There’s no place like home

When it comes to creating cosy interiors, Happinez Ibiza is brimming with that quintessential Ibiza magic.

It’s no secret that for the majority of people, the home is a place of sanctuary. It’s somewhere to rest weary heads, to be at ease, and to relax fully – entirely without judgement or requirement. But the home is also a place of personal expression. It’s the hub for a collection of items that at one point in time embodied meaning for you personally, or that – placed in the correct environment – help to convey the message for what you want your home to represent, and how you want it to feel. Happinez Ibiza specialise in just this – facilitating the creation of authentic, loving homes.

Located just off the main road to San Jose, Happinez Ibiza is a brightly-coloured haven of affectionately sourced gems for the home. From bedspreads, rugs and cushions to pottery, lamps and even fashion, it’s a family-run store with good vibes pulsating through its foundations – a place where waiting-to-be-adored items sit around every corner. The store first opened in 2007 after Merel Roodenburg and her family decided to up sticks from their native Netherlands and move to the white isle permanently, and since then it’s grown organically, with new premises being sourced to house the shop’s ever-increasing collection.

The result is that lucky shoppers are able to indulge all their homeware-inspired fantasies in one fell swoop – both indoor and outdoor decoration is on offer. If you’re on a mission to seek out the perfect soft furnishings, Happinez Ibiza has them in abundance. Cushions come in a range of delicate sand and light blue hues, inspired by the Mediterranean colour palette – some with sequins, others ornately patterned. Rugs are intricately woven and sing with the warmth of a hot summer’s day, adding a welcoming glow to any room, while bedspreads are varied in design, texture and style; each successfully transforms your sleeping space into into a luxe refuge of comfort.

Elsewhere, you can find all the statement pieces you need to start really defining the style of each room. Sofas and seating options come in a range of sizes and styles, for example. Think pebble-coloured sofas to sink into at the end of the day, electric blue chairs to light up dark corners, and woven rattan chairs to add a dash of bohemian spirit. And if you can’t see what you like, Happinez Ibiza work closely with a range of designers and so sofas can be custom designed to suit you size, style and space.

With that portion of the home checked off, it’s time to move onto tables, which again can be created to specification and shipped to the island. Alternatively you can browse among the shop’s bamboo crafted tables in a range of shapes and sizes to see if one ignites an interior design spark. And then it’s time to focus on the little details – scented candles to conjure an ambience, driftwood lampshades to reflect the essence of the seaside, striking hanging wall pieces to draw the attention to statement walls – it’s all here, each piece alive with its own personality and charm.

There are accessories for less public communal spaces too, so bath mats, towels and pottery feature, as do stunning tableware sets in multi-coloured, ditsy prints, as well as cutlery sets and place mats inspired by nature. While some of these items might be too cumbersome or bulky to take home in your suitcase, the good news is that Happinez Ibiza also stock a range of fashion and accessories, offering holidaymakers some instant gratification. From floaty beachside kimonos, tie-dyed bikinis and straw hats, to gem-encrusted rings and laid-back beach bags, there’s plenty to use while on holiday and back at home.

And worry not, because even if you do fall in love with something too large to carry home, Happinez Ibiza ships all over the world, so it’s possible to take home a little dose of quintessential Ibiza magic. “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort,” said Jane Austen. How very right she was.