I’m only happy when it rains…

It’s true! Nothing makes me happier than a good old burst of rain, especially if it’s accompanied by thunder and lightning – as it is right now as I type! I know, I know… it’s not good for people on holidays, it’s not good for local businesses, it’s not good for our internet connections and it’s not good for our roads

But there are a few things the rain in Ibiza IS good for. Let me enlighten you…

1. More than anything, it’s good for the nature of the island. It’s so hot for the majority of the year here, that we should be embracing every last drop of water that hits our land, hills, forests, farms, plants, gardens and crops. “But the island NEEDS it,” you’ll hear every rain-happy local say to every soggy, disgruntled tourist. Just you wait – by Friday (my trusty weather app assures me tomorrow we’ll have more of the same), Ibiza will be lush, green and gorgeous once again.

2. It’s good for getting a massage. Or a facial. Or a manicure, pedicure, haircut, body treatment, some man-scaping… whatever kind of pampering makes you happy. Hell, call in the experts and get a spray tan if you’re worried about the lack of sun for a couple of days! If you’re brave enough to head outdoors, make an appointment at one of Ibiza’s famous day spas, but if you prefer to stay put, there are an army of mobile spa therapists who’ll come direct to your hotel, apartment or villa for a pampering session.

3. It’s good for holing up in a nice restaurant and indulging in fine cuisine while watching the storms roll by. Let’s face it – everyone’s got to eat at some point. You might be lucky enough to be in a hotel with yummy room service, or a couple of in-house restaurants, in which case you’re in luck. But if you’re in your villa with not much more than a few slices of bread to call lunch, then it’s worth braving the elements (call a taxi, or a driver to take you from door-to-door). My favourite places to seek refuge in a storm include El Chiringuito (surprisingly protected), Passion Café Santa Eulalia and The Giri Cafe for lunch or CicaleNagai and Bambuddha for dinner.

4. It’s good for shopping – well, as long as you have an umbrella! It’s not exactly as if Ibiza has a shopping mall (thank god), but it is a good excuse to hit the streets of Ibiza town, ducking in and out of doorways for shelter – you never know what you’ll find in the unique fashion, jewellery and interiors boutiques on the island. And now you have plenty of time to browse, since there’s no rush to get to the beach… and if you just can’t bear to leave the house, simply hit the online White Ibiza Boutique – you’ll find the very best Ibiza fashion and jewellery finds, and we’ll even brave the rain to deliver it directly to your door!

5. It’s good for hitting the gym or the yoga studio. Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean you have to ease up on the exercise schedule! Or perhaps you could find a meditation class to help quiet a rain-tortured mind! You’ll find all the information for drop-in yoga classes, fitness classes and more on the White Ibiza Yoga & Class Calendar… or why not call in one of Ibiza’s personal training or yoga experts to come to your villa?

6. It’s good for doing absolutely nothing! Let’s be honest – how often do you really, really ever get to do absolutely nothing? Nada, zip, zilch? My guess is, practically never, and if my own experience of being on holiday is anything to go by… well, you have such a packed schedule most of the time, you need a holiday to recover from your holiday when you get back. So kick back in your big, plush hotel bed. Snuggle on the sofa in the villa. Watch movies, binge watch some new TV shows or read a book. Even better – download the latest edition of the White Ibiza iPad Magazine (or every edition – they’re all archived and free!) and start researching and planning exactly what your next move is… once the rain has stopped!

I’m only happy when it rains…

Ohhh, OK. That’s not entirely true, but I have to admit, when it rains in Ibiza, it makes me really, really happy (yes, even in peak summer season)! And given that we’ve just had a couple of days of EPIC stormy weather here on the white isle, I have to admit I am feeling particularly chipper – especially considering it’s the end of August!

You see, after the rain, the entire mood of the island seems to shift… or even lift – like the rain cleanses away the grumpy moods, short tempers and lack of patience normally associated with oppressive August. Sure, you miss a couple of beach days here and there (sorry holidaymakers – we need it!), but just think of how beautiful, lush and green the island looks afterwards! And considering just how hot and steamy August has been, the cooler temps were a welcome respite from the heat, and a reminder that our favourite month of the year is just around the corner.

Ahhh, September. I can hardly wait!

But back to the matter of the rain. I’ve had to cancel two photo shoots, can’t find parking anywhere in Dalt Vila (where I live) because all the tourists have gone shopping in lieu of the beach (when the going gets wet, the wet go shopping), my roof is leaking, I missed my open-air yoga class and I’M STILL SMILING!

Why? Because I’ve had time to finally catch up on my emails (only 15 left in the inbox!), update my Pinterest page, meticulously study my Facebook feed (and not necessarily in that order), clean my house, do ALL my laundry, colour-coordinate my wardrobe, pre-plan the next six weeks worth of clubbing outfits, watch an entire series of Orange Is The New Black on the internet, spend quality time with my furry friends, cook indulgent comfort food and catch up on all the sleep I’ve missed out on in the last few months!

But holidaymakers, don’t despair. As I type this now, I can see the clouds blowing over and the sun shining through in patches… I’ve consulted my trusty iPhone weather app and he assures me tomorrow we’ll be back to balmy 29-degree weather, nothing but pure sunshine and blue skies ahead for the rest of the season.

As you were…