The best retreats in Ibiza in 2020

Everybody starts off the year with the best of intentions; to get fit, to get healthy, to practice yoga more, to eat less – whatever the plan, by the time spring comes around, it’s fair to say the struggle gets real. Fortunately, that is exactly when the Ibiza retreat season kicks in, and whatever you’re looking for in your life, you can be sure there’s an island escape that’s perfect for you. From fitness and fight clubs, to yoga and gong baths, plus feminine goddesses and nature hikes on mountain tops, now is exactly the time to make the most of the temperate weather and the tranquil island nature as you revive, reenergise, revitalise and regenerate with some well-deserved me-time.

Ibiza Retreats, Private Locations

With over 10 years’ experience in holistic yoga healing, and a series of three signature retreats taking place in some stunning mountain top locations across the island, Ibiza Retreats is the island’s original retreat company, facilitating holistic healing for hundreds of yogis and corporate clients over the years. GLOW works on deepening and expanding your yoga practice with a journey through the physical asanas; HARMONISE tunes into mindfulness, and sound healing, while NOURISH develops women’s empowerment, aligning with the natural cycles and rhythms of the feminine. Co-founders and teachers Larah Davies, and Susie Howell bring their life experiences and yoga teachings to the mat and beyond, joined by a selection of the best therapists in Ibiza to personalise your journey. Corporate clients include Hilary Clinton’s ‘Women in Leadership’ initiative and Vital Voices among others, and the team also design and host bespoke retreats within Agroturismos such as Can Lluc and Can Sastre. Ibiza Retreats photography (including main image) by Sofia Gomez Fonzo

Soul Adventures at Xuclar Beach House, North West

Offering a refreshing escape for the soul, Ibiza’s premier Kundalini yoga and healing experience, Soul Adventures, offers magical and intimate retreats in the far north of the island, just steps away from the bohemian beach cove of Cala Xuclar. With four, five and seven day retreats incorporating shamanic practices, transformational healing and plenty of Kundalini-led teachings, teacher Trish Whelan – who has been describe as a ‘shamanic fairy godmother’ – leads small groups of six to eight people in their quest to find inner peace and radiance.  Trish’s no-nonsense attitude combined with her rock and roll past brings humour, laughter and lightness to the profoundly personal healing going on during her retreats, while the eclectic and unique vibe of the Xuclar Beach House – also Trish’s home – where the retreats take place, vibrates with a powerful energy, helped along by some spectacular nightly sunsets, and a radiant soundtrack to all those kriyas.

Rockovery Retreat at Pikes, San Antonio

Proving that wellness is indeed the new rock and roll, Pikes Ibiza launches its inaugural three-night, four-day Rockovery Retreat within the laid-back boutique venue on Monday April 27, 2020. Designed for for rebels and Ibiza royalty, guests can expect a holiday of self-discovery, wild exploration and some professional training and nutrition, as the retreat aims to connect guests back to nature while re-establishing a healthy relationship with your body, mind and soul alike. Bringing fitness in the form of a Fight Club is Pikes resident personal trainer Franky Vincentio, while founder of Cosmic Pineapple Kim Booth hosts sound healing sessions.Tthere’s also yoga and breathwork classes from experienced teacher Ksenia Goryainova and guided mountain walks from Toby Clarke. Pikes head chef Lee Milne is joined by Professor James Brown to create nutritionally dense dishes for the duration of the retreat and of course, Pikes being Pikes, guests can also dip in and out of that famous Club Tropicana pool and vibe at will.

Birth of Venus with Kelly Morgan at Agroturismo Can Planells

Life coach and women’s activator Kelly Morgan offers 12 fortunate females the chance to give birth to the Venus within themselves at Agroturismo Can Planells in the rural and tranquil north of Ibiza from Saturday April 18, 2020. The Birth of Venus retreat offers a full week of delving into the feminine power to awaken and rebirth the goddess living inside. Through divine initiation ceremonies, massages, hikes, daily morning yoga to embody the changes and ritual dances to embrace the sensual, the retreat aims to liberate you from old traumas and teach trust in the female intuition, in addition to releasing whatever is holding you back in your life’s ultimate pursuit. Highlights include a trip to Es Vedra, Ibiza’s most mystical and iconic limestone rock formation, and a two-hour womb lift massage encompassing mind, body and soul.

Visit the Kelly Morgan website to read more about the Birth of Venus retreat

Ananda Yoga Retreats Ibiza at Benirras

Ananda means happiness, joy and a state of bliss, which is how you’ll end up feeling after a stay in the north of the island with Ananda Yoga Retreats Ibiza. The brand’s traditional Ibicenco villa mixes the modern with the magical on top of the hillside just close to the legendary Benirras beach. Tastefully decorated with a home away from home atmosphere, the retreat experience is similarly relaxed, allowing you to dip into as much or as little as you need for your own personal experience. Retreats run regularly from May until September, with different teachers to suit every desire. From Jivamukti and classical Hatha, to Kundalini and Vinyasa Flow, there is something for everyone, while still giving guests the freedom to enjoy a holiday too. Chefs offer a tantalising and healing vegetarian menu of locally sourced produce to aid the journey to bliss.

Conscious creativity

A child’s creativity knows no limits. Kids have a natural instinct to learn and discover new things, without any of the judgement or fear that comes with age. Once we become adults, we may feel shy about trying something new, or scared that we’ll make a mistake, but children just throw themselves in to any new experience with freedom and confidence. Instead of holding back, we should be following the leads of our little ones, and with the recent opening of Numero 74 L’Atelier in the centre of Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza families now have a place to come together over new skills, tasty healthy food and endless creativity, inspiring each other in the process.

