Ibiza villas: White Ibiza loves – Deluxe daybeds

Summer in Ibiza all about bringing the indoors outside. Maximum style and comfort should be everyone’s design goal and the daybed is an essential piece of poolside or garden kit, where this goal is easily achievable. It’s all about lazing around, moving slowly between the pool, daybed and the kitchen getting snacks and rosé (or asking someone to bring them directly to you!).

The White Ibiza Villas collection contains some of the most luxurious, indulgent and charming daybeds you’ll ever have the pleasure of snoozing on. Some set on manicured lawns, others tucked away amongst overgrown gardens and yet others with a playful colour scheme. Four-poster, canopied, contemporary or simply open to the sun warming rays – every garden needs a daybed.

The daybed’s use is ample – a spot to warm the body after a cooling swim, a gentle place to nap or read a favourite book, share a story or a secret with a friend or just simply day dream the afternoon away. Its comforting embrace is irresistible to all ages. And when the sun descends, the so-called daybed segues easily into cocktail hour or as a post-dinner star gazing station.

Round, square, rectangular, modern or rustic the daybed needs to make a statement as well as provide a space for pure indulgence. Double sized or bigger, the daybed needs to fit more than one person, at least two… or perhaps even three. Hidden in a cosy corner of the garden, perched high up overlooking the view, crowning a sparking swimming pool, the right daybed in the right environment can be nothing short of dream inducing art.

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