That all-important ‘me-time’

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Photography by Barbara di Giancinto

Do you often just keep going because stopping seems too hard to do? When you finally do stop, does your mind keep racing with thoughts pumping through it, not really ever letting you rest?

Especially now, in the heat of the August season – when our energy may be flagging and we are feeling far from our best – taking vital me time is essential in order to keep our true self, our inspiration and our motivation flowing, thus subsequently our health, opportunities, relationships and even our wealth keeps growing.

Me-time is investing completely in whatever feels good for you to do (or not do) at the time. Perhaps it’s reading a book on the beach – swimming through turquoise waters, walking through the pine trees. It might be stroking the cats, playing cards, drawing, singing, painting… or just lying back and breathing.

The essence of me-time is that it is free from objectives, free from pressures, and free from goals. Me-time is space and time in which you can revitalise yourself wholly, allowing your inner child to play, to lighten up and to be free from responsibilities so you are completely free to allow yourself spontaneity, free from focus.

How often do you give yourself this private relaxation without extra stimulation?
We mean without TV and without other people, where you can be with yourself, so that the mind can unwind from its seemingly never-ending treadmill of next, next, next.

Watering the plants, walking amidst the pines, working out at the gym – whatever gives you this internal space is your own personal best way to detoxify from mental and physical stress and completely unwind.

Taking me-time has been proven to relieve depression and help combat anxiety as it helps broaden our perspective, allowing us to be able to think and feel far more clearly.
All relationships need watering – just like flowers – as does your own relationship with yourself. By giving yourself quality time, you are investing in your whole wellbeing and will feel more centered in your energy, calmer and will find it easier to speak the truth. And with this calm, clarity and confidence, all the benefits unfold in all of your relationships.

So we propose giving yourself a date with yourself! Once a week, when you can free your diary for at least four hours – completely of all responsibilities – and make a list of all the things that are fun, light and effortlessly enjoyable.

Give yourself time to enjoy, one by one, these bites of me-time nutrition and notice the benefits they ultimately bring.

Your me-time is like the rainbow for your own personal pot of gold. So how are you going to spend time with yourself today?

Are you giving yourself enough me-time? Larah Davis of Ibiza Retreats is a Life & Wellbeing Coach who helps you feel & think more easily here in Ibiza.