The bright, airy and open Numero 74 L’Atelier space includes a yoga deck overlooking the village playground, an urban garden growing fruit and vegetables for the kitchen, a buffet-style cafe and juice bar serving breakfast (from 9.30am), brunch and dinner, plus a stylish store selling pieces from the renowned Numero 74 collections, from organic cotton cushion covers and duvets to stylish and chic boho fashion and charming olde world style soft toys. Around the boutique and restaurant, weaving looms, embroidery kits and even a rustic miniature market provide the perfect places for children to play, while their parents are enjoying a meal, a yoga class or browsing in the boutique.

Parisian founder of Numero 74 L’Atelier, Tara Sfez – known to her loved ones, friends and colleagues as Poupy – is an inspiring entrepreneur with a background in children’s events, including working with Disneyland Paris, and running restaurants and working in sustainable fashion. Her vision to create a space where families can take part in workshops, experience healthy food and connect with one another, is part of a much larger dream. “We believe this project can open in cities all around the world,” she explains, when talking about the inspiration for the flagship Numero 74 L’Atelier concept in Ibiza. “It’s a place for sharing family moments, a place to discover, and also a place to provide work for locals.”

Tara’s connection to Ibiza comes from spending summer holidays here, getting to know the true essence of the island and understanding the freedom and magic that comes along with its authentic lifestyle. Introducing her creative passions to the island was the logical next step. Tara created the Numero 74 brand in 2009, and today the label produces over 5000 pieces for retail, from blankets and clothing to toys and creative kits for adults or children. Everything is made from organic cotton, sourced in Sri Lanka and then woven, cut and prepared in Thailand, using a simple palette of colours that has never changed since the brand’s inception. “Our speciality is really the colours,” she says. “We don’t follow the trend for creating new collections every season – we have our basic products that have been the same since the beginning. I’m a very faithful person, when I love something, I love it forever, so that is our belief with Numero 74 L’Atelier

Nowhere is that faith and love more evident than in the story of how Numero 74 L’Atelier founder Tara’s relationship with Thailand began. After her son was born prematurely, he suffered from medical problems and animals became a great support for him. When he was two years old, on a trip to the East, he met a baby elephant called Duna and fell in love. Tara promised to take her son back every year to visit his elephant, and made good on that promise, returning to Chiang Mai every year. Her son is now 20 years old and studying to be a vet – he’s also still great friends with Duna.

Thanks to this ongoing love story, the family business has grown from there. “After visiting Thailand as much as possible to see Duna, I had a big wish to work with the Thai people – I felt that they had a lot to teach us,” Tara explains. “Over time, we met a tuk-tuk driver who took us to see the elephant every day. He was amazing, so I asked if he could help us find some women to work for us, to support us and make our product.” Fast forward ten years, and that same tuk-tuk driver is now Tara’s business partner, managing a team of over 400 women, working from home to prepare the fabric, weave the cotton and cut the pieces ready to send to Europe. This ethical and sustainable development is at the heart of what Numero 74 L’Atelier stands for.

After selling online and via wholesale for many years, this pilot project in Santa Gertrudis is the first opportunity for Tara and the Numero 74 L’Atelier team to meet their customers face-to-face. “I realised that something was missing,” says Tara on reflection of the brand’s evolution. “I began to feel it wasn’t meaningful enough, and I realised that I had this dream of a place where we could invite people to discover that they too can be creative. To be creative is the way to heal ourselves, and consequently, to heal the world.” In addition to offering creative workshops for all ages, Numero 74 L’Atelier sells take-away kits you can work on home, from delicate pocket purses to giant wall posters – there’s something for everyone to create.

Through the daily craft or body workshops at Numero 74 L’Atelier, children and adults alike can reconnect, as families and friends. Through weaving, macrame, acro-yoga and a huge variety of other activities, they find pleasure in the art of making something new with their own hands or bodies. Guests enter into the kitchen to taste fresh and authentic homemade food – there are already plans afoot to host after-school cooking classes in the autumn months, adding yet another string to their creative bow. All of the products in the store are sustainable, and ethically sourced, from the weaving loom made of reclaimed wood from houses in Thailand, to the cherry tomatoes growing in pots on the terrace. Authenticity, heart and soul sit at the very foundation of this special and unique place – just step right in and find out how creative you can really be.

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Healing through refined nourishment

In the western world, our relationship with food is complex. On the one hand we’re encouraged to embrace it as a fundamental pillar of our lives – wellness, socialising and happiness supposedly depend on it, and yet on the other, it’s frequently demonised for being the root cause of so much of the discomfort we feel within our bodies. It’s glamourised on social media, yet in reality we all know that too much of a good thing can be detrimental to our health. Small wonder then, that forming a healthy relationship with food can be a confusing prospect, one that Arianna Aunon of The Body Awakening Ibiza aims to dispel.

An award-winning women’s health specialist and founder of The Body Awakening Ibiza, Arianna’s expertise has been honed through both personal experience and extensive studies. The result is a comprehensive knowledge that allows her to advise women (often with problems like thyroid issues, weight gain, brain fog and bloating) on how best to heal their bodies through a combination of considered nutrition, meditation, energy work, journalling, cellular regeneration, detox and frequency treatment among other things. In the process, her aim is to address the misconceptions we have about food today, instead revealing nutrition – in its purest form – as a perfectly complete healing system.

“Everyone’s so curious about food and nutrition and what the truth is on it,” Arianna muses. “The fact is that if we use food in the correct way, the body gets what it needs – we can use it as a portal to come home to ourselves and feel liberated in our own bodies.” This transformation begins with an uplifting women’s only body accelerator group program – a one to one eight-week body reset program – or a three-month integration programme that culminates in The Body Awakening Ibiza six-day retreat led by Arianna here on the island.

