Ibiza weddings: Ibiza Management – Behind the scenes at the island’s biggest wedding

It was the most extravagant wedding the white isle had ever seen. A magnificent production spanning three days and including a traditional sangeet and Hindu wedding ceremony, Michelin calibre catering, high-class entertainment and celebrations for 600 guests flown in from around the globe. Hailing from the UK and Dubai, newlyweds-to-be Meera and Prashant knew there were no qualms about it; for an event on this scale, it would be essential to enlist an on-the-ground logistics team. Enter Ibiza Management, the family-run events, property and concierge agency founded by Christina Van Ederen in 1993.

The unparalleled island knowledge and insider information possessed by Ibiza Management – not to mention all the right contacts – made Christina and her team, including daughter Lisa and son Tomas the perfect addition to the international wedding planning teams. Taking care of all logistics, planning and troubleshooting this side of the pond meant they were intrinsic to the event’s success – Christina gives us the lowdown on all the action behind the scenes.

Have you ever worked on an event of this size before in Ibiza?
There has never been an event as big as this one in Ibiza! Corporate events, maybe, but this event was a different scale. It truly was a magical and unique experience.

How did you meet the bride and groom and become involved in the planning?
Initially through word of mouth; friends of the bride and groom recommended us as their wedding planner. We then went through an interview process, as did other agencies. This makes sense because a wedding is very special and you need to click with your planner. We clicked with Meera and Prashant, and also their parents from the very first time we met. There was a natural connection and high energy surrounding the event right from the start.

How did you work alongside the international wedding planners involved?
There were three international teams from India planning the wedding – 23 planners specifically but over 100 people working on the event overall. It was a pleasure working alongside the Indian wedding planners – the international team was incredibly professional, organised and so appreciative. We all had our areas of expertise and delegated responsibilities and because of excellent communication, the team worked so synergistically – everything ran perfectly.

What were your main responsibilities over the planning period?
The planning for the event spanned an entire year, so from the beginning, we were given a ‘to do list’ to get organised for the event. We were the ‘on-the-ground’ experts, onsite trouble-shooters and standing by with a solution to any problem that could arise. We were involved with hospitality, negotiations with venues, on-island entertainment for guests, transportation and accommodation, linguistic support, press releases, obtaining proper licences and providing all the right contacts to accomplish all of these things!

Were you involved on the big day?
We were armed with our contacts and solutions should anything go wrong during any of the ceremonies. Our team was on stand by and working with the Indian wedding team, supervising and facilitating.

How did you manage taking care of 600 guests arriving on the island?
We had an incredible team of hostesses welcoming the guests upon arrival over a four-day period who then individually helped each guest find their organised transportation to their hotels.

How were you involved with the venues used at the wedding?
The Indian wedding planners had organised everything from overseas, so when the day came, we were there onsite to make sure everything went as planned. And we helped with negotiating the venues, including HEART Ibiza.

What were the biggest challenges of the event?
The weather was threatening on the day of the official ceremony. This was really stressful due the size of HEART Ibiza, as it was meant to host 600 people over two floors for the reception, entertainment and catering. We had to troubleshoot the rain situation to fit everyone and thing into one. We had a special tent immediately brought in by boat from Palma on the day of the wedding, so the upper floor was saved! This was only possible due to our magical connections and the contacts we have on the island.

What was your favourite part of the event overall?
The entire group of guests as well as the overseas planning team. Everyone was so grateful for the event, the island and gave off such great energy. There was positivity everywhere. I have never in my life experienced such a wonderful culture. It was an eye-opening experience serving and working with such amazing people.

This event was special because we are not a bespoke wedding agency. We selectively choose these types of events as creative expression and with love from our hearts. When you have a special connection with your clients, anything is possible.

The key to a successful event?
You’ve got to be very flexible, have the ability to solve problems and people need to be able to trust and believe in you. In Ibiza, having a big base of friendships and contacts is very important, which is why Ibiza Management is so successful. We have been here for 23 years working with high-end clients including professional athletes, celebrities, DJs and top models from all over the world and so we have an international following.
We nurture our relationships on the island; we follow through with our promises and we respect our partners – this is the magic of making things happen.

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