Ibiza weddings: Alli Oughtred – For the revolutionary bride

Ibiza is a photographer’s dream – there are few who remain unmoved by its beauty. Many cite the iridescent, shimmering light that descends during the island’s famed ‘golden hour’ as their biggest inspiration – that time when the land is bathed in glorious colour and even the most barren landscape begins to dance with life. It was this unquantifiable magic that grabbed the attention of Australian photographer Alli Oughtred when she first visited the island in the summer of 2016, and it’s this that’s brought her back to the island repeatedly, despite being primarily based on the other side of the globe.

A highly-acclaimed portrait photographer, Alli specialises in editorial style shoots for weddings, in which she captures the bride (and groom’s) inner charisma in a range of spectacularly spirited, beautiful shots. Gone are the typical posed wedding photos, replaced by a series of dramatic, edgy images. “I don’t consider myself a wedding photographer,” she explains. “Just a portrait photographer who gets invited to a lot of weddings.” She describes her photography style as reportage, humanist, editorial and raw – traits visible in every frame and flourish of her images.

As a result of this authoritative style, she attracts a particular kind of bride – one who knows what she wants and isn’t willing to tone down her personality for the sake of looking demure on the big day. “My brides are fiercely independent, curious and revolutionary,” says Alli. Consequently, the couples she appeals to are resolutely at the creative end of the spectrum – the kind who’ve got their heads switched on but are still floating around among the clouds. Alli names artists, designers, innovators and individuals among her list of clients.

What unites each and every creative Alli works with is her resolute search for emotional truth on the big day. “The most important thing about the final result for me is that it was an honest portrayal of the day,” she explains of her ethos. She goes after this fiercely, always poised and ready to capture the remarkable.

So, in the end, what is it that converges to make the perfect wedding picture for Alli Oughtred? “I don’t believe in perfection,” she says. “Only what IS. So as long as I’ve captured something real – a moment, a look, a scene – I’m happy.” And therein lies the secret behind every captivating shot she produces.

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