Her goal is to aid clients with the release of adopted patterns and behaviours – a process that not only begins with food, but also with how and why we eat it. “We have such a huge emotional attachment to food,” says Arianna. “We store beliefs in our cellular memory and these can be held onto like a safety net. But we can also use food to transform the reality of each cell within our bodies, bringing up these beliefs so they can be witnessed for what they truly are and released.” While clients are letting go of these entrenched patterns, Arianna is on hand at The Body Awakening Ibiza to offer advice and guidance. “Healing can be simple and effortless,” she continues. “But you need to allow yourself to let go of your old ways and trust that there is a way forward.”

The first step on The Body Awakening Ibiza path is to adopt a high vibrational food diet, which for some can seem daunting, especially if they display deeply ingrained eating habits. “Cravings have an emotional connection,” Arianna explains. “But when you bring in high vibrational foods, we’re able to release what’s not serving us. The food helps the body to peel away those layers, and attachments fall away alongside them.” Consequently, Arianna works minimally with food, often in its most natural forms. Fresh fruits and vegetables are essential, along with leafy greens and herbs, some nuts and seeds and occasionally, non-mucus grains like quinoa. “What we’re doing is using food as a daily detox,” Arianna says. “It’s not just something we do two or three times a year at The Body Awakening Ibiza – this is something we want to be present in our lives on a daily basis.” The aim is to remove waste from the body and its cells, a method that allows us to shift physical and emotional stagnation and form a deeper connection to our true selves. “We want to awaken and illuminate the body, healing it at its core,” says Arianna. “The body naturally wants to shed its symptoms, so we allow it to do that by shifting cellular waste and freeing up space in the body.”

Although there may be resistance at first, many who embark on The Body Awakening Ibiza nutrition path soon settle into it. “Because you go into a deep state within the body, removing beliefs and cravings, you start to become satisfied by a simpler way of eating,” says Arianna. “This way of eating alters the neurotransmitters we produce surrounding food and our experiences, and because we feel satisfied, we no longer reach out for food that stimulates.” In other words, coffee, alcohol and processed foods make way for a much more refined nourishment.

There’s no doubt that overhauling how we eat requires patience, a kindness, and a sense of trust, and Arianna is confident that this one small shift that she implements at The Body Awakening Ibiza can go on to totally transform lives. “Your body is always trying to heal itself but we’re led by a health industry that teaches us to fear our bodies,” she says. “Now is the time to remember that our body is our best friend. It’s time to come home – to reclaim your inner power and authority. When you’re no longer running on stagnant energy, you’re returning to a place of purity, living free as who you truly are, and what an exciting journey that is.”

Visit the Arianna Aunon website to read more and enquire with The Body Awakening Ibiza
Inner peace, outer beauty

In today’s climate, we need to think of spa days as essential as exercise and good nutrition. Rather than deeming the experience a treat, we (women and men alike) should be prioritising them as part of our regular self-care routines. Here in Ibiza, Open Spa at Ibiza Gran Hotel is the ultimate location for such a fundamental indulgence, going far beyond the basics of beauty treatments and deep into the essence of mind, body and soul. This season, the renowned day spa – which is open to the public in addition to hotel guests – launches an all-new facial treatment by Linda Meredith that will bring as much inner peace as it does outer beauty. Your Ibiza spa day just got even better…

From her Knightsbridge salon base, Linda Meredith has grown her chemical-free skincare brand – originally developed her skincare range to tackle the increasing exposure to toxins in our environment – into an internationally recognised leader in the field. Open Spa is the only location in Ibiza that stocks Linda Meredith’s exclusive products and treatments. If her long list of celebrity clients doesn’t convince you, the results of the Linda Meredith Oxygen Facial will. Like many innovations in the beauty industry, the oxygen facial was developed from medical technology that was used to treat severe skin conditions, wounds and cancers – and today, it reaps instant results on dull, tired skin.

In today’s climate, we need to think of spa days as essential as exercise and good nutrition. Rather than deeming the experience a treat, we (women and men alike) should be prioritising them as part of our regular self-care routines. Here in Ibiza, Open Spa at Ibiza Gran Hotel is the ultimate location for such a fundamental indulgence, going far beyond the basics of beauty treatments and deep into the essence of mind, body and soul. This season, the renowned day spa – which is open to the public in addition to hotel guests – launches an all-new facial treatment by Linda Meredith that will bring as much inner peace as it does outer beauty. Your Ibiza spa day just got even better…

From her Knightsbridge salon base, Linda Meredith has grown her chemical-free skincare brand – originally developed her skincare range to tackle the increasing exposure to toxins in our environment – into an internationally recognised leader in the field. Open Spa is the only location in Ibiza that stocks Linda Meredith’s exclusive products and treatments. If her long list of celebrity clients doesn’t convince you, the results of the Linda Meredith Oxygen Facial will. Like many innovations in the beauty industry, the oxygen facial was developed from medical technology that was used to treat severe skin conditions, wounds and cancers – and today, it reaps instant results on dull, tired skin.

As you are escorted to the impeccable Open Spa treatment rooms, the therapist gently quizzes you about your skincare routines, concerns and expectations. Sitting along the treatment bed is a trolley containing the full range of Linda Meredith products in its distinctive silver packaging. The therapist carefully examines your skin, identifying the various zones and choosing the products best suited to your particular conditions. The oxygen machine sits in the background while your face is cleansed, exfoliated and cleansed again, before any required extractions are followed by a massage, hydration and a mask, while you naturally drift into some kind of heavenly other world.

