Ibiza villas: White Ibiza loves – Playtime

Cubbyholes, pillow forts, tree houses, hideaways – no matter where you go, put kids into the mix and they find a way to go deep into the wild and wonderful world of play. Add a few props, a place they can call their own and let kids rule the world! The White Ibiza Villas collection is full to the brim with miniature versions of paradise for those with the biggest imaginations.

Pirate ships on rolling waves sail the globe in search of treasures. Magical trees transform into wizard dens where potions and spells are created. Make believe shops supply a never-ending assortment of colourful sweets. Castles are where horses share toys with unicorns and a revolving cast of circus performers. The best two words in the world are “Let’s pretend”.

Bigger kids haul sleeping bags and midnight snacks into their private world where ghost stories lead to shrieks and laughter. Bunk beds are covered in blankets under which torches flicker and giggling shadows fall about in fits of hysterics. Impromptu shows are performed for the adoring eyes of grown-ups. This is childhood, played out right in front of your eyes, made even more fun with these gorgeous spaces dedicated to joy give them the freedom to explore their imaginations.

In a world where time is increasingly dominated by technology, it’s a delight to let kids experience the old-fashioned beauty of play under their own steam. There is nothing more delightful to the human ear than the sound of children playing. Summer holidays are the pinnacle of a child’s year; throw in some friends, a cubby house and steady supply of ice lollies and you’ve just created magic. If you’re lucky, they may just let you join in.

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