Ibiza holidays

Travel still matters

Travel still matters. Read that sentence over again, and you may think almost two months of lockdown has taken its toll on our sanity, but we believe it’s the...

The transition from isolation to travel and adventure won’t be immediate, but now there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Travel still matters. Read that sentence over again, and you may think almost two months of lockdown has taken its toll on our sanity, but we believe it’s the truth for many more reasons than one. International travel is a privilege we humans have come to take for granted in recent years, and now that it’s been stripped away from us, we find ourselves in a completely unexpected situation – not unlike most airlines, we’ve been grounded! While the world anxiously waits for current restrictions to be lifted, so that safe and healthy travel can resume, we simply ask our readers, clients and followers not to give up on your future Ibiza dreams.

If you were already planning to visit the white isle this spring, rescheduling your trip to a later date in summer will help Ibiza’s tourism sector get back on its feet sooner, rather than later. So much of the island’s economy revolves heavily around the tourist season in high summer, and at the point the COVID-19 crisis hit Europe, most island brands and businesses were in the thick of plotting, planning, recruiting and budgeting for the season ahead. For the majority of these companies – no matter how big or small – pre-bookings are essential to ensuring business runs smoothly in the lead up to opening and beyond. By being flexible with your travel dates, you can directly help those affected by forced closures, or delayed opening dates, be ready to spring back when the moment arrives.

On one hand, we understand that it may seem insensitive to even think about planning a trip right now, but on the other, we believe it’s important to stay inspired. Our incredible Ibiza community extends far beyond the reaches of this little island in the Mediterranean and if we don’t continue supporting venues that rely on summer tourism, they may not all be able to survive the current crisis. Over the past two months, workers were made redundant, plans have been placed on hold, renovations halted, beaches closed and it felt like summer 2020 was in limbo. But rest assured, when this period of uncertainty comes to an end, travel will once again become a cherished luxury – one we will appreciate from the bottom of our hearts for the rest of time.

Next week sees Ibiza enter ‘Phase One’ of the Spanish government’s lockdown de-escalation process to slowly and safely lift the lockdown restrictions. We see this as great news; a step in the right direction, one that takes us closer to the start of the summer season with each new day. In the coming weeks, you’ll see some of your favourite restaurants and businesses re-open, albeit with strict limitations for the time being. Social media might give you a glimpse of your Ibiza friends out and about on the island, finally catching up with one another in wide open spaces (with a responsible amount of social distancing of course) and in the sunshine. This transition from isolation to travel won’t be immediate, but now there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Remaining optimistic and connected is what has given Ibiza lovers – and indeed, island residents – hope during these times of isolation. The impact of this experience extends far beyond knowing when we can next sip a piña colada by a pool – it affects the livelihoods of those who would normally be laying out sunbeds on the beach, the sellers that would offer you fresh fruit on the beach and waitstaff in restaurants. It affects the bartenders who make your drinks, the chefs who cook over hot grills in the kitchen, the housekeepers that keep your villa clean, the gardener maintaining the grounds, and all the people working behind the scenes logistically to make that Ibiza magic happen. Giving these seasonal workers a glimmer of hope are the enquiries we’re receiving for summer villa bookings, as new flexible booking conditions have made it easy for eager travellers to plan ahead.

We often praise the wonderful year-round lifestyle that living in Ibiza offers its residents, but the island without holidaymakers in summer would not be Ibiza at all. During these difficult times we send much love and strength to our community around the globe, we urge you to stay home (hopefully not too much longer now!), stay safe and be well. We are all in this together, despite the fact we are apart. We’re filled with anticipation for the positivity and happiness that this summer will eventually bring. We hope you feel the same.