Ibiza villas: Style hunter – Accent ladders

Such a simple object can bring so much to a room or an outdoor space. There is something authentic in the humility of the rustic shape of a ladder that can deliver just the right accent. Decorative or useful, plain or colourful, the ladder never goes out of style. Use it to cast a pleasing shadow against a courtyard wall, to hang baskets or clothes, in the bathroom for towels or in the garden for texture. The combinations are endless.

Harking to a Scandi essence, yet so suited to the rustic, decorative terrain of Ibiza, accent ladders add a bit of country to a contemporary room or find a useful solution to open storage – think living room throws, bathroom towels, entrance way coats or even kitchen utensils. Vary the colours from dark and natural to a bright happy pink. Whoever said ladders were just for climbing?

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