Ibiza villas: White Ibiza loves – Stone walls

Natural stone has been used in Ibicenco architecture for hundreds of years – even thousands, if you look back at the history of the island’s first settlements. While the strong, raw materials were once essential to create a durable living structure, today stone is having its moment as an architectural and interior design style statement.

The natural patterns and textures created by stone perfectly complement so many of the traditional details found in Ibiza villas such as Sabina beam ceilings, thick wooden doorways, whitewashed walls and even provide a beautiful backdrop for lush Mediterranean flora.

Creating a feeling of warmth, comfort and authentic, ancient Ibiza style, exposed stone walls in a bedroom are beautifully styled with antique furnishings, all-white linens or pops of colour alike. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, the contrast of stone against stainless steel modern appliances is another striking aesthetic.

Fusing ancient masonry with contemporary style, many of the properties within the White Ibiza Villas collection showcase stone via accent walls, grand stone entrances, fireplaces, staircases, corridors and exposed interior walls. It’s classic farmhouse charm meets luxurious living – iconically Ibiza.

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