Beziiqué – When stars align

Every wedding photographer in the world has a dream job. That wedding where the couple are extremely photogenic, the dress is fantastic, the location and backdrops are simply stunning, the light is j-u-s-t right and most importantly, everything runs smoothly. For international destination photographers Nick and Aimie Wild of Beziiqué, that wedding took place in Ibiza this summer, and in fact, it surpassed even their wildest wedding photography dreams.

To set the scene: the wedding was a five-day extravaganza hosted by a globe-trotting couple with connections in the film and music industries. From a barefoot, feet in the sand welcome dinner and a glitzy Bollywood-meets-Hollywood pre wedding bash to the spiritual and bohemian beachside wedding celebration and festival-inspired villa party, plus a recovery pool party to round off the event, no expense was spared. The couple knew exactly what they wanted, they knew exactly how to execute it and they knew exactly who they wanted to capture it on camera. Enter Beziiqué…

Nick and Aimie were one off four photography teams employed to capture the many magic moments of this once-in-a-lifetime Ibiza wedding over the course of the long weekend. The couple had enlisted them specifically to capture the ‘wow’ moments, having discovered their uniquely creative and dramatically stylised imagery online while researching Ibiza’s best wedding photographers. Over the course of the entire wedding, there was no shortage of wow moments to be experienced and Nick calls the resulting photographs the pinnacle of their careers.

It was all a matter of serendipity. On the morning of Nick and Aimie’s very own wedding earlier this year, Nick – dedicated business owner that he is – was up at dawn and decided to check his emails, just to make sure there was no lingering business or request that needed to be actioned so he could close the computer one last time and get on with enjoying his big day. In his inbox was an availability request for a five-day wedding shoot in June in Ibiza yet it didn’t specify the year. “My instant reaction was to ask whether it was 2019, 2020, 2021…” Nick recalls. “I immediately received a reply from the groom explaining it was 2018 and I thought never ever in a million years would we be free.”

But as luck – or perhaps fate – would have it, the couple were free on those five days, with travel days on either side. “That literally never happens in wedding season,” says Aimie – who of course at the time was oblivious to the request, as she was busy getting ready for her own time in the spotlight. As it turned out, one of the ongoing themes of the wedding was about stars aligning and when Nick explained to the couple that they were free, yet he was just about to walk down the aisle himself, the bride chimed into the group email stating that it had to be a good omen and it must be meant to be, so the agreement was made (although Nick graciously waited until the day after his wedding to tell his own bride the good news).

While Beziiqué are well versed in the art of wedding photography and more than familiar with luxury events, this event was clearly a cut above most VIP weddings. With over 32 hours of shooting required – which also included a location shoot with just the newlyweds in addition to the daily destinations – a bespoke package was tailored to suit the needs of the couple. Fast forward to Ibiza in June, and a team of on-island experts from The Shop Ibiza were pulling together some of the most incredible production elements Ibiza had ever seen. “Every day was like walking onto a film set,” says Nick. Aimie agrees. “We knew the themes prior to the wedding but in reality, we had no idea what it was going to look like,” she says.

Day one played host to a meet and greet event inspired by the summer solstice at the beautifully bohemian Sunset Ashram on Cala Conta – one of the most striking sunset spots on Ibiza – complete with mermaids on the beach for the occasion. The dress code was all-white and the bride’s stunning sheer dress took Aimie’s breath away. “This was really the first time we’d met the couple face to face after our Skype sessions,” says Nick. “We were so happy to find that they were so friendly and warm, which put us at ease straight away.” Stealing the couple away from their family and friends for some photos at sunset was not easy but the resulting imagery prove the persistence was worth it.

The vibrant, burnt orange and amber Ibiza sunset, reflected in the stunning Mediterranean Sea below; the soon-to-be betrothed dramatically posed atop rocky headland as the sun’s rays illuminated the intricate embroidery and sheer lace of the bride’s dress. As Ibiza turned on an incredible display of the elements, Beziiqué captured every colour and every emotion – a taste of things to come over the next few days. The following day was the aforementioned Hollywood meets Bollywood party in the beautiful surrounds of Ibiza restaurant Lamuella Ibiza in the island’s north. The production here was simply spectacular – truly, as if the Hollywood greats had teamed with the legends of Bollywood to create a set more colourful and glamorous than your wildest dreams can envision.

“It was all glitz and glam,” says Aimie, who marvelled at the mixture of glamorous guests and professional performers. “They even had fake paparazzi – sometimes it was hard to tell who was actually shooting the wedding and who was an actor!” Mingling took place around a Bollywood market square, while dinner for the 160 guests from around the world took place at an Oscar-style performance with a full live show throughout. For Nick and Aimie, capturing the wow moments of this event was not a problem – narrowing down which moment was indeed the most wow proved a little more difficult!

After a day of rest, it was back to work for the photography and production teams, as the couple and their family and friends reunited at Experimental Beach Ibiza for the actual wedding ceremony. A spiritual blessing overlooking the sea at Cap d’es Falco was the highlight for both photographers – the powerful vows written by the couple pulling at their heartstrings. Surrounded by dreamcatchers, a rustic tepee archway and Burning Man style lettering and that magical Ibiza light, the gorgeous newlyweds shone bright like stars in the resulting photos.

In wedding terms, the event after the ceremony would be deemed a reception. In Ibiza terms, perhaps you’d call it an after party. But true to the style of this particular event, it was more like a boho-glam festival held on the grounds of an Ibiza finca. The Shop Ibiza turned a barn into a nightclub, the couple had flown their favourite band in to perform on the enormous stage, and there was whimsy, wonder, fireworks, neon lights, aerialists, lasers and more until the sun came up the next day. The photographs capture stolen moments of the couple alone – which is not always an easy feat when the subjects are so in demand on the day.

“Keeping the couple happy as we stole them away from their guests to get the shots we needed was the challenge every day,” says Aimie. Finally, on the day of their location specific shoot there were no family or friends to detract from the photographs and Nick had envisioned the perfect ‘money shot’, so to speak. Taking the newlyweds to the lookout point of Es Vedra, they were able to create a perfect Beziiqué moment – shooting from inside a cave to use the rock as a frame, the couple perfectly posed with the iconic rock formation behind them. “It was just mind blowing,” says Nick.

The thing about achieving your dreams is that it allows you to create new ones – and now the stars are aligned for Beziiqué to dream bigger than ever before. “This wedding was amazing for us on so many levels,” he continues. “We couldn’t have done it without the help of people like Simeon, Jessie, Mel, Sophie and Kirsty from The Shop Ibiza – they were on the ball with everything and allowed us to just get on with doing our jobs. We were able to go with the flow. It was fantastic, but fun at the same time.” After the sun went down on the final shots – the couple splashing about in the shallows back at Cala Conta – the event was finally over for Beziiqué, though it’s an experience neither Nick or Aimie will ever forget.