Ibiza villas: Style hunter – Geometrics

Geometrics have been throwing bold shapes across contemporary interior design for a while now. There’s a hint of vintage 60s in the new prints showing up in modern homes but tempered with a pared down aesthetic. The style rule is less is more and nothing says that better than carefully placed geometrics. It’s all about balancing colour, print and texture so that the statement is harmony rather than crazy. Get it right and you’ll bring an illusion of movement to an otherwise static design.

Striking shapes work just was well a delicate lines and materials can vary from carpets, soft throws, decorative pieces and cushions to the weave of a rattan chair or a decorative birdcage. A bright patterned blanket thrown across white bedding adds just the right colour and shape to make the room pop. Two-tone cushions tossed onto deep velvet sofas generate shape and enhance the tone of a living room. Effortlessly taking the clean lines and fresh palette of an Ibiza home and adding just a dash of shape and colour, these properties from the White Ibiza Villas collection show how to style the trend into your home.

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