The PBF, shopping and the newest addition to the White family: 26/06/09

So…. Miss W has been sooooo busy of late heading to all the club openings that she’d almost forgotten to blog about anything other than a dance floor – my most sincere apologies! However a certain White-ette made a point of pointing out – so to speak – that my Potential Boyfriend seems to have escalated up the ranks to be officially a Boyfriend (ahhh – the term makes me so nervous) and that I seem to have spent my entire salary on fashion items between Vara De Rey and the Croissant Show – which basically mean I’ve got some explaining to do!

Right. Well. Where do I start? The PBF? Well, yes, it seems since the special secret Azuli Beach Party a few weeks ago that we have indeed been seeing a lot more of each other exclusively. Dinners, drinks, VIP rendezvous at club openings, strolls along the beach – aaaah! Yes folks, I think it is time to finally admit that Miss W is off the market. Though I cannot reveal the name of my beloved – you’ll find some subtle references to him in some past entries and I’ll give a prize to anyone who can guess his identity, I can say that I am liking the transition thus far. Keep you posted, I promise!

But apart from that HUGE announcement, the only other thing that seems to been occupying my time between ‘actual’ boyfriend and club openings is… well… shopping! Well, with this many opening parties, I couldn’t possibly be seen in last season’s frocks!

Speaking of which, but have you checked out Ibiza town lately? Fringed suede sandals, cheesecloth white playsuits, denim vests – it’s like Kate Moss came into town and emptied out her wardrobe. By the way, did you hear that Kate was here last week? In the Rock Bar no less, holding court at the bar with fabbo owners Nick and Bev all night. Why she didn’t call me to catch up for a drink I’ll never know!

Oh that’s right – there’s just one more thing.
Miss W has become the proud parent of a 12-week old Ibicencan kitten. She looks like a miniature white tiger, with the most amazing blue eyes – ALMOST enough to make me stay home at night. I’m sure you’ll be hearing more of her…

But then again…. You know Miss W! So what are we doing tomorrow night?