Ibiza boats: The island as you’ve never seen it before

In recent years, the world’s media has caught on to promoting ‘the other side’ of Ibiza. Thanks to this, tourism is booming in the wellness sector, however there is yet another side to the island that’s yet to be exposed, still retaining its magic, mystery and authenticity. Exploring the island’s coastline by boat gives Ibiza an entirely new perspective – just when you think you know her, she proves there is so much more to be discovered.

Charter your yacht early enough, and perhaps the first thing you’ll notice is just how otherworldly the Mediterranean can be without the soundtrack of humans. Seagulls squawking, smaller birds chirping, the gentle sound of lapping waves – just as nature intended. And if you’re lucky – really, really lucky – you may even hear the bleat of a goat on Es Vedra.

Ibiza’s most mystical and iconic rock formation, on the south coast of the island, is a well-known sight indeed, rising up from the horizon as if she were mysteriously floating or superimposed upon the sea. There is another view of Es Vedra, however, unbeknownst to many – her craggy, green and rocky hillside, with its stark grey limestone reaching towards the clear blue sky, only visible when your skipper circumnavigates the entire islet.

For all the myths and legends that surround Es Vedra, one thing is certain: on every boat charter that approaches the limestone rock, a peace falls over the passengers as they slowly make their way to shore on the still, mirror-like Balearic Sea. The distance to Es Vedra is deceptive – small on the horizon, yet up close it is a magnificent, almost imposing mass. While it is possible to disembark and explore, so powerful is the connection with nature here that most people prefer to stay onboard, admiring and respecting from the comfort of their sundeck. Swarming with birds, lush with wild flora, this is Ibiza, in all its pure, raw glory.

The ancient quarry known as Atlantis is yet another ‘secret’ spot that has been uncovered in recent years, but nothing prepares you for the view of this spectacular rock formation as you approach it from the water. Over hundreds of years, stone masons, sculptors and artists alike have left their mark by carving extraordinary works into the jagged, monolithic boulders and yet it’s not only the rock that is breathtakingly beautiful. The quality of the water here is the very definition of crystalline: sparkling as if strewn with glitter, as clear as glass so you can see marine life everywhere and as calm as a swimming pool.

Continue sailing around the coast to be faced with the true wonder of nature at every turn and crest – each discovery more striking and jaw-dropping than the next. Rising red cliffs that have been weathered away with time to create fluid, smooth façades; impressive natural rock formations that allow you to view through to the next bay before cruising into it; the smallest, yet most pristine beaches imaginable – only accessible by boat – plus caves of all shapes and sizes. While most of the sights you behold are the inimitable creations of Mother Nature, occasionally, man-made structures – from miniscule ramshackle cave homes built into rock faces to the wondrous sculpture by the famed artist Andrew Rogers known locally as ‘Ibiza-henge’ – will also take your breath away.

All this and more awaits when you explore the white island by boat. It’s Ibiza, but as you’ve never seen here before…

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