Ibiza villas: Top Ibiza villa trends for 2018

With each new season in Ibiza comes a slew of new trends in the villa rental industry, based on the demands of discerning clients and owners’ desires to increase interest in their investments and no two years are ever alike. White Ibiza Villas director Emma Thomson shares her unique insider insights on the top five trends for Ibiza villas in 2018.

1. Out-of-season breaks

“A great trend we’ve started seeing a lot of in 2018 is villa owners willing to be flexible on the terms of out-of-season breaks,” says Emma. “This is great news for holidaymakers looking to book a stay early or late in the season. Many of our villas are prepared to be competitive with hotels at these times of year – on pricing and the length of your stay. While the high summer season runs on a purely Saturday to Saturday basis, in the off-season owners may be willing to accept guests for shorter periods – it’s always worth asking to see if it’s a possibility.” Many of the villas in the White Ibiza Villas collection are equipped with heated swimming pools (such as C’Anouch – pictured), underfloor heating, open fireplaces and year-round staff and they’re also often located near authentic local villages that become a social hub in the winter. “It’s the perfect time to experience the magic of Ibiza in the off-season, and save a little money in the process.”

2. Corporate retreats

Ibiza has long-been known as a special destination for wellness retreats, however Emma says 2018 is seeing a high demand for villas that are equipped to host corporate and team bonding retreats, including Casa Valentina (shown above). “Many city-based companies are looking to escape the city and host team building workshops in a peaceful place where their staff can relax and really focus on the purpose of their trip,” she says. “We have some really great villas in our portfolio that are super private and discreet, plus designed to host large groups, with spacious bedrooms that can be configured to accommodate singles and large living, dining and entertainment areas that are ideal for workshops. We can also help organise any activities during your stay such as horse riding, yoga sessions, sailing, trekking, canoeing – experiencing the famous ‘other side’ to Ibiza is a great way for teams to bond.”

3. Design villas

“Our international clientele come to Ibiza from cosmopolitan cities all over the world – from New York and Sydney to Hong Kong, London and Paris,” says Emma. “Expectations are higher than ever for Ibiza villas to be as luxurious, stylish and well-equipped as any five-star hotel – in many cases, even more so. Choosing a villa rather than a luxury hotel means our clients are looking for a place they can truly relax and feel at home away from home, while still enjoying the levels of service and style to which they are accustomed. As such, we’re seeing many of our villa owners kit their villas out to the highest possible living standards, from high-tech mod cons and designer furnishings to the inclusion of ultra-professional housekeeping services. We’re not seeing stock standard decorations (like Buddhas!) bulk-bought from local suppliers; rather, our owners are looking further afield for unique design pieces, amazing art and incredible interiors. Can Cordeta (pictured) is the perfect example of such a villa.”

4. Services included

“We’re seeing many of our villa owners now include additional services with the villa rental such as a luxury toiletries, plush robes, maid service and daily breakfasts (among other things) to cater to the needs of their clients,” says Emma. “This is a great addition to the villa offering, and breakfast especially appeals to large family groups or independent friends who may not want to be tied to a group schedule. At some villas, the housekeeper is on standby every morning to cook your breakfast individually and at any time – whether it’s for small children who get up at 6am, tired teenagers who sleep ‘til noon or adults who just want to hit the road to the beach fast.” It’s all about the little touches… and some take the concept to the next level with complimentary yoga session or massage, all in order to give clients more value for money.

5. Living like a local

“Some of our clients have been coming to the island for years,” says Emma. “The more time they spend here, the more they want to experience the authentic Ibiza lifestyle and live like a local. We’re seeing a trend for people forgoing the typical slick, frontline villa in favour of looking further afield to the countryside, where you can often get more for your money while also feeling a part of the local community. We have some really exciting rustic finca reformations that are set in the heart of the campo and echo the traditional Ibicenco lifestyle – surrounded by nature, with fresh water from a well and organic veggies growing in the garden – while still featuring all the mod cons our clients desire. We also have properties that are in walking distance to some of Ibiza’s best towns and villages, like Can Lyra (pictured) – even if you only stay for one or two weeks, you get a real feel for what it’s like to be an Ibiza resident.” The entire White Ibiza Villas team is made up of year-round island residents who have plenty of insider knowledge and tips, who can recommend the very best local experiences so you get the most out of your trip.

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