About us

A uniquely personal approach to holiday rentals and property sales.

About us

With a carefully curated portfolio of exceptional private villas, White Ibiza Villas takes a uniquely personal approach to holiday rentals and property sales, attracting the most discerning world travellers and buyers to stunning homes across the Mediterranean island of Ibiza.

Understanding there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to finding a home away from home for the diverse range of personalities who are drawn to this magnetic, magical island, finding the right guests and owners for the right property is paramount to White Ibiza Villas.

Director Natalie Chaponnel – who has lived in Ibiza since 2003 – originally conceived the online luxury lifestyle magazine White Ibiza, which led her to work alongside several villa agencies over the years. This experience provided the foundation for what she wanted to achieve when she created White Ibiza Villas in 2015.

Our concept

“The White Ibiza Villas concept is quite new, however in reality the story began when I first came to Ibiza,” Natalie explains. “I wanted to find a way to connect the right people to the true spirit of the island I called home and communicate the essence and magic of Ibiza. I wanted create something unique, breaking away from the stereotypes of what Ibiza was perceived to be as a destination.  I could see that the island was on its way to becoming a lifestyle brand based in the bohemian, free-spirited culture which has become the new luxury to so many. I wanted to communicate the essence of that brand online, attract a genuine readership and fill a niche in the property market in Ibiza, with a more sophisticated approach to managing and marketing the holiday home business.”

Ibiza pioneers

As pioneers in digital marketing for luxury lifestyle brands in Ibiza, White Ibiza has led the way for more than a decade. From its humble beginnings as a true ‘boutique start-up business’, the company has evolved into an established brand with a unique identity, with a readership of two million Ibiza lovers who trust them to deliver an authentic insider’s look at the Ibiza they love. “We’re privileged to now have the opportunity to invite our readers inside some of the most stunning private villas in Ibiza,” Natalie continues. “Where they can live the authentic Ibiza experience, from the inside.”

From luxurious modern masterpieces to high-end finca conversions, what each luxury home has in common are the stunning features, stylish interior design and flawless décor befitting a White Ibiza Villa.