The appropriate serum is applied – either the anti-oxidant rich Linda Meredith Amazon balm or V-Tox, a naturally occurring non-invasive alternative to Botox. With the serum in place, the Open Spa therapist brings the oxygen pen to life. It looks a little bit like an airbrush but delivers a jet blast of pure oxygen directly to the skin’s surface, effectively pushing the serum deeper into the skin. It feels very much like a cooling feather dancing across your face. The therapist continuously draws the pen over your skin, concentrating on problem areas. The oxygen infiltrates fine lines, promotes collagen production and has instant visible results. It’s one of the gentlest methods for reinvigorating and plumping, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin.

This non-invasive technique has zero side effects and no downtime – you can put make-up on directly afterwards and step out into the world ready to face your day. Celebrities use this treatment prior to special events, and it’s also an ideal ritual for brides-to-be. The results of the Linda Meredith Oxygen Facial at Open Spa are truly remarkable and even the hardiest beauty sceptic will be convinced of the benefits – the effects of the last for up to a week, with long-term benefits if used regularly.

Skin becomes luminescent, fine lines are dramatically reduced and even the deeper lines around the eyes and forehead are noticeably faded. The complexion becomes vibrant and elastic without the stiffness or side effects of more invasive treatments – more fresh, bright, clean and healthy looking than before. All the more reason to book yourself in for a treatment at Open Spa

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An evolutionary tale

As the old saying goes, life is a journey, and one never knows exactly where it is going to take you – even if you think you’ve got it all planned out. Karen Sailer – author, shaman and founder of famed Ibiza landscaping company Noah’s Garden – has always known her path in life would be different to others. She describes herself as being born with ‘open eyes’ – never quite agreeing with what the world around her expected of her; be it teachers, parents or society. She remembers very clearly the moment at 12 years of age when she looked deep into her eyes in the mirror and made a promise to herself: she would never, ever forget the feeling of being a child and to become the type of adult who would encourage young people to believe in their dreams.

Over the years Karen’s life path took many twists and turns; two marriages and two children in Germany; training as a veterinarian; a creative career as a textiles designer; a third marriage which she found Ibiza, two further children (one from her husband’s former marriage and one son together) and her hugely successful business: Noah’s Garden; a horsemanship academy for children, Alegria; surviving breast cancer, horse rescue, global travels and so much more. In between all of this, she also quietly and passionately sought out shaman and healers from tribes around the world, encompassing a lifetime of education that would ultimately become her true calling. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves; let’s talk about the much-loved Noah’s Garden in Ibiza first.

After more than 20 years of running Noah’s Garden, building it into a landscaping company known for its eco-conscious philosophy and passion for sustainability, Karen and her husband began to feel it was time to step away from the business. For Karen, it wasn’t about money, success or responsibility – she simply knew over time she had changed. Her life’s true purpose had been revealed to her and she was ready to close the business in order to pursue it. And just as it seemed one of Ibiza’s longest running garden centres was about to call it a day; life delivered a surprising gift in the form of the couple’s son Sami.

He’d been living in Germany for the past nine years, working in bars, restaurants, real estate and start-up companies and suddenly felt a strong desire to return to his Ibiza roots. “I left the island when I was young and I had no interest in what my parents were doing,” he explains in all honesty. “But what I imagined the world outside Ibiza to be when I was 16 turned out to be very different. The work wasn’t fulfilling and I wasn’t happy. I wanted to do something new.” On returning to the island for a sabbatical, he discovered his parents were about to retire the family business and asked for a chance to learn the ropes. For Karen, it was the ideal solution. “It’s interesting to see how life unfolds its magic,” she reflects. “Sami was in Berlin, on a different path, and it was a nice surprise that he wanted to return to his roots. The evolution of Noah’s Garden is a nice story.”

Today, the family-run company continues to offer clients its much-needed garden maintenance services – which includes water conservation methods and the use of only non-toxic products – under Sami’s watchful eye (and after a tough induction under his parents’ guidance). The experienced Noah’s Garden gardening and landscaping professionals – many of whom have been with the company for its 20-year history – remain on the team, and continue to put their love and passion into their work, including a very select number of new projects per year.

The ethos for preserving Ibiza’s nature remains – an element that originally hailed from Karen’s underlying shamanic practices. “I always integrated shamanism into my work – it influenced the way we did gardens,” she explains. “I didn’t talk a lot about it – I just did it – but my clients knew. I’d see the reaction with big international businessmen when I told them where I was coming from; they wanted to know more and found it super interesting.” Her respect and understanding of the way nature worked on a deeper level; the energy of water, wind, air, fire, plants, animals, the stars and the moon initially came when she discovered her own spiritual roots in Native American culture as a child. “It was a natural connection,” she says. And so, she slowly began to step away from Noah’s Garden as she tapped further in to her true destiny.


“My fire was burning for something else,” Karen explains when asked of her lifestyle change. “It was a bumpy road for me at times – but now it’s done. You cannot teach others what you are not living yourself. I do it. I walk it. I live in line with what I am teaching.” So what exactly is she teaching? With more than 30 years’ worth of shamanic work under her belt, Karen began to feel a very, very strong calling to help women restore the balance of feminine and masculine energy. “There’s often a misunderstanding when I talk about female power,” she says. “We all have male and female energy within us, but the world is so dominated by male energy. But now it is time for female energy to rise – from politics to every day life. We need to give our strength to the world.”

