificent views and trance vibes. Legends such as Bob Marley and Pink Floyd have frequented this bar over the years (among others), though it’s now renowned for an eclectic mix of music from visiting and resident DJs. Choose between grooving on the tiered seating overlooking the sea, dancing beneath the moon and the stars or in the quirky interior. www.bluebarformentera.com – +34 666 75 81 90

1am – Sleep

Inspired by the seaside elegance of the 50s, Gecko Beach Club & Hotel invites cosmopolitan travellers to experience their very own version of a ‘Balearic Riviera’. Rooms are decorated in neutral colour palettes, with retro inspired furniture, lots of floor to ceiling glass and mirrors. Superior rooms include swish private patios and terraces with panoramic views of Playa de Migjorn or the hotel’s lush gardens, which overlook the beach. It’s impossible not to sleep well when this is your home away from home for the night. www.geckobeachclub.com – +34 971 328 024 Words and photos by Mimi Gerrard-Morgan Main Es Calo photo by Ana Lui

24 hours in Formentera – Cala Saona, Cap de Barbaria and Playa de Migjorn

Ibiza’s ‘little’ sister is indeed a small island, however she is brimming with things to do and places to see.  With everything in such close proximity, it’s easy to plan an itinerary that covers all bases from sightseeing and exploring to relaxation and dining. From the famed west coast hotspot of Cala Saona down to the beautiful lookout point of Cap de Barbaria and along the striking stretch of southern coastline of Playa de Migjorn, you can find everything you need for a mindful, fun and fulfilling day in Formentera.

9am – Breakfast

Start your day at one of the island’s newest trendy cafés: Mama Coco, perched on the cusp of Sant Francesc’s main street (leading to Cala Saona). This buzzing little hotspot is popular with the locals, boasting an industrial inspired interior with polished concrete walls, neon lighting plus succulents and cacti. Watch the world go by over a light bite or croissant and coffee in the shaded seating area and catch up with the local daily news with a free Spanish newspaper – Google Translate and the pictures can help tell the story if you’re not fluent. +34 604 191 090  

10.30am – Sightseeing

The lighthouse at Cap de Barbaria is an impressive sight in the early morning due to the beauty of its vast landscape – the vista extends all the way to the African coast. Its role in various films and commercials over the years has brought this stunning location to the attention to many sightseers, and today it is one of the most prominent attractions in Formentera. Located on the southernmost tip of the island, past Cala Saona via a long, scenic stretch of country road that leads you to an expansive rocky environment, its breath-taking views and peaceful atmosphere are a perfect match for its splendour. A new conservation-inspired rule has recently been enforced, meaning all cars must be parked at the entrance and the lighthouse is only accessible on foot, so be prepared for a 15-minute walk each way. The true wow factor hits when you finally arrive to see those panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and the horizon, where it really does feel as if you have arrived at the end of the earth.

12pm – Spa

Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul by taking a short respite at one of Formentera’s leading hotels and spas – Hotel Cala Saona – where you can enjoy a holistic wellness experience immersed in the surrounding natural beauty of Formentera. Choose from an extensive range of regenerative and detoxifying body and facial treatments and massages, are all customised to suit your needs and accompanied by stunning views of Cala Saona. Follow this with a dip in the hotel’s pool or pop down to the beach to swim in its equally transparent waters before continuing on with the day. www.hotelcalasaona.com – +34 971 322 030

2.30pm – Lunch

This typical Spanish restaurant is well known for its traditional Mediterranean cuisine and authentic paella dishes. Tucked into the cliffside at Cala Saona, you can dine in the comfort of this cool, light and breezy beach bistro while overlooking the sand and the sea, soaking up the lively ambience and mouth-watering scents wafting out of the kitchen, where a taste of the traditional is being lovingly prepared with fresh-caught catches of the day. Mind you, make a reservation early or be rapido, as this place fills up for lunch fast! +34 871 551 575

4.30pm – Beach

Afternoons in Formentera are the ideal time to reflect and cool off as the typical island breeze arrive in the later hours of the day. The covert cove of Cala Saona is a magical destination – paddle in the shallow turquoise waters that lead out to deep blue sea, protected by the sweeping wall of sandstone cliffs and authentic Formentera fishing shacks scattered on the rocks beneath. This beach has a very different feel to the rest of the beaches in Formentera – it evokes a sense of nostalgic for those returning and creates a treasured memory for first timers.

7pm – Sundowners

For a true taste of local life, Kiosko 62 is an alternative experience not to be missed, especially as the sunset hour creeps in. This weathered and character-filled wooden beach shack on the sandy rocks of Playa de Migjorn faces out to sea and is everything you expect from a Formentera beach bar. Slightly off the beaten track and not overly crowded, it offers affordable drinks, a no frills service and laid-back atmosphere – the perfect place to unwind. The ambience comes alive as dusk falls and people relax to the sound of reggae and lounge music alongside the gentle sea breeze. +34 697 840 795

9.30pm – Dinner

Casbah Restaurant is set in a stylish hotel of the same name in the heart of the most authentic and rural part of Formentera, just a stone’s throw from Playa de Migjorn. The restaurant’s architectural design cleverly merges nature with modernity for an immersive dining experience. Glass walls reflect the lush greenery, pines and palms that encompass the luxurious gardens, creating an environment that emits calm from every corner. The smell of pine and the soundtrack of cicadas are complemented by a rich and varied gastronomic offering – think classic Mediterranean fresh fish, exquisite grilled meats prepared with a cutting-edge twist, signature rice and pasta dishes, some fine dining classics and Spanish tapas favourites, all served under the balmy summer sky. www.hotelcasbahformentera.com – +34 971 322 051

