Ibiza weddings: Ibiza Pure Events – The magic of October weddings

With Valentine’s Day comes a crop of proposals, meaning Ibiza wedding planners can expect to receive a lot of calls from this week forward. For those couples looking to tie the knot on the white isle in 2018 yet who may be worried they’ve left it too late to start the planning process, Kristiina Pylkas of Ibiza Pure Events has an insider’s tip very few people are aware of. That is, just how magical – and easy to organise – a wedding in October can be.

When Ibiza weddings spring to mind, most couples request the months of May, June and September, due to the mild weather conditions, the guarantee that all island businesses are open and the convenience of being able to fly directly to Ibiza from all over Europe. This demand, in turn, creates higher demand for wedding packages in restaurants and hotels (in high summer, only a certain amount of wedding bookings will be accepted in order not to disappoint their regular clientele), in addition to demand for suppliers such as photographers, hair and make-up artists, caterers, cake makers and more. Bookings are snapped up fast due to the rising statistics of couples all looking to get married in Ibiza… and yet October is right there on the horizon, offering all the same appeal and yet so often overlooked.

“October is such a beautiful month,” says Kristiina – and she should know, having lived on the island year-round for 17 years. “The season is getting longer and longer, the weather is still beautiful, there’s no traffic, you can swim and sunbathe, venues and beach clubs are still open and there are still direct flights. It’s certainly not like coming to a deserted island, although that is a common misconception out of season.” When asked her favourite thing about the month of October, Kristiina answers without hesitation. “The light. You don’t see anything like it throughout the rest of the year. In fact, October is when all the high fashion designers and magazines come to the island to shoot their editorials, due to the amazing light qualities. It’s very special.”

What is it about the October light that makes it so special? By day, the skies are clear and blue, without that perma-haze of super-hot summer days and as the sun arcs across to the west it takes on a golden quality that turns landscapes into masterpieces, beaches into postcards and the old town into a fairytale. And that’s before the majestic sunset sees the sky take on kaleidoscopic hues of pink, amber, gold and violet and lets the dark finally settles. Ask any wedding photographer in Ibiza and they’ll tell you October has the best light for photos – never too harsh and naturally creating a warm and soft glow. Now – imagine yourself in those pictures!

Picture perfect moments aside, Kristiina says there are many other benefits to receive when planning an Ibiza wedding in October. You’ll have a wider choice of venues, with many offering lower rates in the month that is still technically considered low-season, plus much more availability to choose from. Value for money continues when it comes to the aforementioned suppliers, with many open to negotiations when it comes to fees and hours. Private villas too, may be open to offering shorter rental periods than the typical seven-day standard of summer – ideal for group accommodation, or even as your wedding venue.

On the big day itself, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief due to the mild weather conditions – for newlyweds, being comfortable while dressed up takes a lot of pressure off thinking about whether you’re squinting or shiny in your wedding photos. While the sun still shines in all its beautiful glory in October, the temperature is much more comfortable than high season – this means your female guests can still wear pretty summer dresses, without worrying that their make-up will sweat off, while men can feel a lot more comfortable in suits than in the harsh summer sun.

October is half-term in many European countries, which may mean your family and friends can make a vacation out of your wedding trip. The island is still easily accessible right up until the end of the month, with flight rates also being a lot more affordable. Once your guests are on the island, there’s still plenty of fun things for them to do and if needed, Ibiza Pure Events can help arrange pre and post wedding itineraries. The island’s beaches are blissfully calm, with plenty of sunbeds for everyone and room to swim in even the most popular of bays.

There’s also a much more relaxed atmosphere in most of Ibiza’s restaurants and beach bars. The frenetic, fast-paced energy of summer is winding down and you’ll find waiters, managers and service people all too happy to help make your experience as pleasant as possible, rather than trying to juggle too many responsibilities at once like in high summer. Large group bookings in high-demand locations are not a problem and there’s no traffic on the road making the journey between your accommodation and destination a breeze.

Back to the subject of photos. Many couples dream of having their wedding portraits taken with the unspoiled Ibiza coastline in the background, or strolling with their feet in the water on an empty beach. It’s a beautiful idea in theory, however in high summer it is nearly impossible to find a beach that won’t have random holidaymakers in the background of your photos – not to mention gawking at what should be one of the most intimate and personal moments of your life. In October, beaches are blissfully vacant, meaning you can feel free to enjoy those private moments without any stress or rush.

Ibiza Pure Events is now taking bookings for October 2018 weddings in Ibiza. Having planned hundreds of Ibiza weddings, speaking five languages and boasting a contact book bursting at the seams with the island’s best venues and suppliers, Kristiina is ultra-professional and highly organised while being warm, friendly and intuitive to deal with. Getting to know her clients is the key to her success – understanding what you want and knowing how to make it happen is her forte. And October is her favourite time to do it.

Photography by Gypsy Westwood, Ana Lui, Jennifer Arndt and Masha Kart.