The Dalai Lama famously said: “The world will be saved by the western woman.” This is a concept that Karen too, truly believes. “We have access to so much knowledge. We have the possibility to step up and raise our voices,” she says. “When you look at the revolution, when women rose against male power, their methods were all wrong. They were women in men’s clothes, taking over male behaviour, using male energy to fight for equality. And now, male and female energies are out of balance.” She refers to ancient times when female power was honoured; when women’s circles were sacred spaces and wisdom was passed down to the next generation from elder women (as it still is in native tribes around the world). “Now we need to bring this back to reality; balance the passive and active, the male and female. We must empower the female aspect again.”

In order to help women rise up and discover (and importantly, live) their soul’s mission, Karen has developed an exciting new online program – which means she can reach women in all corners of the globe – called Wild Heart. “This teaching is where I feel my calling now. I believe we live many more lives than this one – but that our soul comes to this place, to this body, to do something special. This is what my program is about.” The 28-day program is currently available in German (but will soon be translated into English) and is designed for women with horses (a version of the retreat for women without horses is in progress).

The resulting Wild Heart Sisterhood is a developing global community who share stories, wisdom, support and empower each other. Karen is one of 16 shamans from around the world selected to contribute to a new book called Shamanism for the New Millenium (available via Amazon). Here, she shares the incredible story of her soul’s connection to one very special horse and another unlikely connection that would ultimately lead to her uncovering memories from her past lives, putting her on the next stage of her life’s path as she searches to reconnect with her love of centuries gone by. With all the magic of a fairytale, it’s no surprise Karen’s story was recently made into a short film – one that has current interest from some big Hollywood players.

In the meantime, life goes on, ebbing and flowing, ever-evolving and ever-surprising. Here in Ibiza, Noah’s Garden continues to thrive, as does Karen’s natural horse and life academy, Alegria. The promise she made herself at 12 years of age – to encourage young people to believe in their dreams – she now shares with her youngest son Noah, who has returned to the family fold in Ibiza after a year-long initiation spent travelling through Australia and Bali. “Noah felt called by my mission,” Karen says. “He is showing young people the unspoken tools we are required to learn before the world expects you to be an adult. He shares his knowledge through online programmes, motivational speeches and films.

At the same time, Karen embraces her new role as spiritual teacher and mentor; hosting workshops, full moon and new moon circles and provide one-to-one shamanic sessions. “I’m not sitting here with a feather in my hair and meditating on the sofa,” she laughs. “For me, spirituality is not just light and love. That’s not real life. This is what I like about shamanism – it’s very honest. We also deal with the shadows to help heal your wounds. And there is so much healing needed in the world right now…”

Luxury solo retreats

Not all retreats are created equal at Pure Seven – the luxury wellness centre and spa at the heart of the five-star 7Pines Kempinski Ibiza. And that’s intentional, because no two retreats are ever alike, just as no two participants on a retreat are ever alike. Spa director Lucía Peris has designed a series of four wellness retreats tailored to resort guests; bespoke programmes that are completely customised to suit the individual. Whether you’re holidaying with family yet craving some me time, or travelling solo and looking to embark on a complete lifestyle change, Lucía and her team of health, fitness and wellbeing experts can create specific experiences to suit your needs.

Your home for the period of your retreat is a luxurious suite in the clifftop Cala Conta resort. Choose your preferred accommodation – one or two bedrooms with cliff, garden, pool or bay views are all on offer – and make yourself at home within the stylish surrounds. Open, spacious and decked out in raw natural finishes and in a chic Mediterranean colour palette, it’s a far cry from sharing a double room with a stranger, or sleeping in a yurt, as retreat accommodation is typically portrayed. 7Pines Kempinski Ibiza, and indeed these wellness retreats, are designed for a different type of traveller – those seeking complete luxury, privacy, discretion and comfort. Here, you will feel at home with all the benefits and facilities associated with five-star travel

All retreats start with a personal consultation prior to arrival, followed by another on check-in to allow Lucía and her team devise exactly the right programme for you. All retreat guests have daily teas and juices designed specifically to suit them, plus healthy cuisine co-created by 7Pines Kempinski Ibiza executive chef Bijendra Yadav and Lucía, with the understanding that nourishing oneself must continue outside of the actual spa experience in order to be effective. The first retreat option is based around the concept of de-stressing and pressing the reset button on life.

The Wellness Detox Program can be taken as a two-day programme – ideal for those with a busy lifestyle looking for a weekend away, or alternatively, as a way to ease into your holiday experience and pave the way for further relaxation – or as a six-day experience. The package includes lifestyle coaching, guided mindfulness and fitness activities, spa treatments and rituals for the body and face – working with aromatherapy, hot stones and organic products to offer a deep sense of relaxation and restoration.

The next alternative is the Rebalance Program – a two or six-day experience designed to restore balance between the mind and body. After your consultations, you’ll be treated to Ayurvedic spa treatments, an oxygen bar session, acupuncture, Thai massage, guided mindfulness and fitness activities and more – fusing Eastern wellness philosophies with the contemporary ethos of the spa itself allows you to connect deeply into yourself while still feeling in complete luxury at all times.

For some people, retreats are not all about kicking back and relaxing and with this in mind, the Get Fit Program has been created for those looking for a kickstart with getting their bodies back on track. It may be after an indulgent holiday, before preparing to re-enter reality or vice versa – a six-day body boost before continuing on with your Ibiza beach holiday. Fitness, strength and flexibility sessions are balanced with regenerative massages and oxygen bar sessions – ensuring you don’t burn out or overdo it. On completion of your personalised retreat, your trainer will help devise a workout plan for you to take home so you can retain your new sense of wellbeing.