11.30pm – Cocktails

For a change of scenery, take a drive through the campo and vineyards, to follow a picturesque winding road leading towards the main town until you reach the magical fairy-lit surrounds of famed Formentera restaurant Can Carlos. Treat yourself to a fruity classic cocktail, or spicy new infusion whipped up by one of the professional and dapper bartenders shaking, stirring and serving up the island’s finest each night. Each cocktail is made with love and precision, using fresh ingredient, with presentation that is most definitely Instagram-worthy! www.cancarlos.com – +34 971 322 874

1am – Sleep

This recently renovated luxury apartment complex is a sanctuary on the tranquil side of Playa de Migjorn, set amidst a forest of beautifully scented pines. The architecture resonates with the authentic essence of Formentera, accentuating and complementing the Mediterranean surrounds. Carefully thought out interior design blends crisp whites, subtle greens and sunny yellows throughout, creating a calming, charming and unique home away from home. The beach is just a short walk from the complex for a refreshing early morning dip, although some bungalows come complete with the temptation of a private Jacuzzi. www.paraisodelospinos.com – +34 971 322 613 Words and photos by Mimi Gerrard-Morgan Illetes photo by Ana Lui

24 hours in Formentera – La Savina and Playa Llevant

The outside world is at touching distance and yet Formentera still feels like an exclusive and secluded paradise. The energy of La Savina ebbs and flows throughout the day as visitors filter on and off the endless fleet of ferries from Ibiza. At the end of the day, a subdued and gentle calmness is left behind, breeding a satisfying feeling of content for those who remain onshore, because just for a little while longer, you have the pleasure of indulging in the lesser-known Formentera life.

8.30am – Breakfast

A stone’s throw from the bustle of the main port, Quimera is a quiet and serene little situ for breakfast accompanied by an idyllic morning view. This newly-renovated hidden gem with ancestral Spanish heritage boasts a cosmopolitan atmosphere and Mediterranean style menu created by a Michelin star awarded chef, although breakfast is a relaxed affair. A tropical-inspired seating area on the breezy terrace overlooks L’Estany des Peix, a calm lagoon (complete with a covert beach) that leads out into the open sea, scattered with llaüts, the traditional local fishing boats. Watch the water glisten as boats roll in and out and fill up on a wholesome breakfast of freshly baked croissants or Grandma’s homemade scrambled eggs, washed down with a freshly squeezed juice – the perfect fuel-up for the day ahead. www.quimerarestaurant.com – +34 971 322 279

9.30am – SUP

The Stand Up Paddleboarding phenomenon shows no signs of slowing down in 2018 and Formentera’s calm waters are the ideal place to combine fun and exploration with balance, relaxation and strength. Saigu, in La Savina, gives you the opportunity to see Formentera from a new perspective, with professional SUP instructors leading you on a stunning scenic route around the north coast of the island, before wading through crystal clear waters and later arriving at the nature reserve of Es Palmador to explore the marine environment. Advance reservations for these early morning three-hour adventures are essential – suitable for all levels of experience. www.saiguformentera.com – +34 674 409 358

1.30pm – Lunch

This unexpected and unassuming little chiringuito is tucked neatly within the sand dunes of Playa Llevant and hidden from view, creating a discreet and tranquil lunch spot that’s far from the madding crowds. There is a certain type of Caribbean charm about its stripped back, rustic presentation, complete with wooden furniture and sandy floors sheltered beneath a cool wicker shade. Tantalising aromas of fresh seafood, rich pasta dishes and tapas escape from the kitchen, complemented by warm staff and attentive service until 8pm daily. www.kiosko-vapormanolito.business.site – +34 669 30 9 802

3.30pm – Beach

While it’s just a short stroll from the popular white sands of Illetes, Playa Llevant is a peaceful respite – which explains why this less familiar stretch of coastline is the place celebrities opt to spend their heady Formentera days (making it prone to the odd paparazzi). Soft white sand and a gentle breeze even in high summer create the most relaxing environment and depending on the daily wind change, the sea can alternate between a flat pond of transparent waters to a windsurfer’s paradise of turquoise crashing waves. Either way, a day spent here is one to remember.

8.30pm – Sunset drinks

Ibiza might be world-renowned for its famous sunset strip, but sunsets in Formentera are equally as spectacular. As the day winds down and as the air cools, the glorious sunset paints the Balearic sky intense shades of red, pink and orange on a clear night. This natural spectacle is always a must-see and can be viewed from many points around Las Salinas. Sa Sequi boasts a picture perfect setting, with the landscape of La Savina on the left and the hazy outline of Ibiza on the right. Carefully curated music complements the chilled atmosphere as the light slowly falls, illuminating the north of the island and effortlessly capturing the silhouette of Es Vedra on the horizon. www.sasequi.com – +34 622 853 340

10.30pm – Dinner

Ibiza’s most popular Brazilian hangout recently opened the tropical doors to its Formentera outpost on the dock of the bay in La Savina. Expect a tasty infusion of light, fresh and rich Japanese cuisine – a staple cuisine in the Brazilian diet since thousands of Japanese families migrated to the country after the First World War – plus the very finest Brazilian cocktails, all enjoyed with panoramic views of La Savina and the twinkling harbour at night. A fun and casual dining experience with warm, speedy service and authentic music – a buzzing way to either end your day or kick-start your Formentera night. www.temakinho.com – +34 602 645 973

