Ibiza weddings: The Ibiza Chair Company – Ascend the throne

When it comes to weddings, brides and grooms obsess over every tiny little detail. And rightly so, because when will they get another chance to create a day so undeniably special? Let’s be honest: while saying your vows is first and foremost a celebration of love shared between the happy couple, it also provides the perfect opportunity to bring together friends and family – and for finally making that vision you’ve had in your head of the perfect day a reality. These days it’s not just the location and the dress you need to think about, and that’s where experts like The Ibiza Chair Company come in.

Presuming your beachside paradise has been booked, or the stunning villa in the campo reserved; the invites have been decided and the photographer’s ready to pounce. Now the big stuff’s out of the way, you want to focus on the details – the little things that really make a difference to the ambience, and which transform your wedding into the chicly-designed event of your dreams, down to even the most precise minutiae. While for many years, chairs were just an afterthought; at weddings today they’ve become an important focal point.

“Every year we bring a new kind of chair to the island,” explains Sophie Lee, founder of The Ibiza Chair Company. “Weddings here have become so popular that there are around 2,000 per year, so my chair collection has expanded to over 1,400 in relation!” She’s not just talking about the standard, white-covered chairs, of course. Her collection consists of a range of beautifully designed pieces each specifically intended to suit bespoke occasions. “Trends have changed over the years,” she muses. “Now people prefer a more rustic look.”

There are regal gold wedding thrones with tall backs and ornate leg detailing, simple and traditional folding white chairs, or the whitewash phoenix – Sophie’s own design that has stunning circular detailing on the back. The idea is to make the chairs themselves a photographic sensation – an artistic addition to each photo taken on the day rather than an unsightly hindrance. After all, no one wants to steal attention away from a sunset-illuminated Es Vedrà (or a beautiful bride, for that matter) with an unattractive chair.

Clients come to The Ibiza Chair Company with other requests, too. Tables, of course, are in equally high demand. “We use natural tables and benches handmade on the island,” explains Sophie, who says portable photo booths also remain extremely popular. Choose from the classic photo booth that fits up to six people, or a larger inflatable one that can accommodate up to 12. “When the photo booths are lit up with LEDs they really look the part,” she says. “They can really change the mood at a wedding – they’re just a fun addition to have at any party.”

Lastly, Sophie and her team supply a selection of VIP portable toilet options, some of which have fibre optic lighting on the ceilings, which often makes for an excellent toilet-stop talking point! “The disco toilets are unique – they’re the only ones you’ll find in Ibiza,” laughs Sophie. This explains why The Ibiza Chair Company is in such high demand with some of the island’s most well-known venues – Atzarò, Amante, and Cotton Beach Club among them, and why its popularity looks set to soar. “We’ve got lots of ideas for next year,” Sophie says. “There’ll be lots of new products to choose from in 2018.”

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