Ibiza villas: All in the detail

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Not all villas are created equal. Within the hand-picked White Ibiza Villas collection are some standout properties where attention to detail is paramount, turning a luxury home into a magical holiday hideaway, a classic contemporary villa into an unforgettable modern masterpiece or a rustic chic finca into a romantic rural escape.

Imagine a sleek modern villa where the classic all-white façade has been replaced with an edgy, urban slate grey. An outdoor chillout lounge featuring space-age furnishings hanging from the trees. Or cast your mind to a rustic poolside deck resplendent with on-trend animal skin rugs and décor straight out of Africa. Exceptional lighting design, high-end designer fittings and furnishings, eye catching sculpture installations, vintage and antique touches and Oriental detailing – all this and more can be found within the walls of a White Ibiza Villa.

Lovers of art, design and authentic Ibiza style will find their perfect holiday home within our portfolio. Whether you connect with the owners eye for style, the environmental ambience or have a particular penchance for the unique architecture of a certain villa, the beauty of our property collection is that the homes are available purely for your enjoyment. You like it? It’s yours… even if only for a week!


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