11.30pm – Night cap

For some, the night is still young and the great advantage of dining in the port at La Savina is that the best bars are all within walking distance. Just a few steps away from Temakhino, Aigua offers a stylish lounging area ideal for a night cap – its cosy, candlelit setting on the picturesque marina is the ideal place to soak up the scenery. Kick back on low-slung seating and sip on expertly made cocktails; savour the sea breeze to the sounds of clinking boat masts and reflect on the day gone by. This is the part of Formentera life most day-trippers never get to experience. +34 971 323 322

12.30am – Sleep

Set on the cusp of the road leading from La Mola right through to La Savina, Can Aisha is a secluded sanctuary of calm and pure bliss, yet just minutes away from all the island’s action. This complex of five studio apartments with contemporary Spanish touches make for a highly inviting and comfortable stay. Each apartment shares a luxury garden area with a private swimming pool surrounded with cacti and soft white sun loungers. Chic is an understatement and whilst feeling very exclusive, the complex is perfectly positioned in proximity to the best beaches, bars and restaurants. With less than one kilometre drive away from each town, staying here means the island is your oyster! www.canaisha.com – +34 616 654 982 Words and photos by Mimi Gerrard-Morgan Playa Llevant photo by Ana Lui

Pre-season magic

It’s during this period that orchards boasting thousands of almond trees blossom into a spectacular blanket of white flowers, casting a sense of mystery and magic over the area. Nestled within the same valley is Es Cucons, the luxury boutique Agroturismo known for its warm and attentive service, beautiful gardens and country-chic interiors plus a clued-up clientele comprised of creatives, jetsetters and Ibiza lovers. For over 17 years, the hotel – run by owner María Rodríguez Castán and Pasi Kulju with much passion and pride – has provided sanctuary in the north to those who seek to escape the hustle of island life, offering an authentic style of living combined with all the luxuries a discerning modern traveller would expect. In 2018, as the almond blossom comes into full bloom, Es Cucons is opening its doors early, for a series of unique pre-season experiences, inviting intrepid holidaymakers to discover the pleasures of Ibiza in winter and early spring.

There is no greater destination for a late winter or early spring getaway than the stunning Corona Valley in Ibiza, where the almond blossoms blanket the fields in white and Es Cucons provides a home away from home.

For the long weekend between Thursday February 15 and Monday February 19, 2018, Es Cucons has designed an exclusive event with options for two and four-night stays – also ideal for romantic Valentine’s getaways. Guests receive accommodation in a gorgeous double superior room and daily breakfast with homemade specialties from Ibiza, and a cocktail prepared by beloved bartender Angelo before dinner. In addition, local outdoor experts Rockid take you on a guided nature walk through the stunning valley while the almond blossom is at its peak, and bicycles are available should you prefer to explore at your own leisure. Sunday lunch complete with entertainment by a live Flamenco band is included in the package – a truly unique experience that should not be missed. In keeping with the Es Cucons family’s Catalonian heritage, a traditional ‘Calçotada’ is prepared using time-honoured recipes that have been handed down through the generations. Taking place in the outdoor barbecue area, hundreds upon hundreds of sweet calçots (a type of spring onion) are char-grilled on the open fire before being served on terracotta tiles with a rich Romescu dipping sauce. And finally, to ensure you really relax into the slower pace of winter life, a relaxing 45-minute massage for two people is also included, with access to the panoramic sauna circuit.

If spring is your thing, then mark March 8 to 11, 2018 in your diary as Es Cucons is set to host an all-new healthy retreat. The experience has been designed to offer guests a healthy holiday under the guidance of chef and nutritional coach Adriana Molina alongside wellness experts and professional therapists Melanie Jane and Alba Castán. You’ll be served fresh and tasty cuisine designed to nourish the body and soul, and take part in two cooking classes with Adriana so you can take tips, techniques and nutritional advice back to your own kitchen. Daily yoga sessions are held within the beautiful grounds of Es Cucons – with stunning views over the valley, it is the most peaceful way to start the day. A highly effective lymphatic drainage treatment plus additional therapies continue to care for your body, and guests also receive access to the panoramic sauna circuit. As opposed to super strict health and fitness retreats, there are no rules or regulations at Es Cucons – if you feel like a glass of wine at the end of the day, you’re encourage to enjoy! It’s all about making the most of your precious holiday time.

Es Cucons have a relaxed approach to healthy retreats. By day, practice yoga, eat healthily and try cutting-edge wellness and body treatments. By night, relax by the fire with a glass of wine. It is a holiday after all…

As Easter appears on the horizon, Es Cucons officially opens its doors for the season on March 22, 2018. To celebrate the Easter week – known in Spain as Semana Santa and a truly wonderful time to visit the white isle – a special Easter Getaway pack is on offer, including (minimum) four nights’ accommodation, buffet breakfast, a candlelit dinner for two and access to the sauna, plus the invitation to celebrate alongside the Es Cucons family for the fun, family-friendly Easter Sunday event. The day begins with egg hunting for the little ones, with a babysitting service available so mums and dads can kick back and enjoy their day. Brunch and appetisers are served up in the gardens, followed by a sizzling barbecue and typical Ibicenco fideua (similar to a paella but made using noodles) with plenty of fresh salads plus a dessert buffet for those with a sweet tooth. A fabulous live band keeps you entertained for the event, and as the stunning spring weather sees the Es Cucons gardens bathed in glorious sunlight, you may even be tempted to have a pre-season dip in the pool!

