Crisp Catering Ibiza – Professionals in action

If you surveyed newly married couples in the aftermath of their wedding, the number one response would of course be that it was the best day of their lives, and rightly so. But if you delved a little deeper in search of more detailed insight, there would probably be a few things they wished the could have done differently – been able to step back, perhaps, or have someone else there to take the organisational reins. Because wedding days often whizz by in a blur, if you want to soak up every second of the process, it’s worthwhile having an events agency like Crisp Catering Ibiza on hand to take care of the details for you.

Crisp Catering isn’t like other event agencies. Run by Nicolas Barnett, a highly trained, qualified chef, they approach things differently, in part thanks to Nicolas’ catering background. “Organising and preparation are crucial attributes you simply have to learn when you’re a chef,” he explains. “These skills are important elements of every wedding.” By using competencies learnt in the kitchen, he’s able to put couples’ minds at ease – there’s never any doubt that Nicolas and his committed team will get the job done. “Our clients can rest easy when we’re involved,” he confirms.

You can begin to put your trust in them as soon as the initial phone call has been made. Whether you want Crisp Catering to take on all aspects of organisation on your behalf, or you’re happy for them to contribute with a few creative ideas, they can be as little or as heavily involved as you like. “Our first step is to understand the foundations of the big day,” says Nick. “From there, we build a custom package for each couple and then when we meet face to face, we drill down into the details like location, decor, food and drinks.”

Naturally, food plays a big role in any Crisp Catering wedding – it’s Nicolas’ lifelong passion, after all. But again, this is something they take in their stride. Fancy plates are replaced by locally sourced, delicious food that with the use of a little imagination (and Nicolas’ classical training) is elevated to the realms of spectacular. “As a chef, I was trained to respect tradition and process,” he explains. “But I also put my own twist on dishes, and this is something I instil in everyone at Crisp Catering.” The results speak for themselves – a range of mouth-watering menus that can be customised to suit any taste and dietary need.

“We like playing with fire,” Nicolas continues. “So many elements of our dishes are cooked over the flame, which definitely adds something special to the flavour.” But even then, this is no ordinary barbecue. Nicolas’ creations include five-hour, slow roasted Ibicenco leg of lamb, tamarind-glazed duck breast and line-caught hake served with lemongrass, ginger and kaffir lime. It sounds simple, but every dish zings with flavour. And of course, you can incorporate your personal favourite cut of meat or fish and the team will work their magic on it. “Everything we make is straight up delicious!” insists Nicolas.

They’re innovative, too. This year Nicolas has sourced two stylish wooden food stalls, which instead of serving time-old canapés inject a bit of fun into the day – it’s a quirky way to serve a selection of delectable treats to your guests. “The idea is to serve street food to people on arrival,” he explains. “It’s a modern twist on canapés, so think baos, tacos and burgers – whatever the couple’s guilty pleasure is! Sharing starters is what gets people who may not know each other that well talking before a sit down meal, so it’s a great accessory to have.”

Collaborating in the creation of perfect weddings has become an intrinsic part of Nicolas’ life, and while his approach appears laid-back and (relatively) relaxed, there’s a fierce level of organisation and determination beneath the surface. “Working on a wedding really is a collaborative masterpiece,” he smiles. “The attention to detail from everyone involved is something else. We’re not uptight or stuffy but we respect the job at hand so whether it’s for 10 people or 100 people, we approach it with the same professionalism and dedication.” Step back and watch the professionals in action.