Ibiza villas: Picture perfect design

Instagram-worthy interiors, architecture and design details are high on the list of demands from those seeking high-end villas in Ibiza in 2018 and only the most stylish properties make the cut when it comes to curating the White Ibiza Villas portfolio. Our villas are picture perfect both inside and out, with high quality finishes to match their looks, ensuring your Ibiza holiday experience is every bit as as luxurious as a boutique hotel stay.

Black is back

The trend for sleek white villa interiors has a serious contender in its polar opposite: all black everything. Inspired by the Scandinavian penchant for simplicity, black accents are making appearances in lighting, seating and living areas alike.

Casa Valentina

Cap Alvero

Freeform framing

Landscaping meets architecture via the use of perfectly placed wild grasses and herbs to create elegantly flowing entrances and pathways, proving nature never gets it wrong when it comes to colour, shape and form.

Can Selva

Villa Amber

Sleeping in style

A statement headboard quickly and easily transforms an otherwise simple space into one of the most creative rooms in the home, used in place of art and perfectly complementing the all-white linens and walls that are prevalent in Ibiza.

Villa Balafia