Ibiza villas: Top 5 Ibiza villas for families

Holidays for parents can be a precarious balance of spending quality time with your kids and enjoying your own personal downtime. While grown-ups dream of renting a luxurious villa and spending hours relaxing on the grounds or by the pool, kids just want to have fun, be it in the great outdoors, under water or inside looking at a TV screen! As the mother of a pre-teen daughter, and with an extended family including kids of all ages, White Ibiza founder and director Natalie Chaponnel understands the nuances of travelling with children all too well. Here she shares her top five picks for families from the White Ibiza Villas collection in 2018.

#1. Aloe Valley


“Everything about this property screams fun,” says Natalie of the latest luxury family villa to be included in the White Ibiza Villas collection. “There’s a volleyball court, an adventure playground and a heated pool outside, while indoors a pool table and a smorgasbord of books and games provide hours of offline entertainment for kids after dark.” Situated in the family-friendly area of Santa Eulalia, there are plenty of fun activities and shallow-water beaches nearby, however the reality of booking your holiday at Aloe Valley is that it’s going to be quite difficult to tear yourself away from the property at times. “I’m especially a big fan of the tree house vibe of the whole villa,” Natalie adds. “It’s like a forest hideaway.”

#2. Villa Novia


Natalie describes Villa Novia as ticking all the boxes for families with kids of all ages, due to its homely, family warmth and cosy shared chill out spaces. “The indoor playroom and rustic outdoor playground with its swings, shaded trampoline, see-saw and boat-turned-cubby-house means the kids are constantly entertained, enabling parents to have some much-needed chill time,” she says. “I love the bar stools in the kitchen, so you can cook meals and feed the kids as you go or get into family cooking projects. The separate kid’s dining table means parents can have an a-l-m-o-s-t adult dinner whilst still keeping an eye on the little ones.” The icing on the cake here is that two lucky kids get to sleep in the specially designed twin kid’s room surrounded by pirate ships, dolphins and fish.

#3. Casa Valentina


“This amazing villa has girls and boys of all ages covered,” says Natalie of Casa Valentina, a sprawling property in the heart of the countryside in Ibiza’s popular north. “The lawn stretches forever, giving kids endless possibilities to run, jump, dance, explore and play while parents know they’re safely located on the secure property. Combine that with a lengthy heated pool and a football pitch and you’ll be sure to wear them out so they’re sound asleep by the time the babysitter arrives and you want to head out for the night!” A sweet cubby houses also offers respite from the sun (“And for teddy bear tea parties.”) when needed, while for teens who see themselves as too old for such activities can be given access to the computers indoors to stay connected with friends on social media.

#4. Casa Odette


“With four twin bedrooms, this is the perfect villa for families with kids of all ages, but it’s especially suited to pre-teens and teens,” Natalie says. “They’ll love it because the villa’s style – a homely feel with a vintage touch – looks like something straight off an Instagram feed. Well, that’s if they look up from their phones long enough to notice.” With an expansive lawn perfect for practicing song and dance routines, gymnastics or kicking around a football, there are also plenty of separate chill-out areas at Casa Odette to give older kids the privacy they (and their parents) desire. “The kids’ play zone is ideal for all ages,” continues Natalie. “It’s a unique space to hang out or hang off!”

#5. Villa Cruz


Keeping an eye on mile-a-minute little ones around a villa swimming pool can feel like a full-time job for parents on holiday – you seriously can’t take your eyes off toddlers for a second. “The pool at Villa Cruz is completely protected with a glass safety fence as is the garden, which gives parents an extra sense of security when they want to relax in one of the chill out zones or take a siesta,” says Natalie. Plenty of shaded areas also mean kids can play outdoors longer without the risk of getting sunburnt. “The double oven and extended dining areas also make it a great place to gather with the whole family at mealtimes, whether breakfast before the beach or dinner after a day at the nearby popular beaches of the west coast.”