Ibiza weddings: Cris Crown Ibiza – The perfect team

Cristina Rey de Viñas Harras prides herself on doing things differently. A native to the island who runs the successful wedding planning agency Cris Crown Ibiza, she adds a personal touch to her services that really sets her apart. As a result, she’s become a firm favourite among couples travelling to the island to pledge their vows. In the past couple of years, Cris Crown Ibiza has seen tremendous growth to its business, and consequently, Cristina has now enlisted the skills of fellow Ibizan, Vittoria Calavalle, who comes on board to assist in making the dream weddings of countless couples a reality.

“We’re going to be a team of two running the entire event,” explains Cristina. “Absolutely everything will have our signature on it, but we’ll each be responsible for different elements of the big day.” That makes sense when you consider Cristina’s background is in catering and wedding planning – she knows the lingo, she knows how to get things done, and her boundless enthusiasm means she never runs out of energy, whereas Vittoria’s expertise lies more in faultless customer service and a serious eye for design. “Vittoria will act as a defacto bridesmaid for the bride to ensure absolutely everything is to standard and no stress is brought on the big day,” says Cristina. “Meanwhile, I will keep myself busy with the teams and back of house.” Precisely the kind of efficiency you need when trying to organise a wedding abroad.

These complementary skill sets make the pair a formidable team. “My place is to initiate and lead the wedding planning,” says Cristina. “After taking the bookings, I cover areas of photography, videography and logistics on the day, whereas I’ll charge Vittoria with looking after the flower arrangements, table design and aesthetic elements.” Each of the wedding planners brings something entirely unique to the fore. “We work together with our clients so brilliantly,” Vittoria adds. “Cristina is this force of nature who gets stuff done, while I’m more calm, collected and artsy – which make the perfect balance required in all good teams!”

It’s also worth emphasising that because both Cristina and Vittoria were born and bred on the island, the contacts in their little black book of are positively bulging and they bring true, in-depth local knowledge to each event. In addition, their mixed heritage means they’re a real representation of cosmopolitan Ibizan culture. With Cristina’s Spanish and British roots, and Vittoria’s Italian and British heritage, between them they speak a multitude of languages and possess a real understanding of what couples are looking for when coming to Ibiza to host the perfect wedding.

“We want people to come to us with a brief, and then we can come up with a plan together,” says Cristina with a smile. “We love creating events that have that blend of relaxed Ibiza and fun fiesta – because that’s what Ibiza is about, right?”

She goes on to emphasise that this year Cris Crown Ibiza is also focusing on the events that bookend a wedding – think barbecues before the big day, or a pool party the following day – those events that extend the overall experience and elevate the wedding weekend to the next level. “These type of events can somehow turn out more challenging but we love doing them and getting creative!” she explains.

With double woman-power now on board at Cris Crown Ibiza, it’s easier than ever to turn wedding desires into reality. “We can really go above and beyond for our clients,” explains Cristina. “We are really fast and thorough – we can plan a 100-person wedding in two weeks if need be!”

That idea would perhaps send shivers down the spine of many organised brides and grooms, but sometimes things fall through, and it’s comforting to know there are people like Cristina and Vittoria on hand to help make amends, should the worst happen. “We’re energetic, very organised, and we have a lot of fun doing what we do!” adds Vittoria – a combination you can have real confidence in.

“Vittoria and myself will be at every single event working as a team regardless of the number of people,” explains Cristina. “Whether it’s for eight or 80 people, we’ll both be there. I think it’s really important to be visible on the day.” Together, the duo want to ensure that couples and their guests truly experience the best our island has to offer.

“We just love helping people who come to Ibiza with a picture of the ideal wedding in their minds,” says Vittoria. “And because we’re both island natives, we can offer knowledge and give alternatives unlike anyone else.” As Cristina explains: “We’re growing the business together – exciting months await for Cris Crown Ibiza and I am so excited for this, our biggest wedding season yet, to start!”

Photography by Masha Kart Fine Art Photography