Watch this Space Ibiza

The rumours surrounding an all-new home for Space Ibiza in the future are cemented by an official partnership between the club and Carl Cox.

Two years and one day ago, many of us were walking out of what was unquestionably one of the greatest nightclubs of all time, for the final time. We’d actually walked into the venue two years and two days ago, on Sunday October 2, 2016 but it was the party that no one wanted to end. Inevitably, the music was turned off a little after midday on the Monday, as Carl Cox played Kings of Tomorrow’s Finally with Angie Stone’s Wish I Didn’t Miss You to a very emotional crowd. And that was the point at which we officially said goodbye to Space Ibiza.

A mere seven months later, the neighbours had moved in and finished their extensive renovations – Hï Ibiza was born and despite the inevitable backlash from overzealous Space fans, it was a huge success and the space – pardon the pun – was alive with music and clubbers once more. But of course, it could never be the same (and in all fairness, nor did it want to be); the new super club came with its own core values and a different clientele. So while Hï Ibiza was flourishing, the nostalgia and good vibes associated with Space Ibiza kept it at the top of the ‘world’s best club’ awards – despite the fact it wasn’t even operational.

And so, that was that. Clubland as we knew it had changed and life went on (as it does). Space Ibiza as a brand continued to operate in different guises around the globe – from shifting warehouses worth of t-shirts, CDs and even baby clothes to their nostalgic fans via the internet to global tours under the same logo and even opening a ‘museum’ of sorts filled with Space Ibiza memorabilia (including the famous sign) in an industrial area of Ibiza. The Facebook page and Instagram account remained active. Rumours circulated for a while about owner and founder Pepe Rosello buying a hotel in San Antonio for future pool parties; there were talks of a secret location out by the airport and even whispers that he would get involved in the revival of Privilege – especially as Carl Cox began headlining his own parties there. But none of it eventuated and after a while, the general consensus was that there is just no more Space in Ibiza.

Until now. In August 2018, Carl Cox let it slip (presumably intentionally) that there were indeed plans afoot to revive the iconic brand. Not long afterwards, a new double billboard appeared on the highway between Ibiza and San Antonio that screams ’27 SPACE 4 EVER’ which really doesn’t hint at anything new at all, but of course, the internet went mad. Space Ibiza is back! A new Space in Ibiza! Carl Cox plans to rebuild Space! Space is not dead! And so on, and so forth screamed the headlines. Indeed, for Space Ibiza fans it’s something to rejoice however before you start booking those 2019 flights in anticipation, let us share what we know…

Just three weeks ago, Space Ibiza – that is, the existing brand – has announced an all-new partnership with three key nightclubbing figures in a bid, as they say, to drive the brand forward. In the official press release there is no mention of a new facility, premises, plot of land, hotel, abandoned water park, old factory space, disused warehouse, empty car park or any other type of space – once again, pardon the pun – suitable to build a nightclub on. The memo is simply an introduction to the new team – who in reality were all a big part of the old team, it’s just now official on paper.

The team in question is made up of Pepe Rosello of course, Carl Cox (who needs no introduction obviously), Dave Browning (long-term Ibiza party promoter) and Juan Arenas (former general manager of Space Ibiza). According to the press release, the four partners feel ‘they have a duty of care to ensure generations to come also have the opportunity to experience what, for many hundreds of thousands of people, shaped part of their lives.’

‘Space Ibiza has always been my home for the last 20 years, and now to pave the new way for the future of Space is really exciting,” says Carl. “Forming a partnership with Pepe, Juan, and Dave, to run the newly formed team, it feels solid in the way that we are a family team, and I feel we can bring everything back to where it belongs. We already have some exciting news for next year, and we will tell you all more about that nearer the time. But for now I am very happy with my new role for Space, and I can happily fly the Space flag high.”

If that’s all a little too vague for you, you can look for more clues within Carl’s BE-AT-TV interview. “I’ve lost my home and I need to build a new one,” he said. “Obviously we need someplace where it’s a little bit quiet. We will go to a completely new place with a new concept. But the idea is to have the same people who made Space and have people who want to support me in my quest to create a new Space back on the island.” When asked about a timeline on the new project, Coxy was quick with his answer: “2020 sounds fantastic to me.” In the meantime, watch this Space…