Ibiza villas: Dreamy design details

The demand for design villas in Ibiza increases year on year, with discerning holidaymakers from all over the globe looking to retreat into luxury when they arrive on the white isle. With this in mind, the villas within the White Ibiza villas collection are designed and decorated to the highest possible standards – from exquisite architecture and elegant interiors to divine decor, unique art and fine furnishings.

The nook of love

There’s no greater feeling than when you arrive to your holiday villa and spot that perfect nook or cosy corner to sink into and totally relax. Perfect for lazy afternoons spent reading, the time-honoured traditional Spanish siesta or long conversations deep into the night.

Villa Amber

Can Selva

The magic of minimalism

Was there ever a backdrop more suited to your holiday photos than the sleek, clean and cubic lines of a minimal Ibiza villa? All-white walls are juxtaposed against the vibrant blue sky and verdant countryside, while perfectly selected contemporary decor ‘pops’ just so.

Can Cordeta

Can Zama

Just hanging around

Stylish chairs suspended from the ceiling evoke happy memories of swinging from trees or in the backyard during summer childhood holidays, yet with a grown-up level of comfort and sophistication reserved for a functional piece of furniture-as-art.

Villa Novia

Casa Valentina