Ibiza villas: White Ibiza loves – Cubic design

Contemporary cubic design elements spring forth from Ibiza’s lush, green landscape – a striking style statement in contrast to the island’s raw, natural beauty. Whether jutting out above the sea atop a rugged cliff face, emerging boldly from the organic edges of a pine forest or proudly presiding on a countryside hilltop, these luxurious Ibiza villas are stunning examples of contemporary architecture.

While clean lines, cubic shapes and angular structures evoke feelings of modern day luxury, elegance and minimalistic design, these properties don’t stray too far from the traditional Ibicenco architectural styles of days gone by. Around 500 years ago, island homes began life as small cubic structures – albeit much more rustic – and as families grew, new rooms would be added on to each side of the home.

Today, it’s hip to be square. Some of the most exceptional properties in the White Ibiza Villas collection have been inspired by cubic design principles – clean lines, striking angular details and impressive pillared façades. Beyond the edgy exteriors, the contrast of a world of luxury and comfort awaits…

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