Ibiza villas: Style hunter – Sabina beams

The thick, knotted wood of the Sabina tree has been used in the design and construction of Ibiza fincas for hundreds of years. To many, it has come to be known as a symbol of Ibiza style. Its strength and durability, in addition to its beauty, made it the perfect material for roof beams, window frames and terrace structures, designed to withstand the humid climate, salty sea air and blazing sunlight.

Sabina trees were once in plentiful supplies as they grew wild in the island’s forests, however today, it is more difficult to obtain as the tree has been declared a protected species. Many of the luxury villas in the White Ibiza Villas collection are fitted with authentic Sabina detailing – some are former farmhouses equipped with ancient beams that have been lovingly restored, while others are beautiful new builds taking inspiration from Ibicenco architectural heritage.

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