Ibiza foodies

The pantry of your dreams

The all-new Pantry concept by Passion’s Lana Love

The all-new Pantry concept – designed by Ibiza’s renowned queen of health and happiness Lana Love – gives islanders and holidaymakers a takeaway taste of Passion, at ultra-accessible prices.

We all have those days in summer when we don’t feel like cooking, let alone being faced with washing up. Whether it’s the thought of making a mess for just one person, or the hassle of shopping for groceries for a group, or just the thought of being in the kitchen in this heat that puts you off, Lana Love, creator of the iconic Passion Café empire here in Ibiza, understands the feeling all too well. As a busy entrepreneur dividing her time between six locations, finding healthy and nutritious meals on-the-go in Ibiza had always eluded her. And so, Lana created Pantry, a laid-back little sister café offering accessibly priced fresh-packaged meals that bring a dose of the classic Passion health and happiness directly into your home – no stress, no fuss, and no washing up.

Stepping into Pantry is like discovering the walk-in, plastic-free pantry of your dreams – one where you can also sit down and eat in air-conditioned comfort, should the mood strike you. Glossy glass jars packed with green goodness seem to glow from their place on the fridge shelves, alongside chia pots, fresh fruit salads, ready-made açai bowls, colourful salad boxes, hearty soups, raw desserts, power balls, cold-pressed juices and health-boosting shots. On the counter, fresh pastries, banana bread and homemade cookies sit alongside savoury raw crackers, crispy kale chips, activated almonds and bags of granola, all complemented by the scent of fresh coffee in the air. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, keto, high protein, low carbs, fussy families – whatever your dietary requirement, Pantry has your tastebuds covered.

For those on the go, the convenience of Pantry’s side street Marina location (opposite the Centro de Salut medical centre which has plenty of parking outside) makes it the ideal pit stop, whether you’re on your way home from the school run, post-yoga practice, on your way to the beach, or if you just want to stock your fridge for the next few days ahead. Open from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm, you can run in, grab a huge bag full of homemade goodness and spend less than you might on a single-serve meal in a restaurant. Granola, raw and coco yoghurt pots are perfect for brekkie on-the-run (or perhaps on the beach), while frozen Passion-style açai bowls can be kept in the freezer at home, or left to thaw out by the time you get to your destination. Kids love the frozen açai lollies too, not to mention the array of sugar-free but decadent raw desserts.

For lunch or dinner, single serve glass jars have been designed to be cooked in a single pan when you get home, and include tasty combinations like shredded payes chicken, homemade pesto, spinach, peas and black rice; tasty tofu scrambles that come with a side of avocado; organic risottos that take all the stress out of stirring – all you have to do is re-heat. Delicious homemade soups range from organic carrot, sweet potato, coconut milk and lime leaves to broccoli and spinach based green soups. Order up a serve of your favourite raw crackers on the side and it’s the perfect single-serve meal. Single serve salad boxes come in a variety of flavours – the keto feta option is popular with the no-carb crew, while the rainbow salad is a vegan dream come true. Fitness freaks will love the high protein salad box, complete with greens, tuna, egg, edamame and much more, while ladies who lunch might find themselves reaching for the salmon deli box – and prices for all of the above Pantry items range between 6€ and 8.50€.

If you’re pulling up a pew, it’s all about simplicity and taste in the mornings at Pantry. Building your own breakfast bowl is a great way to start the day – choose a base of overnight soaked oats and chia, chia porridge or homemade granola, then add your choice of three toppings: fruity, nutty, yoghurt, coconut and more. And if it’s Passion-style toasts you want, Pantry can deliver. Served up on an amazing sourdough bread, you can build your avo toast the way you like it – starting with avocado, olive oil, sea salt and pepper, then add cherry tomatoes, egg, seed mix, courgette hummus, feta, tuna, cream cheese or smoked salmon. That same delicious bread is used to make rustic tostadas – start with the Spanish classic mix of fresh tomato, olive oil and salt, then top it with your choice of cheese, tuna, avo or ‘turkey ham’, while toasted sandwiches are popular and come in a variety of flavour-filled combos. And here’s another dose of wow factor: all of it comes in at less than 10€ a serving.

Passion has always been known for its juices and smoothies, and with this in mind, Pantry too has a selection of delicious, fresh-made concoctions that can also be ordered to go. Lovers of the current celery juice craze (thank you Medical Medium) or those seeking a specific type of detox juice can pre-order litres of their favourite blends to keep in the fridge at home, taking all the messiness out of juicing. Almond milk too, can be cold-pressed to order – opt for recyclable glass bottles, biodegradable ‘plastics’ or you can even bring your own bottles to be filled up. Passion and Pantry were given the stamp of approval by Plastic Free Ibiza quite some time ago and Pantry takes the concept to a new level. Absolutely every last piece of takeaway packaging is biodegradable – from paper, corn starch and rice pasta straw options, to the 100% biodegradable clear lids for the glass jars and juice bottles, there’s nothing here that can harm our precious island.

Finally, in addition to the pre-packaged options, you can also pre-order fresh veggie boxes from much-loved Ibiza organic farm Terra Masia and pick them up directly from Pantry – making picking your local fruit and seasonal veg a breeze. “I wanted to do something for the people who come to Passion every day,” says Lana, of her latest Passion spin-off concept – although the convenience of Pantry has also caught on quickly with the private jet community, who love fuelling their in-flight appetites with pre-packed goodness. And who can blame them? High-quality, healthy food and drink at prices that are equivalent to your local Spanish café, plastic-free takeaway alternatives that help make a difference to the world we live in, and no need to worry about any washing up – what’s not to love?