WHITE Ibiza Magazine: Issue 2 – On Sale Now

WHITE is a natural evolution from our website, a new platform that allows us to veer off the tourist track and delve deeper to the subjects we love, to meet more of Ibiza’s wonderfully creative inhabitants and to step inside some of the most extraordinary homes in Ibiza.

WHITE Ibiza Magazine goes beneath the surface of the Ibiza that is famous around the world and gets to its core, shining a light on the island’s free spirited characters and spectacular nature.

An exclusive collaboration with Ana Lui Photography

Issue 2 – On Sale Now

Our new issue celebrates creativity and individuality in Ibiza through a variety of mediums: art, cuisine, interiors, architecture, wellness and style. We look further ashore for cultural, historical and natural travel inspiration. The combination is a beautiful book to be enjoyed anywhere in the world as your imagination runs free.

After all, you can take the reader out of Ibiza…

The debut issue of WHITE is a celebration of the unique beauty and enduring spirit of the island we call home. Including features on art, design, interiors, architecture, gastronomy, creativity and for those with a case of wanderlust beyond our Balearic shores, travel.

We hope we’ve created a reading experience that will transport and inspire you, no matter where you pick it up.

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