As the season progresses, the in-house restaurant will introduce a regular tapas night, based on the popularity of special themed events last year and as the season starts to wind down in November, the hotel focuses again on hosting wellness retreats. As with every year, Maria and her team continue to organically improve on the authentic Ibiza style of Es Cucons and 2018 is no exception. A room renovation here, a chic decoration upgrade there, fresh decking, elegant new furnishings, eclectic art, a table tennis table – the hotel is constantly evolving like a beautiful work in progress, however to those who call it their home away from home, it will always be a masterpiece.

Visit the White Ibiza hotels guide to read more about Es Cucons
Natural authentic Ibiza luxury

From the very first moment you step across the threshold at Agroturismo Atzaró, you are enveloped in the delicate fragrance of orange blossom, and this scent remains with you for the duration of your stay. It’s not surprising, given the iconic island hotel is situated on 10 hectares of beautiful orange groves in Ibiza’s north – a location that has been fittingly paid tribute to as part of the stunning 2018 Atzaró relaunch. Drawing heavily on the authentic nature of the rural location, respecting the traditional Ibicenco style of the main building (the finca) and inspired by the generations of heritage behind the successful, family-run business, the conceptual redesign and refurbishment – based around the concept of pure, natural luxury – has been a long-term project presided over by Atzaró Design. Returning the hotel to a place of pure Ibiza authenticity with a luxurious twist, the results are nothing short of magic.

Evoking the true spirit of authentic Ibiza, Agroturismo Atzaró simultaneously honours its past while celebrating its future with a stunning redesign and refurbishment.

Typical Ibicenco architecture and interiors take centre stage in the gorgeous and spacious new reception space at the finca’s entrance, which opens into a plush, comfortable sitting area filled with deluxe sofas covered in organic white cotton and an open fireplace. Striking Sabina wood beam ceilings complement the terracotta tiled floors and white plaster walls, with touches of gold playing homage to the island’s North African and Moroccan history. Lining the walls of this area are beautiful black and white photos of three generations of the Guasch family, still proudly presiding over the space that was once their cherished family home – transformed into a luxury hotel in 2004. This traditional styling theme and earthy, rustic colour palette continues throughout the hotel’s 24 bedrooms, where emperor sized teak four-poster beds dressed in luxe white linen immediately command attention – begging to be sunk into – alongside beautiful bespoke furnishings designed with loving intention by Atzaró and handmade by artisans from around the world. Each bedroom evokes a feeling of calm; of purity; of total relaxation while boasting all the mod cons a discerning modern guest could ever require.

The finca and surrounding buildings’ exteriors have been given a fresh lease on life, repainted in the signature all-white hue of a traditional Ibiza home – living harmoniously alongside the vibrant colours of nature outside. Pops of colour within each bedroom come courtesy of a series of bespoke paintings created for the hotel, each telling a tale of the finca, the farm and orange groves. And speaking of those oranges again, each room is subtly scented with a room essence custom created from a blend of orange blossoms plucked from the gardens and onsite botanicals. If the main finca is set in the heart of the orange groves, one could say the groves, and indeed the entire Atzaró hotel, are situated in the heart of authentic Ibiza. Surrounded by lush, green mountains and fully functioning farmlands, drenched in the island’s famous golden sunlight and with endless bright blue skies above, a stay at Agroturismo Atzaró is an escape to paradise. Two sparkling swimming pools, blissfully quiet corners, decadent day beds and tranquil chill outs are found peppered throughout the fragrant orange groves and an expansive organic vegetable garden supplies the daily bounty for the hotel’s in-house restaurants.

Natural luxury is evident in every space, every bedroom, every corner, every terrace and even every flower and tree within the meticulously maintained gardens and grounds.

Agroturismo Atzaró boasts two divine dining spaces – both of which are open to non-hotel guests all year round. Each of the restaurants have been lovingly refurbished in keeping with the hotel’s feeling of authenticity and luxury, from La Veranda – the gorgeous open-air dining space and terrace adjacent to the finca – to The Orange Tree, an elegant after-dark alfresco dining space surrounded by palm trees, vines, orange blossom, rosemary, hibiscus and jasmine. In addition to its style revamp, the Atzaró menu concept has also been redesigned to reflect a new level of culinary flair. Think high-quality yet rustic Mediterranean dishes with Ibizan influences, plus a strong focus on healthy, organic produce grown onsite or locally sourced ingredients. New Atzaró head chef Sachsa Tarruella Meyer draws his inspiration for the new menu from authentic and historical island culinary traditions, including the farming history of Atzaró. Expect rustic flavours combined with sophisticated tastes in dishes such as the slow-cooked Balearic rack of lamb infused with rosemary and honey, served alongside aubergine fries, Lionesa potatoes and Mantekia butter with local herbs; or the vegetarian green beans and Ibicenco potato salad chock-full of Kalamata olives, feta, radish, cherry tomatoes and oregano. After meals, guests can sip on homemade ‘Orangello’ – yet another nod to the beautiful and bountiful surrounds.

Already renowned around the world as a luxury spa hotel, Atzaró has elevated its expansive spa to the next level in 2018 to fit with the hotel’s relaunch. Flowing all-white curtains create a sense of tranquillity in the teak treatment cabins, each of which offers beautiful views over the orange groves, and world-class therapists are on hand to deliver an array of health, wellness and beauty treatments to guests of the hotel and day visitors. The sauna and Hamman have been equipped with elegant new marble flooring and given a heavenly all-white makeover that elicits an all new energy within the healing space. An in-house fitness centre offers a weekly programme of classes while yoga sessions are hosted in the beautiful nearby yoga pavilion. Luxurious white day beds are scattered throughout the orange groves, providing spa guests the perfect place to find their zen alongside the famous fresh water swimming pool. With the Atzaró Group ticking all the right boxes when it comes to accommodation, cuisine, relaxation, fitness, pampering and wellness, there’s no greater destination when it comes to pure and natural luxury.

