Ibiza weddings: Crisp Catering – From start to finish

Anyone who’s ever been married will tell you, planning a wedding is no easy feat. Once the initial elation of an engagement has passed, you’re left with the mammoth task of actually organising your nuptials – an event which must celebrate the love shared by you and your partner while simultaneously satisfying friends and family. On occasion, it can seem like mission impossible, particularly if you decide to hold your ceremony on some sun-soaked faraway land. Luckily, if you choose Ibiza as your destination, there are experts on hand like those at Crisp Catering to help you along the way.

Set up six years ago by über-talented chef Nicolas Barnett, what started primarily as a catering company soon evolved into an all-singing, all-dancing events agency, and now the team organises countless parties each year alongside 18 dedicated staff on the ground. Crisp Catering sees you through the entire process from start to finish, ensuring the initial seed of your ideal wedding blossoms into a fully-fledged reality. “We’re not just a catering company anymore,” Nicolas clarifies. “We do full service events with control of every aspect of the wedding, so what you get with us is the full package!”

Now living in Ibiza, when Nicolas first came to the island he worked for Pacha Ibiza, but with a background in cooking and a constant desire to improve, he eventually set up Crisp Catering, and year-on-year, the company has grown from there. “I always want to do the next best thing,” he explains. “I want to push everything we have to offer our clients to the limit.” That’s exactly the kind of person you want on your side when you’re organising a wedding – someone who can take care of everything from the big suppliers to the tiny details. “It’s easier for people to deal with one company rather than lots of different ones,” Nicolas says. “That’s why we now offer venue, décor and bar services as well.” Whatever you need, it all falls under the Crisp Catering remit.

It also comes with the company promise to deliver only the very best for your big day, that’s why Nicolas has now hired a team of highly professional experts who are on hand throughout – people like London-based event planner, Gem Anderson. “Because I’ve run large-scale events in London, I have very high standards!” Gem laughs. “Weddings are so personal and by bringing our creativity in planning and expertise, we can deliver the best for every couple on the day.” Not only are Crisp Catering involved in all aspects of the planning process, a clued-up team member is also present on the day to ensure everything runs smoothly.

“We come out and lead on the wedding day but of course, it’s a collaboration,” Gem explains. “We create the day around each couple’s specification and what makes Ibiza special for them.” For Nicolas, it was a natural progression to move from the kitchen to the event floor, ensuring he’s there to oversee every step. “I’ve got a very capable team in the kitchen who are all cooking my recipes so I don’t necessarily need to be there to hand-hold,” he affirms. “Instead I’m front of house so I can see what’s happening at the bar, in the kitchen and on the floor.”

Having started out as a catering-focused business, Crisp Catering guarantees only the highest quality cuisine, and under the guidance of Nicolas, you can expect “beautiful, simple cooking” on the day. “We’ve lots of set menus for people to choose from,” says Nicolas. “But we can also be flexible if people have certain requests. I take a lot of influence from Japanese style cooking, for example, so I use a lot of soy, miso, and seaweed in my dishes.” Nevertheless, whether it’s a package including paella and cocktails the night before, the wedding feast on the big day, or a pizza and prosecco party the day after, there are plenty of bespoke options to create whatever menu you desire.

“Food and drink is at the heart of what we do,” says Gem. “And by handpicking our partners, we have control of everything.” Nicolas continues. “At Crisp Catering we want people to have the most personal experience possible, and that’s why our staff are committed to providing such an excellent service.” So once the wedding is over and everyone has piled back to the villa for prosecco, how does it feel to have secured another successful event? “When people leave and tell me it’s the most incredible meal they’ve ever had, that’s just the best,” says Nicolas. “For people to say it’s the nicest food they’ve ever eaten makes it all worthwhile.”

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