Last, but absolutely not least, is the Weight-Loss Program – an experience that has been created with much thought and attention to detail, allowing participants to reach their goal weight in a healthy way, balancing nutrition, training and relaxation. For many people, adopting a new diet, exercise regime or lifestyle can be difficult among the day to day pressures of daily life, so taking six days to focus purely on yourself at 7Pines Kempinski Ibiza can be the inspiration you need to get started. Expect fitness and nutritional coaching sessions, daily personal training, oxygen bar sessions, luxurious spa rituals, the signature Pure Seven massage and more, plus you’ll receive a personalised training and nutrition program to take home and continue achieving results.

Waking up in the stunning surrounds of 7Pines Kempinski Ibiza daily will have you bounding out of bed; being nurtured by the team of experts will have you feeling supported like never before, while the results you’ll achieve are all down to your own hard work and dedication. As you check-out of the resort (or get ready stay on for some more downtime), the feeling of achievement is one you should hold onto – your very own luxury solo retreat done and dusted – now you’re ready to take on the world. Editor’s note: 7Pines Kempinski Ibiza closes temporarily for winter on November 19, 2018 and re-opens in March 2018.

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Planet wellness

Accepting responsibility for the trace we leave on the world has become an issue that’s more prevalent than ever – there’s undoubtedly a growing global consciousness surrounding throwaway culture and a move towards a more sustainable state of living, and mindset. That’s why it’s so utterly refreshing when a brand like 7Pines Kempinski Ibiza arrives in the Balearics with an unshakeable dedication to eco-conscious travel. Here, they’ve become frontrunners of multiple sustainability efforts, including introducing Pure Seven – the island’s first ever spa designed to have as little impact on the environment as possible. A sprawling 56,000 metres of resort set atop stunning clifftops overlooking the majestic Es Vedrà, 7Pines Kempinski Ibiza has a mantra for doing things differently. The hotel is a trailblazer of new ideas, and in the short time that it’s been open, has already proven that the concepts of luxury and sustainability can and do work harmoniously alongside one another – just because you favour one, doesn’t mean the other must be neglected. Pure Seven is the perfect example of this ethos – a microcosm of unrivalled, lavish bliss that simultaneously champions an eco-friendly approach, it’s a space where you can totally relax in the knowledge you’re doing right by both yourself and your surroundings.

This ideology is palpable as soon as you step foot inside Pure Seven. A feat of masterful eco-friendly design, the inside space mirrors the outside and vice versa. Huge, floor-to-ceiling windows face out to sea, giving the impression of a vast expanse of endless blue, at the same time inviting guests to feel totally at one with nature – indeed, it’s hard not to when the Mediterranean stretches out before you, laid out like a bobbing, sparkly blanket. The interiors too, sing with inspiration from the natural world. Furnishings come in natural wood, wicker and leather, and there’s a tactile physicality to every feature – smooth and silky take precedence over gloss and shine. Products too, are rooted in concepts that do as little damage as possible to the environment. Brands like ESPA and NEOM are heavily featured, with both specialising in natural, paraben-free skincare. ESPA, for example, developed its products while working with a range of biochemists, skin experts and aromatherapists, combining holistic knowledge with scientific methods and the best natural products sourced from around the globe to provide the best possible results. NEOM meanwhile, focuses on 100-percent natural fragrances, which can be used to relieve stress, aid sleep, boost energy and lift mood. In addition, the spa also stocks a range of eco-friendly products for skin and hair from brands including Moroccan Oil and Soleil Toujours.

Then there are the treatments themselves, which naturally, all revolve around a holistic approach. The Pure Seven signature massage promotes a sense of deep relaxation using essential oils like lavender and palmarosa, in addition to a series of Ayurvedic massages including Abhyanga and Udvartana. The former uses organic aromatherapy oils to instil a deep sense of calm, while the latter involves a scrub made from a blend of natural herbs and grains, which deeply stimulates the skin’s metabolism. And it doesn’t end there. Pure Seven is all about the all-important little details, too. TWG Tea is served at the spa and is completely organic – even the bag itself is organic cotton, and then served in china cups. Robes are made using organic cotton – there are no manmade materials in sight. The hair salon uses entirely organic products, and the entire spa is plastic free so water is served in glasses, and fruit – sourced locally and organic – is served on proper crockery. Order the ‘healthy menu’ while you’re at the spa and it’s delivered by an electric bike and served on biodegradable tableware.

At Pure Seven, and at 7Pines Kempinski Ibiza in general, the emphasis is that wellness is a way of life, and the idea of wellness extends beyond ourselves – it’s much more than that. It’s about protecting our local environment, it’s about looking after the planet, and it’s about taking care of ourselves in mind, body and spirit. Neither concept is exclusive, so if we start to think inclusively, eventually these ideas will become ingrained in our psyches. Perhaps then we can really start making a difference to the world we live in.

Rest and recharge at Es Cucons

Perhaps we notice that after months of sun-drenched, jam-packed schedules our minds feel a little frazzled, our bodies are a little achey, or our souls feel a little tired. And if we recognise these things in ourselves, we know it’s time to hit the reset button – that’s why stunning Ibiza Agroturismo Es Cucons is the perfect escape. A place to rest, relax and recharge, it provides sanctuary and motivation for those looking for fresh new energy this autumn. Located amid the rolling valleys of Ibiza’s lush countryside, Es Cucons is nestled among delicately branched almond trees that pepper the fertile hillside. The main building is a stunning 17th century farmhouse, and surrounding it are all manner of brightly-coloured, native flora, the twisted boughs of olive trees and ivy that weaves its way up walls. It’s a space with a strong connection to nature that remains luxurious at the core, making it the ideal venue for soothing body, mind, and soul, and for hosting regenerative retreats, of which there are many upcoming.