Mediterranean magic

Launching in spring – and now taking reservations for its debut season – is the spectacular 7Pines Kempinski Ibiza, an all-new luxury resort set to bring new levels of style, service and sophistication to the west coast of Ibiza. Within the five-star resort are an array of restaurants, bars and wellness areas also open to the public, making it one of the most highly anticipated venue openings in many years. The resort itself is set on a striking clifftop in Cala Codolar, with breathtaking views over the sparkling Mediterranean and across to Ibiza’s legendary limestone rock formation Es Vedra. Surrounded by fragrant pine forests and abundant nature, 7Pines Kempinski Ibizais just minutes (and walking distance) from some of the island’s best beaches and secret coves, although once you settle into its completely private and discreet way of life, it’s easy to imagine not leaving the complex for the duration of your stay. The choices are endless.

A stylish, purpose built luxury resort complex designed with pure relaxation, discretion and indulgence in mind.

With 186 suites – one and two bedroom suites spaced out over the resort grounds – 7Pines Kempinski Ibiza is a stylish restoration and redevelopment of a small coastal village, that respects the local architectural heritage with which it was originally built. Views vary from stunning clifftop vistas or contemporary poolside views to suites presiding over the pool, garden or bay – each one as beautiful as the next. Every room is equipped with all the creature comforts you could wish for and fitted with modern décor echoing the hues of nature to create a calming, harmonious environment. Beautifully maintained mature Mediterranean gardens complement the rocky, rugged coastline on which 7Pines Kempinski Ibiza is built. Two outdoor swimming pools – one of which is a sleek infinity pool – set the ideal scene to relax, sunbathe and cool off in the high summer heat, while outdoor Jacuzzis, a sauna and steam room are on hand when you want to amp it up. Health, wellness and fitness are prevalent, with personal trainers, private yoga instructors and a variety of outdoor fitness activities availble, while those who prefer to kick back and soak it all in will enjoy a day out on the resort’s very own Pershing yacht.

The gastronomic offerings at 7Pines Kempinski Ibiza promise to be second to none. Mornings begin at The View – an innovative fine dining space overlooking Es Vedra, with the feeling of floating above the clifftop thanks to floor to ceiling glass windows that open out onto a stunning terrace. And if you think The View is spectacular by day, just wait until you experience it after dark. Opening once again for dinner, the menu fuses European and Korean traditions, techniques, flavours and spices, resulting in an experience like no other on the island. Take it up a notch by booking the chef’s table, where you can interact with the culinary team as they take you on an unforgettable dining journey and be sure to ask the professional sommelier to guide you through the world-class wine list. With a laidback ambience and buzzing social scene, Cone Club restaurant and bar is the place to be at 7Pines Kempinski Ibiza, from lunchtime through sunset – when the space truly shines, as the sun casting its golden glow over Es Vedra in the foreground – and dinner. Communal tables and cocktails create a casual vibe, while those looking for a more VIP experience can escape to private cabanas. An a la carte menu with a hint Asian and Arabic flavours and sharing plates are also available, meaning no matter what your appetite or dietary requirement and whatever time of the day, there’s something to suit everyone in your group at Cone Club.

Designed in conjunction with world renowned yacht makers of the same name, Pershing Terrace at 7Pines Kempinski Ibiza is the very first high-end bar of its kind on the west coast of the island. Think only the very finest top shelf spirits and liquors – served straight up, on the rocks or poured into carefully crafted cocktails of the highest calibre – and an exceptional wine list, plus an expertly curated cigar menu and you’ll start to envision the luxury and decadence on offer here. Style-wise, the space fuses the chic Italian design principles Pershing is known for with the spectacular clifftop setting, creating drama, glamour and elegance all in one setting. Add jazz-inspired lounge music and those iconic Ibiza sunset views and it’s easy to see why Pershing Terrace is set to become the place to be seen next summer. Wellness is also at the heart of the 7Pines Kempinski Ibiza offering, with Pure Seven Spa envisioned as a destination within the destination. This health and wellbeing hub is all about encouraging a holistic lifestyle, set in a space designed to elicit feelings of purity and serenity. Saunas, a steam bath and indoor relaxation areas with incredible views help you ease into holiday mode, before indulging in a personalised treatment to suit your needs. Drawing on organic, local and aromatic ingredients, and using cutting edge cosmetology techniques and technology, the menu ranges from medical grade aesthetics under the watchful eye of a doctor to classic beauty treatments and relaxing face and body works.

If love is in the air and it’s an unforgettable Ibiza wedding venue you’re seeking, 7Pines Kempinski Ibiza is the picture-perfect location. With so many different spaces that can be configured to suit the size of your wedding party – from an intimate celebration on one of the restaurant terraces to a magical formal gala in a ballroom resplendent with flowers – the scope is endless. A professional wedding and events planning team are on hand to guide you through all stages of the planning process, from the paperwork required to get married in a foreign country to the little extras like styling, catering, entertainment, flowers, transport and more. Just imagine the backdrop of your wedding photos… not to mention the memories that will be talked about for years to come. Beyond the impressive suites and stylish décor, amazing gardens and perfectly manicured grounds; beyond the incredible gastronomic offerings by day, at sunset and by night; beyond the buzzing cosmopolitan social ambience; beyond the magical Mediterranean views and beyond the all-encompassing wellness philosophy, service and professionalism are at the heart of 7Pines Kempinski Ibiza. Warm and welcoming staff, attention to detail and the highest level of hospitality found on the island complete the package – an all-new luxury destination set to win the hearts of island locals and travellers alike in 2018.

