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The white isle goes green – Green Power

The team behind Green Power are ensuring renewable energy is more accessible than ever before on the white isle.

There’s no better time than right now to make the switch to renewable energy and here in Ibiza, the team behind Green Power are ensuring it’s more accessible than ever before.

Words: Abby Lowe | Photos: Sofia Gomez Fonzo

As energy prices soar higher and the threat of climate change begins to impact the entire world, more of us than ever are searching for sustainable electricity sources. Indeed, the majority recognise that it’s never been more important to harness the power of green energy and to invest in technologies that light and heat our homes but don’t harm the environment. Solar power sits at the very top of that list thanks to its efficiency in converting the sun’s rays into energy, and here in Ibiza, Green Power are trusted suppliers of that renewable source – bringing with them British enthusiasm and speed combined with on-island contacts and expertise.

In a surprising revelation, Ibiza is currently producing zero green energy from the grid network and generates all of its energy from fossil fuels, and for Green Power senior partner, Jordan Assassa, that just doesn’t make any sense. “For an island that has 300 days plus of sunshine per year, that fact is pretty poor to say the least,” he explains. “So, it was with this in mind that Green Power was born.” A full-service agency that accompanies the client – whether a homeowner, landowner, farmer, hotelier or commercial developer – throughout every step of the process, this is a team of proactive developers, who are on hand to ensure that finding the right solutions for each client is always the priority.

The Green Power team are proactive developers, offering obligation-free surveys, building bespoke designs and educating on new technology.

“We are a full turnkey operation,” explains Jordan of the Green Power ethos. “We go to people’s houses, discuss the different technology options, study their previous bills, create simulations, and then we come up with the best solution that fits the client’s needs and goals for either reducing or eliminating their electricity bills.” In essence, it’s about more than just providing a stock standard quote. Green Power aims to empower its clients by offering obligation-free surveys, building bespoke designs and educating on exactly how the new technology is going to benefit their lives. “Our simulations show exactly how and where they are going to make savings, rather than just giving a quotation,” he says. “We sit with you and work everything out from start to finish.”

Green Power isn’t Jordan’s first foray into green energy – in fact, he’s been working in the renewable sector for almost 14 years. One of his former businesses was responsible for building the electronic vehicle supercharging infrastructure for companies like Tesla and Nissan, and in collaboration with British Gas, all the major solar parks for United Utilities, in addition to working with the Ministry of Defence. Safe to say, he’s an expert in his field, and that combined with his love for Ibiza spurred him to pursue the possibilities of sustainable energy on the white isle. “My family’s had a home here for 40 years,” he explains. “Ibiza is a very special place for me. After living on the island full-time for two years, I knew I wanted to get involved in conservation.”

He’s not alone in the task. Adam Chapell, an experienced engineer, and Xavi Palleja, an Ibiza born and bred architect, are also on board, alongside property experts Jason Ham and Izabela Swiecicka. Together, they’re ensuring that Green Power is available to everyone and every kind of property, from small homes, apartments and grand scale villas to commercial buildings and entire solar parks. Ibiza is currently a blank canvas that has tremendous potential to become a hub for green energy. “We will look at any size project,” says Jordan. “And from there, we can explore the best way to formulate the correct amount of technology needed to power it.”

The team has even invested in manufacturing its very own photovoltaic solar panel line, trademarked as Carbon Free. “This is a really proud moment for us,” Jordan says. “Most of the panels available on the market are 300w to 450w, but ours have a higher power generation at 600w, which means that we’re getting much more efficiency for a similar size. And we’re reducing costs because it’s our own panel – we’re cutting out the middleman.” The panels come with a 25-year warranty and a TUV regulation certificate, and they’re only the first piece of the puzzle, as Green Power will soon receive its license to sell renewable energy through the grid network. From photovoltaic panels, solar thermal systems and heat pumps for swimming pools, to battery storage to tap into when the sun’s not shining, it’s never been easier to be green.

Green Power are trusted suppliers of renewable energy in Ibiza – bringing with them British enthusiasm and speed combined with on-island contacts and local expertise.

While access is becoming easier, cost remains one of the main concerns people have with installing solar panels. But with today’s rising energy prices, they’ve become a much more viable option. “People are sick of spending hundreds or even thousands of euros on their energy bills each month,” says Jordan. “The good thing about solar is that the costs have reduced by 70% in the last decade. It might seem like an expensive outlay but a Green Power installation pays for itself after three to five years, and after that you have a free energy source.”

“We can work with clients to help arrange finance and manage government subventions for them,” says Jordan. Green Power has a panel of banks on board, in addition to private funds in order to make the technology accessible to everyone. Even better, solar energy can eventually earn you money. “Most of the time you will have a surplus of energy generated from your installation,” Jordan explains. “The energy from the sun powers your home during the day and any surplus energy can be either stored into battery storage, to give you free energy during the expensive peak time evening hours, or you feed that excess energy into the grid.” In that instance, you can actually be compensated for the energy you don’t need produced by your Green Power solar panels. “You’re providing the utility company with renewable energy, reducing the island’s carbon footprint and being compensated for it,” adds Adam.

In the past, the look and design of solar panels also caused apprehension among homeowners but Green Power want to change that. “It’s a stigma that we often run into,” Adam says. “Customers are worried that they will look ugly. But we offer solutions that are low profile and can’t be seen, thus maintaining the aesthetics of the property.” And in today’s world, how things look are taking a back seat compared to how these small but incremental changes are going to positively impact the planet that we live on. “There’s this perception that Ibiza is really green and hippie,” says Jordan. “But up until now, all of the island’s energy has been powered by the natural gas power station, and diesel generators when the gas isn’t available.” Xavi sees this changing in the near future. “My perception is that our generation is very aware,” he adds. “Previous generations were difficult to convince about green energy but that’s changing.”

In just one hour, the sun provides us with enough energy to fulfil the whole world’s energy needs for an entire year, so the conundrum lies in efficiently harnessing that power for good. Here in Ibiza, where there’s an almost endless supply of sunshine, it makes sense to get ahead of the curve and start acting now alongside Green Power to protect the island, reduce your costs, and offer the next generation hope for the future. “It’s exciting because it’s not just good for your wallet,” Adam concludes. “It’s good for the environment too.”