Introducing ‘Manscara’

Over the last couple of decades, male grooming has become quite the boom industry, proving it’s not only women who are passionate about appearance and self care. What began with a niche range of male skincare products created by savvy beauty brands in the 90s has expanded into every area of the previously female-oriented domain. Here in Ibiza, advanced eyelash extension technician – and self-confessed eyelash obsessive – Jayne Brami of Lash By Jayne has seen her clientele grow to include men in recent years, from shy guys looking for a subtle face enhancement to those looking for a total OTT transformation. Guy-lashes are for everyone.

Manscara, guy-liner, guy-lashes – whatever you call it, eyelash extensions for men are a natural evolution in the world of male grooming. Metrosexual, image-conscious and gender-fluid men all over the world are no longer keeping their beauty habits in the closet; after embracing skincare rituals, self-tanning, and indeed, fashion, following their sisters into the world of eyelash extensions makes perfect sense. As women have learned in recent years, investing in high quality eyelash extensions from a qualified professional like Lash By Jayne can completely enhance or transform your look, depending on what you’re going for, eliminating the need for mascara and giving you a bright-eyed look that can last for between four and eight weeks. It makes perfect sense for men to seek this convenience in their beauty regimes too.

“I can design eyelash looks to suit whatever anyone needs – male or female,” says Jayne. “I see so many transvestite or transgender people in Ibiza wearing strip eyelashes every day – eyelash extensions takes away all the time and hassle fiddling around with glue and you can look fabulous 24/7. Some guys wear mascara when they go out – for the same reasons as women, to draw attention to their eyes – and this way they don’t have to worry about smudging or washing it off when they get home. And there are some guys who, like many girls, just don’t feel confident with their appearance – eyelash extensions for extra thickness can give them a huge confidence boost.

What I do at Lash By Jayne is all about making people feel good.” Student and part-time make-up artist Leon Cairo [pictured] is one such guy in Ibiza, who says his experience with Lash By Jayne has been nothing short of life changing. “I wore mascara whenever I did my own make-up,” he explains. “But I don’t wear make-up every day because I like my skin to breathe. When I put on even just a little bit of mascara, without the rest of the make-up, I found it looked too heavy. I was drawn to the idea of lash extensions because they seemed like a practical solution to every day glamour while still being able to look natural.” This is where Jayne’s expertise comes into play: the artist takes the time to really understand what kind of effect and look her clients are after before starting the process.

“I’ll always ask about my clients’ day-to-day style, because their idea of ‘natural’ might be different to mine,” says the Lash By Jayne founder. “I ask them to send me photos of lashes that they like and then I look at the shape and size of their eyes, whether their lashes grow to the side or are naturally curly, and I ask that they listen to my advice before going ahead.” With over a decade of experience – not to mention 22 years of experience with having lash extensions herself – Jayne is a bona-fide expert when it comes to eye shape, lash length, width and style. “So many people think the cat eye look is what they want but really, in many cases, it’s better to do longer lashes in the middle of the eyes as cat eye can look droopy,” she explains, noting that on certain face shapes and sizes, biggest is not always best. “I’m always completely honest, and everyone who listens has said they prefer my style in the end.”

When it came to Leon, he was happy to leave himself in Jayne’s expertly trained hands. Jayne assessed the size of Leon’s face and decided 14mm extensions were needed for the desired result. “I wasn’t sure what to expect,” he says. “I went in prepared to let Jayne work her magic. She was so funny and charismatic from the moment I met her; she made the experience fun and relaxing. The actual process was super gentle, and felt almost therapeutic too.” After the experience, Leon was so in love with his new lashes he spent the night taking selfies and sending them through to Jayne, who could sense his genuine happiness with the results. “I’m in love with them!” he affirms. “I think Lash By Jayne did an amazing job and she really catered to my eye shape, opening up my eyes which made a massive difference. I definitely feel more confident. Now that I’ve done it, I would 100% do it again. In fact, I don’t think I can stop now!”