Es Cucons has been consummately homing retreats for the past few years, and with a range of events hosted by highly-trained external teachers and gurus, there’s ample opportunity to source one that’s right for you. For a week from September 30, 2018, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in Inga Johannsen’s dynamic world of yoga, practising Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow or relaxing Yin yoga – set to be seven days of peaceful, blissed out heaven. Another week-long yoga retreat begins on October 7, 2018, this time hosted by Jen Warakomski who instils guests with the importance of self-care, self-empowerment and self acceptance. From October 13 to 20, 2018, Swiss yoga teacher Christine Rüegg guides a group in search of their inner light – an experience she says is made infinitely more simple thanks to the beautiful surroundings at Es Cucons. And from October 20 to 27, 2018, Annette Lengersdorf leads a retreat (taught in German), guiding guests step by step through a personal transformation process. Naturally, more retreat programs will be added to the schedule as the new year commences, but it’s worth remembering that at Es Cucons, you can also organise your very own carefully curated, private retreat, overseen by the hotel’s in-house yoga teacher and masseuse, Melanie Jane.

A therapist who’s trained over many years, Melanie Jane brings an undeniably calming, reassuring presence to the grounds of Es Cucons. An expert teacher of yoga and Pilates, she also specialises in a range of massage – each individually adapted to suit each client, and designed to instigate ultimate wellbeing. Relax with a lavish essential oil massage, for example, or for something more dynamic try the Thai Yoga massage, which incorporates Hatha yoga, acupressure and Shiatsu, in the process increasing energy and releasing stress. However long you decide to stay, Melanie Jane creates a special wellness package that meets all your needs. In fact, the idea is to view your unique retreat as a holiday of sorts, so come alone, come with your partner, or come with friends, and allow Melanie Jane to bring together all the elements that make this particular trip extra special – from cuisine, juices, treatments and classes, to hikes, meditation and sound baths, it’s all planned into a daily schedule that allows you to switch off, enjoy the setting, and most importantly, recharge those batteries, as and when you want to. The hotel also highly values its guests’ privacy and discretion – once you’ve checked in, you can expect peace, quiet and solitude.

When you’re not occupied with restorative treatments or sessions, toddle along to the Es Cucons wellness area soak up the tranquility of the sauna and whirlpool circuit, recline on a chill-out bed overlooking the beautiful valley, or hop on an electric bike and go in search of some of Ibiza’s most spectacular scenery.  Every experience at Es Cucons is simply magic, but here, there’s an emphasis on not restricting yourself – if you fancy a glass of wine at the end of your bike ride, do it! There’s no judgement here, and that really adds to the beauty of it. The good news is that once you’ve soaked up all the enchantment Es Cucons has to offer – setting yourself up for the impending cold months in the process – you can start to look towards spring, when the picture perfect almond blossom begins to bloom. Around this time of year, the hotel plans to host a conscious health weekender, which under the supervision of chef and nutritional host Adriana Molina, will include cooking lessons and fresh, tasty cuisine served every day, as well as additional Ayurvedic treatments from wellness expert Alba Castán, and daily yoga sessions overlooking the valley below courtesy of Melanie Jane.

Contact the hotel directly to find out more on potential dates – whether you’re treating yourself at the end of the 2018 season or giving yourself the gift of relaxation before the start of the 2019 season, Es Cucons and their team of wellness experts are there to guide you through the process.

Introducing Wellbeing Rituals

The relentlessness of modern life means it’s more important than ever to switch off. There’s sense in taking an approach to life rooted in the essence of yoga – breathe deeply and in the process make space – for yourself, your soul and whatever thoughts are crowding your mind. For some that’s easier said than done, but if you find the right places – like Pure Seven, for instance – they gently nudge you in the right direction. Located at the all new, five-star 7Pines Kempinski Ibiza, this wellness hub is open to hotel guests and visitors alike, making drifting out onto an sea of bliss accessible to everyone. The setting in itself is enough to send you on your way. Perched atop a dramatic cliff on Ibiza’s stunning western coastline, 7Pines Kempinski Ibiza boasts a location unlike anywhere else on the island. At any time of the day, the approach is spectacular – enshrouded by swaying palms, the sun ray’s bouncing off the Mediterranean in the distance, the magical rock of Es Vedrà rising up on the horizon – all this in itself immediately lulls you into a calmer state. But at the heart of all this lies the hotel’s dedicated spa and wellness centre, Pure Seven, and this is where the real enchantment unfolds.

A serene space designed to evoke ultimate relaxation, Pure Seven achieves just that. From the calming tour through its saunas and steam room right through to your treatment cabin with a highly-trained professional, the palpable sense of tranquility captivates every cell in your being, leaving you restored and rejuvenated – seemingly with ease. Naturally, there’s a suite of wellbeing rituals to help along the way, each carefully curated to ensure guests sink into a state of total rest for mind, body and soul, and each recommended on the day, dependent on individual needs. All four of the three-hour wellbeing rituals on the Pure Seven menu were created by a team of 11 NEOM Organic wellbeing experts, and although all are based on the principles of six therapies – meditation, shiatsu, cranio, Thai massage, trigger point and reflexology – they each boast their own unique subtleties. Working with the principle that your body knows what your mind needs most, the first step is overseen by your therapist who performs the Science of Scent Therapy – a ten-second test in which you inhale the raw power of four NEOM blends. Whichever you are most drawn to denotes what ritual you will experience that day.

