Ibiza wellness

The future of beauty

Going far beyond basic aesthetics, Glow Lab Ibiza pioneers cutting edge treatments and therapies on the white isle.

Sleek, stylish and in-demand, Ibiza health and beauty clinic Glow Lab is at the forefront of the island’s beauty scene thanks to its comprehensive range of results-driven treatments, highly skilled therapists and passion for perfection.

The art and science of self-care is ever evolving. Advancements in technology, cutting edge therapies and top-of-the-range products play their part in helping us appear younger, better, stronger and brighter, while high-spec wellness clinics set the scene for our rejuvenation and relaxation. One such centre is Glow Lab Ibiza, a super sleek, tranquil and private health and beauty clinic whose reputation for transformation precedes it.

Founded by Shima Kaes – a lifelong beauty aficionado with a passion for skincare, who is the very embodiment of the Glow Lab Ibiza ethos – in 2019, the clinic rose to fame through word of mouth only in discerning island circles. Locals, celebrities and visiting travellers alike raved about the revolutionary portfolio of treatments on offer, the experience, knowledge and skills of its therapists and most importantly, the undeniably successful benefits of each session. Investing in your skin health is serious business, and those seeking long-lasting results will find the solutions they need at Glow Lab Ibiza.

It was Shima’s own quest for healthy, glowing skin that inspired the launch of Glow Lab Ibiza – after discovering most spas in Ibiza were based in hotels and only open seasonally, she embarked on a mission to bring the world’s best treatments and therapies to the island and make them available all year round. Designed for men and women of all ages, and with a broad spectrum of problematic issues and conditions in mind, the revolutionary menu at the clinic addresses everything from complexion, ageing and sun or scar damage to conditions such as rosacea, acne, eczema and psoriasis. Body treatments aim to tone, firm and lift, relax and soothe sore muscles plus treat a host of symptoms including headaches, inflammation, arthritis, muscular issues, sleep problems, athletic recovery, cellulite and more. These treatments offer results that are so profound it’s hard to believe they are non-invasive.

Your visit to Glow Lab Ibiza begins with a highly personalised consultation and ultrasound skin-scan in order to create a tailored, targeted treatment plan with the goal of working towards healthy skin. The in-house team of therapists are highly educated, having undergone specific training for each individual treatment, machine, technology, technique, therapy and product on offer in the clinic, in addition to boasting in-depth knowledge on all skin types and conditions and how to treat them. Once your skin has been analysed and your goals discussed, a program is created that suits not only your needs, but your schedule and lifestyle too. Some clients combine multiple therapies in one session; others may prefer to take their time over consecutive days or weeks, and then there are those who like a standing appointment at the same time each week to maintain their results.

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Facials at Glow Lab Ibiza have names that are certainly apt for Ibiza – think Jet Lag Facial, Hangover Treatment, Red Carpet, Pre Party and more – but behind the fun monikers are scientifically advanced techniques, products and machines that make fast work out of flawless skin. Ultrasound machines are used to show the deep third layer of skin and understand how much natural collagen you’re producing in order to match you with the right facial, and contouring machines are used to soften fine lines, plus lift and refine the structure of your face in a way that it’s like a mini-facelift – minus the needles. Laser treatments will also be on offer later in 2021.

Oxygen facials and vitamin IV therapies help with plumping and hydration while lactic or glycolic acid peels (only available in winter months to keep you protected from sun damage) truly smooth the skin’s surface and remove years from your appearance, while teeth whitening ensures you walk out with a smile. Glow Lab Ibiza is also the only destination in Ibiza to be fitted out with a high-pressure, oxygen and hydrogen hyperbaric chamber – a must for anti-aging, regenerating skin cells and also helping damaged skin heal. Laser therapies are on offer to remove tattoos, improve hyperpigmentation, reduce melasma, eliminate acne scars and more – the results are simply mind-blowing.

While each of the four treatment rooms at Glow Lab Ibiza are spacious, calming, clean and stylish, there’s one room in particular that has islanders lined up for appointments: the Cryotherapy room, which includes a full body chamber for those ready to take the plunge into sub-zero low temperatures in the name of beauty and (or!) recovery. The treatment is designed to bring the body temperature down at a cellular level, stimulating the body and mind as it sends blood from your extremities to protect your organs, followed by pumping freshly oxygenated blood and nutrients throughout your system to help break down toxins when you’re back at room temperature.

The results are simultaneously detoxifying, relaxing, restorative and health-boosting – as the treatments boost endorphins, they also help treat depression, assist with sleep quality and if done regularly, doctors say it could even help prevent Alzheimers disease. soon an infrared cocoon will be installed, that is like an egg combining infrared treatments with cryotherapy for anti ageing and slimming treatments.

Of course, you don’t have to commit to the full body experience if you’re interested in trying Cryotherapy – localised treatments are also on offer at Glow Lab Ibiza. Clients can experience freezing cold air (from minus 32 to minus 60 degrees) being sprayed onto specific areas of the body to help reduce pain, swelling, inflammation, boost recovery, repair damaged tissue, enhance sleep quality, tone tissue, improve mobility and more. Cryotherapy facials use the same technology to shrink pores, reduce puffiness and dark circles, boost collagen production, relieve symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, improves acne, brightens and tightens the skin and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. These treatments are so effective that they take between five and 15 minutes and can be added onto other facials or therapies as a booster.

It’s not all about the skin on your face at Glow Lab Ibiza – a huge range of body treatments ensure it’s an all-over glow you leave the clinic with. Cellulite treatments, Brazilian Butt Lifts, contouring treatments to tighten the legs and arms, reduce love handles and even flatten the tummy are all on offer. Shima and her team are firm believers in addressing the health of your skin from within and recommendations for diet and nutrition are also part of the process. Customised programs can be designed that incorporate lymphatic drainage massage, nutrition and recipe plans and more to achieve your goals – whether that’s losing weight, restoring the glow to your skin or simply relaxing.

Understanding that keeping your skin silky smooth all year round is a major priority on an island like Ibiza, Glow Lab Ibiza has recently introduced cutting-edge hair removal options that are suitable for all hair and skin types and that are safe to use all year round without damaging your pigment. And finally, if you’re in Ibiza on holiday and can’t find the time to make it to Glow Lab Ibiza, a selection of the treatments and vitamin drips are also available in the privacy and discretion of your own villa or home. If glowing, gorgeous skin is on your Ibiza agenda this summer, then Glow Lab Ibiza should be on your speed dial.