Seeing the satisfaction of clients like Leon is what keeps Jayne inspired. “He looks absolutely amazing,” she says. “People often have this perception of eyelash extensions – maybe they’ve seen jobs that weren’t done well in the UK – but most of my clients have such beautiful lashes people don’t even realize they’re fake. I try to make them look natural – they don’t have to be huge to be noticeable.” Using her own gorgeous lashes as an example where size doesn’t matter, Jayne explains that the size of your extension should be proportionate to your face. “My lashes are 11mm but I have a small face,” she explains. “Lash By Jayne clients often say ‘I want really long like you’ but they don’t realise that what looks long on me may not work for them. I met a girl from Tokyo this year who wanted 15mm lashes, but because of the naturally flat shape of her face, I suggested a different style. It just wasn’t going to look right.” Men and women of all ages in Ibiza – and indeed, those coming to Ibiza from all corners of the globe – look to Lash By Jayne for advice.

Her youngest client to date was 12 years old, and her most senior is 83. “Eyelash extensions can be adapted to anyone,” she says. “For older people, it’s such a blessing because they can’t easily see in the mirror anymore. I can give them a 7mm extension and they wake up every day looking amazing. That’s the smallest extension, which I can apply for extra volume or a natural, darker look. The longest is 16mm, which I would only apply on someone who had a larger face. With the Russian Volume lashes I use, we design with volume as well as length – 2D is super natural, 3D gives more volume, 4D takes it up a level and 12D Mega Volume does what it says on the tin!” Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are no longer the domain of the rich and famous, or models, actors and rockstars, thanks to artists like Jayne, who make the entire personalised process as relaxing as possible. As the old saying goes, the eyes are the window to the soul so it makes perfect sense for anyone to want to enhance them as much as possible. Man, woman, adult, teenager, senior citizen, gay, straight, don’t know, don’t care – the Lash By Jayne studio (in San Jordi, just a few minutes from the airport) is a safe space for one and all to make their lash fantasies a reality.

Queen of lashes

With over ten years’ experience under her stylish belt, Ibiza’s undisputed queen of lashes, Jayne Brami – founder of Lash by Jayne and an Advanced Lash Artist, Trainer and Professional Deluxe Eyelash Extension manufacturer – is, as usual, one step ahead of the pack when it comes to offering the latest lash technologies in 2018. Working all year round in Ibiza, her summer season is already in full swing, with many of the fab flutters you see on Ibiza’s beaches, dance floors and VIP areas right now a testament to her skills. Having seen the lash industry evolve exponentially over the last decades, the desire to raise standards has always been important to Jayne – in fact, this was the catalyst that pushed her to develop her own five-star premium brand and range of cutting-edge products. Tired of working with heavy, clumsy lashes that created a less-than-natural look, Jayne engineered a new phase in lightweight lashes with Premium Velvet Lashes, in addition to developing the safest EU standard adhesive.

With no fear of heavy clumps weighing your lids down or destroying your natural lashes, these revolutionary new products, coupled with Jayne’s extensive industry experience mean you won’t just be sporting a longer lash, but also a longer lasting lash. As your natural lashes continue to shed as they should, around every six to eight weeks, regular top-ups (every three to four weeks) are recommended to keep your flutter looking full, fresh and fabulous. Jayne also stocks M2 Beaute – the ultimate brand for eyelash and eyebrow care – to support and enhance the natural lashes throughout the process. Jayne is not simply an industry professional, but also an artist and a forward thinker, when it comes to using and developing incredibly advanced techniques. Not content with offering her clients Individual Lash Extension and Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions – where between two and eight lashes are applied to each natural lash – this season sees Jayne offering the latest innovation in beauty; Russian Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions. Between eight and twelve lashes are applied to the individual lash to create a beautifully light, feather-like fan across the eye, creating a look that’s a naturally striking masterpiece and uniquely designed to suit each client’s eye shape.

