Ibiza villas: White Ibiza loves – Night swimming

It brings back memories of giggly sleepovers and hot nights away at summer camp. The moon shining high above, casting a golden glow on the water, the surrounding garden quiet and still until the sudden shout of “Bomba!” and bang – everyone is eight years old again and going night swimming. Except, this time it’s with cocktails and a swimming pool to die for.

All the pools in the White Ibiza Villas collection have their own unique style and grace. Once the sun dips under the horizon and the sky fills with stars, they become softly illuminated with carefully placed underwater lighting, creating an inviting aesthetic that makes the urge to glide through the glassy surface irresistible. The coolness washing away the summer day, the sound of splashing so different when the sky is lit only by sparkling stars, discreet lighting and the flicker of candles.

Sure beach clubs are fun, nightclubs are too, and beaches here are beautiful but night swimming? Nothing says ‘Ibiza holiday’ more than that. Rectangle, rounded, infinity, wrapped in luscious lawn or presiding over an insanely striking view, whatever style the pool, night swimming is always thrilling. Insert the familiar piano melody of that famous R.E.M. song here.

A dip with a lover, a somersault competition with mates, a shrieking delightful splash with your kids or a solitary, calming solo swim – whichever way you take your night swim know that doing it here in Ibiza in the pool of a beautiful villa is always going to be a swim to remember.

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