Pre-nup nutrition

Ibiza nutritional therapist Michael Boland of Nurrish Ibiza gives his top five tips for brides-to-be looking to improve their overall health, appearance and wellbeing naturally.

Ditch the sugar

Ideally you should aim to eliminate all unnecessary sugars for at least three months in the lead up to the big day. You’ll be amazed at the difference in your energy levels and you’re likely to drop at least one dress size over that period of time too.

Unfortunately sugar is now pretty much ubiquitous in all pre-packed and processed foods. From allegedly healthy cereals and fruit juices to tinned soups and ready meals, you really need to check those labels for added sugar. Better still is to follow my number one mantra: always eat foods as close as possible to their original state – picked from the soil, tree or straight from the sea. This ensures your food hasn’t been meddled with and has a much higher nutritional value, which your body is ultimately going to need in order to look and feel your best on the big day.

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