Formentera: Freedom

The lone wishing tree rising from the rocks at the very furthest tip of Playa Migjorn could be considered symbolic of Formentera’s sense of freedom. Because it is right here, under the bright Balearic sun, where people – grown-up people – feel free to believe in magic. Tying a little shell to a barren branch fills their hearts with hope, manifesting the feeling that anything is possible. If you can dream it, you can live it in Formentera. The sense of freedom on Ibiza’s sister island extends far beyond the wishing tree. It is felt from the very first minute you step ashore. It’s as if time stands still here, with no rules, no ‘have tos’ and no commitments. Going to Formentera is like pressing pause on daily life – be it for a day, a week, a month or more – the very antithesis of contemporary living.

Those visitors who says “I’ll check my emails” or “We’ll keep in touch” suddenly drop off the radar with no explanation after arriving in Formentera. Going off the grid has never been easier (or more appropriate), and more than one formerly stressed out holidaymaker has been heard to declare: “The phone reception over here is terrible and I can’t seem to get onto WiFi anywhere” with absolutely zero guilt once they’ve relaxed into authentic Formentera life. Developing an allergy to technology is quite normal here – it’s one of the last remaining places where you can still see tables of diners laughing and interacting rather than Instagramming their food and taking endless selfies to prove they’re having fun. There’s certainly no space for a laptop in your beach bag when it’s crammed full of icy cold beers and fresh Formentera figs, thrown carelessly over your shoulder as you zoom across the island on a scooter, with the salty sea air on your skin and the wind in your hair.

Formentera hasn’t always been known for embracing freedom. It suffered enormously at the hands of Franco’s fascist regime in the 1930s, becoming a location for a concentration camp holding political prisoners awaiting execution. Hippies, draft-dodgers, gays, musicians and artists began flocking to the island in search of freedom in the 60s, and while Franco’s Nationalist Forces tried for a short while to expel them, after the dictator’s death in 1976, Formentera once again asserted itself as the island of the people. Perhaps the island’s troubled past is why the idea of freedom is so important to those who inhabit the island today – be it by birth right or by choice. A celebration of triumph over tragedy. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Formentera has emerged as a destination where freedom is not only sought, it is found. In Formentera today, you can feel free to do whatever you want and be whoever you are. The bohemia associated with the island’s past lingers in the villages, on the beaches and in the countryside.

There is no dress code in Formentera; fine dining restaurants welcome diners in flip-flops and naked sunbathers are a regular sight on the spectacular beaches. Having a drink – be it coffee spiked with brandy, beer or a mojito – with breakfast is the norm. Making plans is something best left for another place, another time. On some days, bedtime might come as early as 8pm, on other nights you’ll stay up and watch the sunrise before retiring at 8am. Under the watchful eye of Bartolo, the owner of the beach shack on brightly painted blue stilts, the wishing tree stands proudly, tinkling with strings of shells representing the wishes of hundreds of people, from all over the world. Only in a place like Formentera can a once-barren tree like this can evolve into a thing of ethereal beauty – almost as if by magic. Flee the stress, escape the crowds, let freedom reign…

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Embracing evolution

Walk ten minutes in one direction and you’ll hit the bright lights and buzz of the charming old town; turn 90 degrees and the newly revamped golden shores of Talamanca and hustle of Marina Botafoch are reached in the same amount of time. Talk about location, location, location! While its location is indeed fabulously first-rate, once you step inside Sir Joan it could be easy to forget the world outside and get caught up in the luxury, decadence and five-star glamour that surrounds you. The chic, contemporary design evokes an air of exclusivity, with a distinct nod to Ibiza’s bohemian luxe past seen through the use of rich and earthy colours and patterns in the interior. This clever fusion of old meets new is intentional, with award-winning architects and interior designers Baranowitz + Kronenberg drawing on the island’s heritage and the hotel’s modern maritime location for inspiration. Visible from the sky, the chequered black and white façade is fast on its way to becoming an iconic Ibiza building.

There is an air of exclusivity and yet everyone is welcome. Sir Joan doesn’t discriminate – just like the Ibiza of days gone by.

The 38 rooms and suites within this urban oasis have been crafted with your every creature comfort in mind. Stylish stripped back walnut wooden floorboards emulate yacht flooring, while stunning hand-beaten and polished stainless steel wall panels mimic the effect of rolling waves when hit by sunlight. Party people, rest assured – blackout blinds are de rigueur ensuring your beauty sleep is never disturbed. Elegant marble bathrooms are stocked with local Ayurvedic oils plus luxury Dead Clean toiletries, plus feature heavenly rain showers and his and hers sinks. Egyptian cotton sheets, Bang + Olufsen Bluetooth speakers, a ‘guilty pleasure goodie box’, pillow menu and the lust goes on. Oh, and the rooms just so happen to be soundproof. Each room features a balcony, while suites have up to three, in addition to an indoor living space making them the perfect home away from home. Each space features art created by local artists – be it sculpture, photography or painting – plus books by legendary Spanish writers and photos referencing old school Ibiza. But the true stars of the Sir Joan show are magnificent penthouse suites – taking over the entire top floor, each has an expansive wraparound rooftop terrace, outdoor seating, private cabana, a plunge pool and open-air kitchen overlooking all of the port. The most premium suites built in Ibiza to date.