Jayne’s expertise comes into force from the minute you step through the door of her bright San Jordi studio for a consultation. She considers your face shape, eye shape, natural lash placement, plus length and fullness of existing lashes before recommending the length, curl and volume of lash extensions needed, then the artist’s work begins. In addition to her studio, Jayne is also available for private call-outs to villas, boats and hotels, however the ultimate experience takes place in-house, where even the temperature and humidity are controlled to guarantee the best application. Some clients find the experience so relaxing, they’ve been known to take ‘lash naps’! At first thought, you may presume Jayne’s client list is all females, but you’d be mistaken. In fact, Jayne says she’s seen an increase in the number of male clients over the past year, often asking for subtle extensions and added volume to accent their existing lashes – a natural progression from manscara! Male, female, gay, straight – absolutely everyone is welcome at the Lash by Jayne studio all year round, which is ideal for residents who wish to keep a full flutter throughout the cooler months, and a great excuse for an off-season mini-break for those clients who live abroad. The studio’s convenient location – just minutes from the airport – make it the ideal pit-stop after picking up your luggage, so you can continue onto whatever Ibiza adventures await in style.

World class wedding hair

From champagne while you’re hunting for the perfect dress to leisurely spa days taken in the lead up to the event – planning a wedding can be stressful so  there’s always an excuse to gift yourself a well-deserved treat. Good news then, that within the walls of the five-star Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay in Talamanca, you’ll find the exclusive John Frieda Salon open for business again this summer, where pampering is all part of the process in the lead up to the big day. John Frieda Salons have earned a well-held reputation across the globe for their pioneering hairstyles, colourists and blow dries, as well as the unrivalled expertise of their talented staff. They have salons in the most cosmopolitan areas of both London and New York, and as a result can count a slew of the jet-setting, stylish elite among their clients. At the most recent salon in Ibiza, you can expect world-class service and exceptional attention to detail, plus a team dedicated to making you feel extra special in the run up to your wedding.

In fact, highly-trained members of staff – who can effortlessly transform wedding hair dreams into reality – is an integral part of the John Frieda DNA. Unlike many other salons, staff here are really put through their paces before taking the helm on the salon floor. “We train for three to five years to ensure we truly understand how to work with different types of hair and different looks,” explains salon manager, Jeffrey Eli. “Every member of our team is incredibly experienced, and of course, has their finger on the pulse when it comes to wedding trends.” Look no further than Serge Normant, John’s New York salon partner, for confirmation of this – he’s the man responsible for Meghan Markle’s wedding hair. And with millions critiquing Meghan’s style, he choose something effortless and relaxed. Because hair trends come and go, and the last thing you want is to look back on photos from the day in years to come and be disappointed by how dated a style looks. That’s where the John Frieda stylists come in. “Over the years, fashionable styles change,” says Jeffrey. “So with wedding hair today, what you want to be looking for is something loose and natural and textured. Nothing with too much volume, because that can be ageing.” It’s worth bearing in mind that the style of dress is also a huge factor.

“If you’re wearing a dress with lots of detailing then naturally you want to show that off, so you keep the hair simple,” says Jeffrey. “And really, most brides want the dress to do all the talking, so it’s important to have a hairstyle that’s not too fussy.” If you’re unsure about what to choose, then the team is happy to give you some gentle guidance. “I have a conversation with all brides to find out what makes them tick,” he continues. “Then we’ll consider the dress, look at some images together and I can give my opinion on what I think will and won’t work.” Naturally, all of this is done in an environment in which the bride can feel totally relaxed. And let’s not forget, this is a celebration, so you’re made to feel suitably special throughout. “Brides are all given champagne when they’re having their hair done,” says Jeffrey. “And if we’re doing a set of bridesmaids too, we’ll actually do the bride’s hair for free. We want the bride to feel as relaxed as possible – coming to the salon should be like seeking sanctuary before the storm!” Indeed, knowing you’re in good hands means one less thing to worry about on the day.

