Ibiza villas: Perfectly perched

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There’s no denying the importance of location, location, location when it comes to finding the ultimate Ibiza holiday villa. For many, the great Mediterranean dream is a luxurious seafront villa, with the brilliant blue sea stretching out as far as the eye can see. We do love to be beside the seaside…

Despite the fact Ibiza is a tiny island bordered by 210 kilometres of stunning coastline, gaining access to these stunning frontline properties isn’t as easy as you’d think – after all, they are valued private homes! Fortunately, White Ibiza Villas works closely with an exclusive group of welcoming property owners who are happy to open up their abodes to holidaymakers when they’re not in use. Why let all that beauty sit there empty and unappreciated?

We’ve been lucky enough to go beyond the entrance gates and through to inspect the breathtaking views with our very own eyes. Trust us – you won’t be craning your neck to try and catch a glimpse of a promised sea view that doesn’t exist. Each of the frontline villas in our portfolio are the real deal – beachfront, seaside, clifftop and water’s edge properties that set the scene for a magical Ibiza holiday.


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