Ibiza villas: Style hunter – Oriental artistry

Elegance, mystique, precision, depth and character – there’s no denying the beauty of Oriental artistry, be it in meticulous wooden carvings, colourful artefacts, ancient art or enormous stone masterpieces. The vastness and all-white backdrops of many luxury Ibiza villas lend themselves perfectly to decoration hailing from all corners of Asia, as it suits rustic and contemporary interiors alike.

Detailed floral designs that have been hand-carved from enormous slabs of wood become striking bedheads. Ancient temple doors now open onto alfresco dining areas, courtyards or spa-like bathrooms. Ornate armoires, dressers and mirrors make for eye-catching focal points in bedrooms or living spaces. In today’s island homes, every day objects are appreciated like works of art from a far away land – as indeed, they were once lovingly created to be.

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