Ibiza interview: Jude La Joia

Jude La Joia, Ibiza singer

Classically trained vocalist Jude La Joia was first drawn to the white isle 10 years ago, lured by her passion for soulful house music and an attraction to the famous party scene. But the gorgeous singer quickly discovered there was much more to the white isle, from its creative scene and stunning natural beauty to the accepting open-mindedness of its inhabitants. It’s no surprise then that she now calls Ibiza her permanent home and is one of the island’s most popular singers, from clubs, lounge bars and restaurant performances to live radio, weddings and special events. Read more

Ibiza podcast & interview: Kitt Proudfoot

White Ibiza Summer Party: Kitt Proudfoot

Player of deep house, disco and love songs, interviewer of people, meet Kitt Alexander Proudfoot. From starting out over a decade ago playing anything deep and electronic, his crowd-pleasing DJ sets then progressed into deep house, techno and disco with some offbeat surprises thrown in, always retaining a sense of party. Kitt now lives and plays in Ibiza with a packed summer schedule including a debut appearance at Glastonbury festival and a special performance in front of 3000 people in New York city… but first, he’ll be entertaining guests at the White Ibiza Summer Launch Party this Thursday at Atzaró. Let him tell you a little more… Read more

Ibiza interview: Sunny Jansen, Supperclub Novum Ibiza

Sunny Jansen, Supperclub Novum Ibiza

Up close and personal with… Sunny Jansen, Supperclub Novum Ibiza

Causing a stir in Ibiza this year is the news that Novum is opening its doors to Amsterdam’s world famous Supperclub. At the helm of the project is Supperclub Amsterdam’s famous hostess with the mostess, Creative/Performance Director and DJ Sunny Jansen. We caught up with Sunny as she was putting the finishing touches on the stylish Santa Gertrudis venue before its relaunch – adding deluxe white beds and decadent private dining, hiring the coolest staff and coordinating the best Balearic music and booking amazing performers – for the lowdown. Read more

Ibiza interview: Paloma Bonder, Ibiza Solutions

Paloma Bonder, Ibiza Solutions

Photography by Geoff Fenney

After studying fashion design, creating her own shoe company, winning awards and basically achieving all her goals, Ibiza Solutions director Paloma Bonder decided to leave the fashion industry and seek a new career path. It was originally a group of clued-up friends who steered her towards setting up a concierge company five years ago, having witnessed first hand just how great she was at organising holidays in her hometown of Ibiza! Read more

Ibiza interview: Toni Guasch, My Home Ibiza

My Home Ibiza, Toni Guasch

Photography by Annie Peel

With 10 years experience in construction, a background in business studies and banking plus the insider’s knowledge that comes from being born and bred here in Ibiza, it’s no surprise that Toni Guasch – the brains behind My Home Ibiza – is the on-island go-to-guy for those looking for someone to maintain their property, or supervise the construction, planning and redevelopments. We caught up with Toni to get a local’s perspective on the transition from summer to winter on the island and more… Read more

Ibiza interview: Ilona Pantel-Ayal, Buddha House

Photography by Eli Zuta

After watching Barbet Schroeder’s iconic Ibiza film More in 1972, Ilona Pantel-Ayaal had only one island on her mind. Ibiza was calling the 16-year old German schoolgirl, so in the late ’70s she enrolled in studies in Barcelona and once holiday time arrived, she hopped on the first boat to the white isle… and has called it home ever since. Today, she is a trained psychologist and doctoral approved fasting guide, running a variety of retreats within her own beautifully created haven of Buddha House here in Ibiza. Read more

Interview: Nikki Porteus, Spa Manager, Es Vive

Hotel Es Vive Spa - Nikki Porteus, spa manager

Photography by Ana Lui

Make your way past the famous pool, up the iconic stairs, past reception, bypassing the Experience Bar and walk to the end of the corridor at Hotel Es Vive. Behind the magic door lies a blissful spa space, complete with steam room, Jacuzzi, relaxation lounges and above all, a stylish treatment room, where you are in the very best of hands, quite literally, belonging to expert spa manager Nikki Porteus. The warm and friendly British beauty therapist first came to Ibiza on holidays over ten years ago, but moved here permanently in 2008 to run the spa, which – in great news for island residents – now remains open throughout winter, with a new seasonal price list. Read more

Ibiza interview: Inkie, Curator, Urban In Ibiza

Urban in Ibiza at Atzaró: 12/08/10

Photography by Gypsy Westwood

Inkie – aka Tom Bingle to his mates is renowned as one of the world’s greatest urban artists, having honed his craft on the streets of Bristol as a teenager, alongside the likes of Banksy and Massive Attack’s 3D, before embarking on an illustrious career that has spanned 25 years and included live street art battles, fashion, computer game graphics, fashion design, world touring exhibitions and much more. He was first lured to Ibiza in 2009 to curate the inaugural Urban in Ibiza event at Atzaró, and the good news is, he’s already planning for 2011! Read more

Ibiza interview: Toni Huerta, Antonio Huerta Arquitectos

Antonio Huerta, Ibiza Architects and Design

Photography by Annie Peel

Having taken the reins of the successful Ibiza architecture studio founded by his father in 1977, Toni Huerta is the second generation of architects in his family, who moved from Salamanca to Ibiza over 20 years ago to enjoy a greater quality of life, plus work with the famous light, sun and water of the island. Inspired by transforming the landscape through his work, he runs his studio – Antonio Huerta Arquitectos – with an artisan’s spirit, becoming very personally involved with each and every project, working with the Ibiza way of life constantly in mind… Read more

Ibiza interview: Olivia Fleury, El Chiringuito

Photography by Annie Peel

It’s been a busy year for Olivia Fleury. Having taken over and completely revamped iconic Ibiza beach restaurant El Chiringuito alongside her partner Jonathan Thorogood in 2009, the French-born beauty learnt a lot from the challenge, and spent winter scouring the globe in search of further inspiration, new décor and building the perfect team. We caught up to talk about the restaurant’s recent evolution and future aspirations. Read more