Style and substance

Who wouldn’t trade polluted air, clogged up roads and hot, crowded transport for pine forests, stretches of fine golden sand and a sea breeze to gently cool your face as you wander along them? When Jeffrey Eli was offered the opportunity to leave London and return to the white isle for a second summer to manage the exclusive John Frieda Salon at Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay, he didn’t have to think too hard about his decision. “I was out here managing the salon for two and a half months last year,” he explains. “But this time I’m back for the whole summer – six months in total.” Housed within the island’s most recent five-star offering on the shores of Talamanca, the salon is a high-end, luxury space where neutral walls are complemented by gold adornments and sleek, streamline chairs. Naturally, this is in perfect keeping with its setting and the demands of its glamorous, clued-up clientele.

In truth, that’s to be expected from any John Frieda salon. In a period spanning over two decades, it’s developed an illustrious reputation for having the most stunning salons and talented stylists in the world, with successful branches in both London and New York. John also has an intimate connection with the island – he’s had a home here for many years – so it’s no surprise that its reach eventually extended to our sun-blessed Balearic shores. “John Frieda has been going since the 70s,” says Jeffrey. “It’s a huge name on both sides of the Atlantic, and so it made total sense to open a space here on Ibiza, especially with a location like ours at Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay. There’s really no other salon on the island like it.” There’s no denying the salon possesses an air of chic cosmopolitanism, in look as well as vibe. But what also makes it stand out is the expertise showcased by its team of highly-trained stylists, who go through years of rigorous training before they’re allowed to fly the nest to the salon floor. “I’ve been working for the company for five years,” explains Jeffrey. “I trained with them and I’ve grown up with them, and of course, learnt much along the way.”

For Jeffrey, it was perhaps inevitable that he’d move into the world of hair. As a child, he’d frequently plait his sister’s hair, and his mother had an affinity for the trade, despite it not being her career. But he’s also chosen this path because he gets a genuine buzz from making clients feel good about themselves. “My favourite thing about the job is that I get to be creative while making people happy,” he explains. “Someone can be going through a lot in their life and you and just by doing their hair you can lift them up and make them feel so much better. It’s so satisfying.” It goes without saying that a simple haircut is an extremely simple but powerful thing – we’ve all felt the benefits of having a transformative new ‘do, but it’s good to know that the team at John Frieda are powered by that same motive, while also have the high-level competence to back it up. “We have a lot of stylists who do session work and have celebrity clients,” says Jeffrey. “This gives them a lot of inspiration which they then bring back to the salon floor. We’re really encouraged to unleash our creativity, and we’re all inspired by each other’s work, as well as current trends.”

This summer, the London-based team are on rotation at the Ibiza branch – stylists and colourists among them. Pop in for a colour refresh, have your hair braided before hitting the clubs, spruce up your style, or go for Jeffrey’s signature blow dry. “I like to create a beachy, wavy look,” he says. “A lot of people use tongs but I like to use a brush because it minimises the intensity of the heat and it tends to last longer. A lot of people are fascinated by my method!” That’s the difference at a John Frieda Salon. You’ve got staff who really know their stuff, who are willing to go out of their way to make you feel special and pampered, while simultaneously showing off world-class skills. And here’s a tip if you’ve suffered at the hands of sun, sea and chlorine – their range of treatments is designed to enhance damaged, dry hair. Good to know when you’re living life on an island. “Wave my wand and I can do anything!” laughs Jeffrey. Precisely the kind of magic we’re looking for when it comes to hair.

Advanced eyelash extension artist

From soft, flirty and fluttery for natural-looking brides to voluminous and sultry for seductresses and party princesses, Jayne designs the look you desire, then applies it in the comfort of her relaxed private studio in San Jordi, with utmost precision thanks to years of experience, natural artistry and ongoing training. Always staying one step ahead of the curve and exploring new techniques and products as they develop, Jayne offers her very own 5-star premium branded range of eyelashes for fellow professionals, along with deluxe European-made eyelash adhesive. And for those who would like to stimulate natural eyelash growth between appointments, there’s Lash By Jayne Lash Maximiser, a unique eyelash and eyebrow enhancing serum, with conditioning, moisturising and strengthening ingredients that work naturally to improve overall appearance of the lashes and brows.

