Ibiza wedding beauty: Grooming your groom

  1. If he isn’t health conscious already, introduce green smoothies to his daily diet and get him enrolled at the gym. Loading up on nutrient-rich super foods and getting the blood pumping daily will make a huge difference to his complexion, in addition to his body. Your Ibiza wedding photos will thank you for it.
  1. Ibiza beauty expert Laura Boland of Glam Ibiza recommends booking a MAN-icure once a month in the lead up to the wedding. Nails are filed and buffed, cuticles pushed back and removed and nourishing hand cream is applied to ensure his hands are super soft and ready to let you slip that ring onto his finger!
  1. Investing in good quality skincare tailored to suit his skin concerns in the months leading up to the wedding is essential, and Laura says grooms can also benefit from professional microdermabrasion treatments one month before the big day, to refine and smooth the pores and release any congestion to ensure he is photo ready and polished by the time the wedding day rolls around.

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