Ibiza villas: Style hunter – Tribal chic

Tribal motifs have featured in fashion and design since the dawn of time – never really going out of style, just shifting in tone to suit the times. Pleasingly, African tribal is making a huge comeback in interior design. Notes of Africa are popping up in textiles, furniture, art and sculpture. The tendency is well suited to the rustic forms of Ibiza homes, adding just the right touch of contrast to the European vibe.

African inspired design is a harmonious nod to history in any modern home. Each object carries a deeper story, adding substance to otherwise neutral spaces. With a vast cultural legacy, there are thousands of styles to pick from: wax cloth from Senegal, Kuba textiles from the Congo or the shapes and forms of Morocco and Egypt. Africa is a never-ending design inspiration. This selection of homes in the White Ibiza Villas Collection perfectly demonstrates how to incorporate tribal chic into your home.

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