As global trends in eyelash extensions gravitate away from length to a more voluminous look, professional techniques and lashes are developing to accommodate.  The high-demand Russian Volume lashes are super lightweight and soft individual lashes that can be applied, with an expertly trained precision hand, directly onto the natural lash, creating a more personalised look based on your own eye shape, and desired appearance. By creating her own range of feather soft lashes and using these latest techniques, Jayne is able to build on the existing natural lash and add up to two, six, or even 16 more lashes – that’s per individual lash – in a fan shape for a full and fluffy voluptuous lash, whilst using much less adhesive than was previously possible. Forget 3D ladies – it’s all about upgrading and enhancing to the D that suits you (hello 16D – va va voom!) to create an even more sultry eye with a much safer finish.

For Jayne, teaching and developing her own range of lashes was a natural extension of her business. Over time, her clients – who hail from all over the globe, not just Ibiza – would ask her to train their local technicians and buy her premium range of products, so they could achieve high-quality top ups in between Ibiza visits and Jayne happily complied – after all, she was helping to raise industry standards. Then, during a recent visit to one of the world’s premier beauty trade shows, Jayne worked alongside global experts in eyelash extension adhesive to develop a high quality, European-made and naturally safe glue product as part of her range too – all now available on the Lash By Jayne website. Non-professionals too, can stock up via her website with the new Lash By Jayne Lash Maximiser perfect for taking care of lashes in between appointments or simply for making the most of what nature has already blessed you with. A lavish serum designed to condition and moisturise your lashes, the rich ingredients synergistically work together to enhance and even strengthen your natural lash, for an improved appearance with no side effects on the eyes. Within a matter of weeks, lashes seem longer, fuller and can be noticeably softer, as a result of the luxurious treatment.

Of course, nothing beats a consultation with the self-confessed, lash-obsessed expert herself and for a consultation with Jayne in person throughout summer, prior appointments are a must. Her studio in San Jordi is the ideal place to lie back and have your peepers perfected, and the results are testament to her reputation as Ibiza’s number one lash extension artist. Having recently attended an international lash conference and received new certifications on top of her ten years of experience, with Lash By Jayne, you’re in the very best of highly skilled hands.

Ibiza’s next top hand model

I mean, I love my seeing my friends, showing them around the island, but come on… August? It’s like trying to have a long, lazy brunch with a bride on her wedding morning.

With this most recent batch of wonderful visitors however, I managed to stay calm, relax, chill out and spend some quality time with them… it wasn’t hard when they were staying in a stunning villa in the north of the island, complete with gorgeous pool and mountain views… and the fact the girls had called in a crack team of high-profile Russian nail experts – aka, the all-new Nail It Ibiza team – for poolside manis and pedis! Suddenly it felt easy to push this pressing deadlines back a few more hours…

Of course, I tried to resist, being the boho-no-i-don’t-wear-make-up natural type of girl that i am (even though i clearly put make-up on to look as though i have no make-up on every day), but at the first sign of a foot file, I got toe envy and had to get myself into the hot seat – complete with a glass of cava of course – and experience the Nail It Ibiza treatment for myself.

Let me let you in on a little of my internal dialogue throughout the process…

‘She’s offering me a Brazilian?! What the? In front of all my friends? I know this is Ibiza, but this goes too far…’ Calm down Miss W. A Brazilian is just one of the many manis on offer – no wax in sight, although the nail it team do also offer leg and arm waxing to complement their nail services – where your hands are treated to a moisturising concoction of hamamelis, tea tree oil, allantoin, calcium and keratin and wrapped in plastic gloves to lock in the moisture benefits, leaving your skin velvety smooth and nails strong. ‘Oh, in that case, yes please!

