Ibiza weddings: Ibiza Pure Events – The beauty of a countryside wedding

Deciding on a location for your wedding is a big decision. What should the ambience be like? How long should the celebration last? Will the setting photograph well? These are all questions that require a lot of consideration, and rightly so – this is your big day and everything needs to be perfect. Wedding planner Kristiina Pylkas of Ibiza Pure Events is keen for her clients to look beyond the island’s beautiful beaches for their nuptials, with the idyllic countryside presenting a myriad of other opportunities.

“Ibiza has always been known for beach weddings,” Kristiina says. “It’s the countryside further inland that people don’t seem to consider.” Having lived on the island for more than 15 years, she is well versed in throwing the ultimate Ibiza event, she has organised everything from large-scale events to tiny, discreet weddings (over 400 in total) and is an expert when it comes to finding picture-perfect locations. “A countryside wedding has a completely different vibe,” she says. “It’s really easy to capture the spirit of old Ibiza.” Given the current trend for vintage-inspired décor and bohemian chic styling, the appeal of the ‘campo’ is rapidly on the rise.

The Ibiza countryside really is a place of unparalleled beauty, something Kristiina really loves. “The wild flowers in spring are just stunning,” she says. “You have bougainvillea and lavender, plus the traditional stone walls and the tall, statuesque trees – everything is already there, and it really is quite beautiful.” All this means little needs to be done to enhance the aesthetics of the venue, making it more cost effective and much easier to organise in terms of style. “Old Ibicencan farmhouses don’t need much decoration,” she explains. “The crisp white walls, the charming furniture, and the rustic grounds do all the work for you.”

“There’s also value to be had with a countryside venue,” Kristiina emphasises. “You get so much more privacy – it’s another option to consider.” Private villas, fincas or smaller, rural hotels also offer accommodation for families and the wedding party, which works well for couples hosting a multi-day celebration, while adding a sense of intimacy and keeping costs to a minimum. “This kind of wedding works wonders for those looking for a unique experience, or a more traditional way of celebrating.”

It’s also worth remembering Ibiza’s most prized elements can always be incorporated in the overall experience. “We can organise pre-wedding sunset drinks or a post-wedding boat trip,” says Kristiina, who understands the appeal of Ibiza’s iconic sea, sand, sky and sunset. She believes sunset is even more magical in countryside locations and can play a key part in your blessing or portrait photos. “If anything, it’s even more beautiful when you see it role behind the mountains, when the earth starts to radiate a golden glow and the trees and plants really begin to come alive.”

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