The first option is Scent to Sleep. You enter a room deeply scented with essential oils including lavender, jasmine and basil, with the sole purpose of inducing a deeply rewarding sleep. It begins with peaceful meditation, reflexation foot massage and breathing techniques, while the unique NEOM Intensive Skin Treatment Candle oil is drizzled on the body throughout. Every inch of the body is then massaged using a range of techniques, with particular emphasis placed on stress-relieving points in the head, neck, face and back. By the end, guests are fully immersed in relaxation, ready to slip off for a night of beautiful, contented sleep. Those with a desire to release tension will find comfort in the Scent to De-Stress treatment. Stress begins to seep away as soon as entering the treatment room thanks to the potent scent of 24 pressed essential oils – a complex combination designed with relaxation in mind. Again, meditation, foot massage and breathing techniques are applied, followed by pressure point massage. The three-hour long experience allows guests to leave their anxieties behind, and to move forward with a more effortless, measured approach.

At the other end of the scale there’s the Scent to Boost Your Energy ritual. Ideal for those in need of a kick-start, this treatment is perfect for enforcing that all-important ‘me-time’, allowing guests to unplug and then essentially, reboot. This ritual focuses on temperature change, speed of touch and contrasting textures. It begins with the NEOM Body Scrub, which consists of wild mint and mandarin, before the body is buffed from head to toe. You’re then enveloped in a NEOM cream clay wrap, where the stimulating oils of rosemary, lemon and grapefruit penetrate the skin, encouraging detoxification. There’s an additional 20-minute face and scalp massage in addition to reflexology, leaving the immune system stimulated and the lymphatic system detoxified. The final ritual is Scent to Happiness. Created to purposefully lift your mood, this treatment involves the fusion of the most complex blend of seven potent herbs, including white neroli, mimosa and lemon. It begins with guided meditation, reflexology and breathing exercises, before skin is lightly buffed. Stress levels are decreased and endorphin levels increased by applying powerful techniques of shiatsu, cranio, Thai massage and trigger point touch. The final result leaves spirits lifted, and ensures you leave the treatment room ready to showcase the very best version of yourself. Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, whatever you need – there is a Pure Seven Wellbeing Ritual to suit you.

Embracing the body beautiful

There are spa treatments that are designed purely to be relaxing; there are other spa treatments that are definitely more results based. But when you’re really lucky, you stumble across the holy grail of treatments – one that manages to combine relaxation and results in a way that makes you wonder why you’d ever opt for only one of the former ever again. At Open Spa – the luxury wellness centre in Ibiza Gran Hotel – that treatment is the Belleza Corporal Pure Detox Wrap Experience, using luxurious, natural Anne Semonin products. Detox is a word that is bandied about frequently in Ibiza. People drink detox juices and follow detox diets, they embark on weekend or weeklong detox retreats and then of course, there are those people who go home needing a detox after spending time on the island’s famous party scene. So it’s no surprise to find a spa treatment catering to fans of detoxing – however this 80-minute all-over experience is not akin to any suffering or hard work. Quite simply, all you have to do is lie back and relax as you let your therapist and her carefully selected mix of products do the rest.

As with all treatments at the luxurious Open Spa, your experience begins from the minute you slip into that big fluffy white robe and take a seat in the low-lit relaxation space, where you’re given some valuable moments to start to embrace the relaxation process before being led down a beautifully fragrant corridor to your spacious and chic treatment room. After a quick walk-through of the treatment you’re about to undergo, de-robing is next and you can settle onto the massage bed between the cool, soft sheets. First up comes a stimulating sea salt full body scrub – a process that gets your blood circulating and sloughs away any dead skin cells, ready to reveal the fresh flowing skin beneath. The fresh, zingy scent of peppermint and lemongrass starts to fill the room as the therapists works her way in long, rhythmic, even strokes all over your body – from the tips of your fingers to the tips of your toes (some people find the scrub a little tickly in this region). Flip from front to back and the process is repeated, leaving your skin with a tingly, warm sensation while your mind starts to drift away.

The next stage of the treatment is the star of the show, so to speak, and although you’re lying on a bed with your eyes closed and covered with a soft towel, it’s almost impossible not to wonder what your body looks like at this moment. You see, the Anne Semonin Spirulina body mask is a thick, gloopy camouflage green mixture that almost looks a little like mud. On the skin however, the mask has beautifully cooling properties that instantly sink into your freshly buffed skin, and as the therapist applies it gently all over your body, the sensation is so relaxing it sends many people to sleep. Chock full of powerful marine ingredients – including the superfood Spirulina and green algae – the mask has been designed to purify the skin, draw out any toxins, restore moisture and elasticity and ultimately, reduce inches. It makes you wonder – why would anybody drink Spirulina if you can slather it all over your body like this instead? Joking aside, once you’ve been suitably covered in the mask and look more like some kind of creature from the deep sea, your therapist wraps you snugly in sheets that help activate the ingredients and then gets to work on a deeply relaxing foot massage while the products get to work on a cellular level.

Once you’re done, the shower (conveniently inside the treatment room) awaits and it’s here where you can see the thick, gloopy Spirulina mix slip away easily from your skin to reveal the softest, smoothest skin beneath. Emerging from the shower is almost like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon – you feel refreshed, energised and embracing the body beautiful. And yet, the treatment is still not over… The final stage of the Belleza Corporal Pure Detox Wrap Experience is an all-over, localised body massage designed to improve circulation and reduce any inflammation in the tissue. The silky smooth Anne Semonin body oils used during this final stage of the treatment again fill the room with the rich scent of essential oils and leave your skin feeling like butter. As you slip back into your robe and return to the warmth of the relaxation room for a herbal tea before returning to reality, you feel as if you’ve been restored the skin you were in on the day you were born.