It’s all in the detail at Sir Joan. Once you’re checked in – a process that most definitely does not involve sitting at a stuffy desk and filling out boring forms but rather, warm and welcoming professional staff discreetly ushering you to your room or suite – the true Sir Joan experience begins. And by the way, there’s a top secret VIP entrance for those who really don’t wish to be spotted! On the ground floor, sleek poolside cabanas line the walls beneath tall palm trees to create a mirage-like effect by the pool, ideal for taking some downtime and topping up your tan before heading out to explore the island. Owner and founder of Sir Hotels, Liran Wizman, firmly believes in an ethos of bringing locally inspired guest experiences to its dynamic location. He and his team spent months recruiting the perfect concierge team for Sir Joan; those who would understand and interpret the needs of their discerning guests to the letter. Sir Joan clients are treated to the most discreet, personal, efficient and professional service on the island. No request is too big or too small.

Whether you’re an exhibitionist or in need of complete discretion, Sir Joan can curate the perfect Ibiza experience for you.

It stands to reason that dwellings as luxurious as Sir Joan would invite equally as impressive gastronomic offerings to share their space. Enter IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & Bar, the globally acclaimed Japanese and Peruvian fusion restaurant founded by THE ENTOURAGE GROUP – another of Wizman’s ventures, created alongside hospitality entrepreneur Yossi Eliyahoo. Sleek, chic and bringing an urban dining experience unlike any other to Ibiza, the dining space is elegantly sprawled across the ground floor of Sir Joan, and open to the public for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Those in the know are already touting breakfast as the best on the island, and special brunch events look set to make IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & Bar the place to be seen on a Sunday morning this summer. The food at IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & Bar is, quite simply, art – both to look at and to taste. Silky soft sashimi and precision rolled sushi sits alongside a variety of fresh meat and fish prepared on the traditional Japanese Robata grill or in a Hibachi fire bowl. DJs – including the island’s best local talents to a revolving roster of special secret international guests – spin authentic Balearic beats in the adjacent lounge bar area, which almost has the feeling of a bohemian salon in days gone by. One could be sitting next to an author, an artist, a fashion designer or a superstar DJ. Sir Joan doesn’t discriminate, just like Ibiza back in the good old days. Free spirits are welcome, expressing oneself is encouraged and having a good time is the name of the game. All the while sipping on premium cocktails of course.

Long-term island residents may recall some hazy memories related to Sir Joan’s former life as a legendary after-hours destination in the early 2000s (does the name El Divinito ring a bell?). And just like the island has evolved, so too have those same tastemakers, going on to open some of the most successful businesses and brands on the island, build their own properties, start their own families and invite other global influencers to experience Ibiza. The island and its residents have grown up together, and Sir Joan and IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & Bar – along with soon-to-be-opened late-night hangout THE BUTCHER – play homage to these people, filling the gap for a place where they can relive the hedonism of those early days in a manner that suits the new lifestyles to which they are accustomed. Whether you’re an exhibitionist or a total ‘discretionist’, an Ibiza old-timer or an island first-timer, you will find a place within Sir Joan to suit you. Big enough to be a buzzing nightly hotspot, hot enough to be the name on everyone’s lips yet still small enough for it to feel like an ultra exclusive villa party, Sir Joan is now taking bookings for summer 2017 and beyond.

Cornucopia of colour

There are very few places left in Ibiza where one can feel as though they’ve stumbled onto something undiscovered. Where time stands still, and the island’s authentic bohemian essence and true sense of freedom remain preserved. Portinatx, the northernmost tip of the island, is one such place and the jewel in its glittering crown is boutique Ibiza hotel Los Enamorados. At first glance, the stylish setting appears as though it has been untouched since the building’s inception in 1964, yet on closer inspection, each and every item – from the glossy tiled walls and colourful handmade crockery to urban designer lighting – has been hand selected to evoke an overall feeling of vintage chic, while standards of luxury remain strictly in the present.

A museum of curiosities, a showroom of contemporary design and a home away from home, Los Enamorados is a place to disconnect from the world.

The beautiful brainchild of Pierre Travesier and Rozemarijn de Witte – a former basketball player and lifestyle magazine editor with a passion for collecting curio from around the globe – Los Enamorados pays testament to their impeccable taste and unwavering vision. The concept is an expansion of their lifestyle: with a home in Ibiza Pierre describes as ‘too big’ for just the two of them, they would constantly play host to friends and family. When the search for a loft uncovered an old seafront building in the island’s north, it became instantly apparent to the couple that they could recreate and share their home life on a larger, more professional scale. No architectural details were changed during the property’s remodel, with Pierre and Rozemarijn seeing beauty beyond its structural aesthetic, set atop romantic, ancient fishing boat houses. Choosing to honour its design rather than try and transform the large open spaces, they stripped back paint to allow the original concrete finishes to shine as a design detail – perfect in its imperfections. With just nine rooms – motel-esque, accessed via one long corridor on the hotel’s first floor – Los Enamorados feels intimate, like the private home of a well-travelled friend.

Colour and texture are in abundance throughout Los Enamorados, a detail Pierre attributes to his Caribbean childhood. You will never find all-white sheets, clinical bathrooms or crystal clear glassware within his projects, or indeed, his own home. For Pierre and Rosemarijn, colour is life. Each bedroom is imbibed with its own character, decorated in a rich palette of earthy colours inspired by the surroundings: rust-red, burnt orange, dark turquoise, mustard yellow, deep purple and emerald green. Handmade, anti-allergy, triple mattress, all-natural Coco-mat beds were acquired to guarantee rejuvenation – be it after a 20-minute disco nap or a long overdue lie-in. Lighting can be dimmed or raised to suit your moods. Air conditioning units are carefully camouflaged behind hand-woven decorative covers – though the direct sea breeze from each north-facing balcony negates any overuse. Plush, low-slung sofas encourage further rest and relaxation. Bathrooms reveal further surprises, with every tile, sink and fixture hand-picked with its destination in mind.