‘Oh my god I have man hands. No wait, I have Sarah Jessica Parker hands. Argh! Actually I have sausage fingers – everyone is going to notice I have sausage fingers! The nail technician is going to judge me! She’s used to manicuring models and celebrities and  – oh! Another glass of cava? Yes please.’

‘Colour? No I don’t wear colour on my nails. Never. No, I’m a neutral, natural kind of girl. Maybe on the toes. Oh look! They have a turquoise that matches my jumpsuit – OK, you can do that on my toes. Fingers definitely stay natural… then again, it would be a shame to waste all those years of professional experience my nail technician has just to get her to paint clear polish on me. OK go on then. A nice, summery colour. You choose…’

‘This girl is like a nail ninja. Seriously. She’s amazing. She’s trimmed my cuticles, filed my nails and painted gel on as a base coat and I have barely even noticed her touching my skin or moving my hands. This has to be the best manicure of all time, not like those cheap little nail bars in New York where they file your skin off and make your nails crooked and oh – more cava? Por que no?’

‘Orange? She wants me to wear orange? Won’t my fingers look like an old grandmother… wait… they do say orange is the new black. Oooh, I likey! Look at that little subtle hint of shimmer. It matches the orange trim on my handbag! Definitely no embellishments though. Classic, simple all the way…’

‘My fingers don’t look like my own! Whose hands are these? With those pretty little sporty shaped orange nails – what if I lose my ability to write and type because I’m distracted by the flash of colour beneath my gaze – what if I am like Samson and I lose the power to type once I’ve been groomed… what’s that? You want to top up my cava? Oh just a little splash!’

‘Ohhhh… look at those pretty jars full of crystals, just sitting there on the table all alone. I guess someone should try it. It would be rude not to. Just one though… oh OK, maybe a little crystal stripe. Alright then, two crystal stripes. Oooh, pretty!’

‘Wow – my hands look really beautiful. Look how lovely my fingernails appear, clasped around this glass of cava. It’s quite sexy actually. I never realised what nice hands I had. Perhaps I should become a hand model… ‘

‘Oh! I just remembered why I don’t wear nail polish. Because it cracks, it peels, my nails break and I’m too lazy to remove it and I end up looking disheveled… Whaaat? This gel lasts AT LEAST two weeks and will help my nails grow? Hallelujah, it’s my dream come true.’

‘Hmmm, maybe I was meant to be a foot model. That deep teal shade makes my toes look really elegant. Wow – if I’d known that, I would have indulged in pedicures much earlier. Ahh, all the wasted youth of my toes… I wonder if toes can ever be too old to be toe models? Does anyone know a hand and foot model agency?’

‘OHH! I have NAIL ENVY! Sofia has stripes! She has a whole bunch of geometric goodness going on over there. Why didn’t I get stripes? I mean, I like my crystal embellishments, but she has a WORK OF ART on her nails… Next time. Wow. I’m impressed. I’m booking Nail It Ibiza to give me a design upgrade, after I’ve had a siesta. Ooh, now I think about it, all this cava in the sunshine is making me a little sleepy…’


‘Where am I? Has anyone seen my iPad? I have a deadline! Ooooh! Look how nice my nails look when I’m swiping pages of the iPad magazine. See how the vibrant orange is the perfect contrast to the blue of Ibiza’s beaches – it’s like, I was MEANT to do this!’

‘Oh my, what pretty toes I’m slipping into my flip flops. Holy crap! I need to get back to the office! Why didn’t I bring my laptop so I could write about Nail It Ibiza from the comfort of my sun lounger? Step on it… but be careful not to chip the toenail polish in the process! Bye friends!’

‘Don’t my fingers look lovely on the steering wheel of the car… I wonder if all the other drivers on the road can see the bling? I might blind someone with the right ray of sunlight. Oh bling – I want more bling! Diamonds! I bet Paris Hilton has diamonds on her nails! I bet Paris Hilton uses Nail It when she’s here. WHY OH WHY was I so conservative? I want DIAMONDS!’


