Ibiza living

The art of living beautifully

Siempre Ibiza is chic and simple on the outside yet packed to the brim with home essentials on the inside.

Step inside the chic sage green doors of Siempre Ibiza to discover a world of interior style, curated by well-travelled store owner Virginie Biron.

Credits: Words: Abby Lowe | Photos: Juan Sabatino – Munay Photography

For Virginie Biron, founder of chic homeware store, Siempre Ibiza, objects are more than just things to be unceremoniously plonked in the corner of a room, never to be seen or contemplated. Rather, they are mementos from a particular moment in time that root us to the present. Keepsakes infused with distinct meanings of their own, they possess an innate power to transform a space from mundane into vivid, and in the process, stoke conversations that reveal things about us — where we’ve been, where we hope to go, and what’s important in our lives.

It’s with this concept in mind that Siempre Ibiza was born and it’s visible in every carefully curated angle of the Santa Gertrudis store, where objects sourced from around the globe tussle for space on the well-stacked shelves and every vignette tells a story. It’s no exaggeration to say Virginie traverses land and sea in pursuit of the perfect items to showcase, always searching for beautifully made objects and furniture that not only appease her personal tastes but also reflect an unmistakably Ibizan approach to living. “My passion is to find unique pieces for unique people,” she explains. And where better to base such an endeavour than Ibiza?

Virginie relocated to the island alongside her partner in 2019. Formerly the pair lived in France, where they owned and ran restaurants, and Virginie would plough her energies into bringing alive their different characters through decor. But on a quest for more freedom, their compass landed on the white isle, where the couple had spent sun-soaked summers visiting family, and now they live in the vibrant Ibiza campo surrounded by olive groves, from which Virginie’s husband creates the organic Finca Verde olive oil that’s sold exclusively at Siempre Ibiza, and she is afforded the flexibility to focus on her true passions.

“I always had an affinity for decorating our restaurants,” she explains from in front of a tumble of textiles within the store. “So, it made sense that eventually I would expand into home decoration.” Siempre Ibiza encapsulates that desire, becoming a showroom for pieces that Virginie has handpicked to suit Ibiza living, as well as a space in which islanders can visit for styling advice and suggestions. “When I meet people, I intuitively get a sense of what they’re going to like,” she smiles. “It’s like a special kind of vision.”

The store is reached by following one of the paved tributaries that funnels from the pretty main square in Santa Gertrudis to its end. There sits Siempre Ibiza, with an unassuming façade shaded by coconut-fibre canopies (that can be made to order) and that belies the treasures within. Virginie is present every Monday to Saturday, alongside dedicated store assistant Lotus, an adopted Ibicenca who knows the island’s style and aesthetic inside out and is always a huge help to customers. Both are on hand to discuss the bounty that’s housed within the store’s walls, because every item has been on a journey to reach this point.

Indeed, Virginie has roamed the world’s most diverse landscapes in search of the perfect items to line the Siempre Ibiza walls, shelves and corners. Venturing to India, South America and beyond, and then returning to collect objects from closer to home, what’s displayed in store provides a snippet of her vision for Ibiza living that’s been informed by her past. Take the jet-black La Chamba kitchenware sourced from Colombia, for instance. Made from a special kind of clay that retains heat and moisture, it enables a slow, balanced cooking process that prevents ingredients from drying out — a surefire nod to her history working in the restaurant industry.

Then there are the stunning set pieces visible on each table. Adorned with vintage glassware in gem-coloured shades, as well as cutlery and crockery that’s been diligently picked up from flea markets dotted around France, Virginie’s knack for dressing the spaces within Siempre Ibiza has been keenly carried forward from her days designing restaurants. It’s evocative to the point that you can picture yourself here hosting a feast, serving lovingly made plates of food to friends and family, deep in conversation about life’s twists and turns. And that’s before you’ve even taken any of it home.  

Elsewhere, and there are lavish soft furnishings from cult French brand Caravan, handwoven carpets from Morocco, intricate ceramics from Tunisia, lighting from Denmark and Mozambique, and candles made in Ibiza. Statement pieces include vintage chairs, chunky dining tables and sofas that can be measured up and made to order. It’s a standout collection that embodies colour, character and style, but more than that, it’s an ode to the concept of quiet luxury, which these days favours comfort over ostentation, and contemplation over flashiness — something Siempre Ibiza excels in.

Virginie’s intuitive approach to styling is to thank for the understated comfort that settles within the walls of Siempre Ibiza, and it’s why she extends her services to include personal home consultations. Her unrivalled skill lies in sussing out customers’ Ibiza living style, before going on to make stunningly accurate suggestions for their home. Offering the fresh perspective on interiors that’s distinguishable in-store, she’s able to transform homes, villas and casitas into havens peppered with intriguing items that complement different lifestyles. “I want each piece to become a talking point,” she explains. “To invite comment and thought.”

While in Ibiza, head to Santa Gertrudis and take a few minutes to soak up the ambience at the store. Tune into the laid-back soundtrack, browse the exquisitely curated displays and just for a moment, be transported elsewhere in the world. Perhaps you purchase something for your Ibiza villa, or maybe you’re visiting the island and you fall in love with a piece that you simply have to have shipped home. The magic of this store is its innate understanding of how the people, ideas, and objects that surround us are what makes a home. The foundations are built at Siempre Ibiza.