One must truly be immersed to feel the authenticity of Los Enamorados – breathing the fresh, sea air, feeling the warmth of the golden Ibiza sun and tasting the flavours of its internationally inspired cuisine.

The spacious layout allowed Pierre and Rozemarijn to create a relaxed dining space and bar to allow non-staying guests to share in the Los Enamorados magic, for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between. Self-confessed foodies who admit to travelling thousands of kilometres just to a try a certain homemade truffle pasta or for a renowned Poké bowl, their inspiration for the restaurant was not unlike that of the dwellings: to share their international tastes and love of fresh flavour with one and all. After the search for the perfect chef introduced them to Alberto Pacheco, they took him on a gourmet tour of the globe as an induction into their world. It was not enough for him to research, or see photographs; he had to taste, in order to understand it and thus, the Los Enamorados menu plays homage to the owners’ international palates. Fresh oysters and ceviche sit alongside crispy prawn wontons and fried anchovies as starters, while mains include mouthwatering Peruvian chicken Anticucho, a Nikkei tuna burger, the much-loved Poké bowls and tacos. Cocktails too, are a must-try with twists on tradition and bespoke concoctions all made with love, preferably served in nature’s vessels such as pineapple husks and coconut shells.

A fabulous boutique showcases a range of fashion, homewares, art, beauty and more within a laidback, salon-like space where guests are also welcome to recline and soak up the spectacular sunset views. From custom-made Japanese kimonos, mint condition 1980s trainers, ethnic art and quirky Jonathan Adler ceramics to Moroccan rugs, French flea market finds and so much more. Lifelong collectors, the owners curate both the space – dubbed a boutique bazaar with rooms – without attachment (with the rare exception), sharing in the joy a client feels when they can take a piece of the magic home with them, and feeling their own thrill of the opportunity to bring in new pieces as replacements. New discoveries jump out at every glance in Los Enamorados. Carefully curated corners may disappear overnight, after a guest falls in love with the way the chairs complement the tables and lamps ‘just so’, they can purchase them and have them shipped back to whatever part of the world they may hail from. Indeed, absolutely everything at Los Enamorados is for sale, with Pierre and Rozemarijn viewing the project as an ongoing evolution – a puzzle, just waiting for the next piece to be discovered and put in place. But the truth is, Los Enamorados is so much more than the sum of all its parts – it is a patchwork of perfection unlike anywhere else in Ibiza. A place that once discovered, is cherished forever. A place to return to, again and again and again…

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The island as you’ve never seen it before

In recent years, the world’s media has caught on to promoting ‘the other side’ of Ibiza. Thanks to this, tourism is booming in the wellness sector, however there is yet another side to the island that’s yet to be exposed, still retaining its magic, mystery and authenticity. Exploring the island’s coastline by boat gives Ibiza an entirely new perspective – just when you think you know her, she proves there is so much more to be discovered. Charter your yacht early enough, and perhaps the first thing you’ll notice is just how otherworldly the Mediterranean can be without the soundtrack of humans. Seagulls squawking, smaller birds chirping, the gentle sound of lapping waves – just as nature intended. And if you’re lucky – really, really lucky – you may even hear the bleat of a goat on Es Vedra.

Ibiza’s most mystical and iconic rock formation, on the south coast of the island, is a well-known sight indeed, rising up from the horizon as if she were mysteriously floating or superimposed upon the sea. There is another view of Es Vedra, however, unbeknownst to many – her craggy, green and rocky hillside, with its stark grey limestone reaching towards the clear blue sky, only visible when your skipper circumnavigates the entire islet.

For all the myths and legends that surround Es Vedra, one thing is certain: on every boat charter that approaches the limestone rock, a peace falls over the passengers as they slowly make their way to shore on the still, mirror-like Balearic Sea. The distance to Es Vedra is deceptive – small on the horizon, yet up close it is a magnificent, almost imposing mass. While it is possible to disembark and explore, so powerful is the connection with nature here that most people prefer to stay onboard, admiring and respecting from the comfort of their sundeck. Swarming with birds, lush with wild flora, this is Ibiza, in all its pure, raw glory.

The ancient quarry known as Atlantis is yet another ‘secret’ spot that has been uncovered in recent years, but nothing prepares you for the view of this spectacular rock formation as you approach it from the water. Over hundreds of years, stone masons, sculptors and artists alike have left their mark by carving extraordinary works into the jagged, monolithic boulders and yet it’s not only the rock that is breathtakingly beautiful. The quality of the water here is the very definition of crystalline: sparkling as if strewn with glitter, as clear as glass so you can see marine life everywhere and as calm as a swimming pool.

Continue sailing around the coast to be faced with the true wonder of nature at every turn and crest – each discovery more striking and jaw-dropping than the next. Rising red cliffs that have been weathered away with time to create fluid, smooth façades; impressive natural rock formations that allow you to view through to the next bay before cruising into it; the smallest, yet most pristine beaches imaginable – only accessible by boat – plus caves of all shapes and sizes. While most of the sights you behold are the inimitable creations of Mother Nature, occasionally, man-made structures – from miniscule ramshackle cave homes built into rock faces to the wondrous sculpture by the famed artist Andrew Rogers known locally as ‘Ibiza-henge’ – will also take your breath away. All this and more awaits when you explore the white island by boat. It’s Ibiza, but as you’ve never seen here before…