‘Hello Nail It Ibiza? I’d like to book in for my next appointment please… ‘

Home delivery hair & make-up

I have a secret to tell. The truth is, at the end of every month, I look and feel like absolute doom. In the lead up to our magazine deadlines, I sleep around 3 hours a night, feel like I am always interviewing, transcribing and writing in between styling photo shoots… and let’s not even get into just how many parties there are to go to each and every night!

So the frazzled, exhausted shell of a Miss W at the end of each month needs a serious beauty boost before she can hit the town. Thankfully, I have a secret weapon – something I like to consider the home delivery version of hair and make-up (although let’s be clear – this is more like a high-end sushi service than your local Chinese takeout) – when it comes to sorting myself out.

Ladies (and gentlemen, should you be interested), I give you… Blowout Ibiza.

Coming directly to my apartment or my office when I need them (ahem, have them on speed dial), the lovely Blowout professional stylists have the ability to transform me from desk to dancefloor, boardroom to bar or computer to club in a flash. With a menu of six pre-designed Ibiza-inspired looks that can be mixed and matched to suit your style, your hair, your skin and your look on that particular occasion, it’s as simple as choosing which Ibiza girl you want to be that night, and letting them do all the hard work for you.

Last night, I fancied myself as ‘The Bohemian’ – my all-time favourite of all the looks, and perfect for hippie parties or techno dance-athons alike, depending on where your whim takes you. I just can’t go past the intricate fishtail and vibrant turquoise eyes – both looks I could never recreate myself and just love, love, love! Meanwhile, My Blowout buddies for the evening opted for ‘The Sunset Siren’ and ‘The Jetsetter’ – ensuring we all looked totally diferent.

If I was home alone, the girls would have worked their magic on me in the comfort of my own living room, but because we’d just wrapped up the latest edition of our mag, we thought it was worth splurging on the full shebang – the full Blowout team coming to one of the White-ettes lovely gardens*, complete with their mobile beauty unit (perfect for villa parties, after parties and weddings alike), which meant one of us could be having our make-up done while the other had her hair primped and preened. So of course… we had to add cava!

Like a little slice of Hollywood, delivered to your door, the units are glossy, glam beauty stations with the obligatory light bulbs lining the mirrors. Chock-full of high-end beauty brands – MAC, Make Up Store, GHD and Davines – plus about a zillion cool tools, it’s like an entire beauty salon has been condensed and delivered to your party.

Isn’t it funny how the minute someone else takes control of your hairbrush (well, technically it was their own entire set of covetable GHD brushes), the world just seems to melt away? Before I knew it I was yabbering away about where the night could take me… Flower Power, Carl Cox or a sophisticated dinner at Km5… decisions, decisions.

Before I knew it, my skin was glowing and bronze, as if I’d spent the afternoon in the sun, my eyes were as bright as if I’d had eight hours sleep AND eight glasses of water and my lashes lush like a baby doll. My hair can only be described as epic (and no matter how many times I have a lesson in ‘how to fishtail’, I can never ever get it looking that good) and the icing on the cake was the beautiful floral headband I’d chosen with Flower Power in mind. These cool accessories are yours to keep for an extra 10€ on top of the regular fee, which if you ask me is well worth it!

Apart from leaving the house with a totally new look that I could never have created myself, the next best thing about Blowout is just how good you feel after the session of pampering… and a couple of glasses of cava! Forget the work stress, forget the deadlines, forget the impending doom of tomorrow’s hangover… for now, I am ‘The Bohemian’ and I’m going to spend my night accordingly!

*White-ette’s garden for the occasion was actually the lovely new Beachouse restaurant in Playa den Bossa – well, we’ve practically lived there ever since it opened! In addition to mobile visits, Blowout Ibiza also have pop-up mini-salons, found in Beachouse, Blue Marlin and a full set-up in the spa at Destino Ibiza.